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Grant Funding Available “Feed More Kids”

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) February 10, 2009

The board of directors at Food Service Solutions, the industry leader in lunchroom POS technology, answered the demand of school districts nationwide to increase the “Feed More Kids” grant funding. This will open the door to even more schools across the country who dream of maximizing funding from their free and reduced lunch program running an automated point-of-purchase system.

Struggling School Districts are capitalizing on software that helps to improve their means of identifying poor students, while protecting their privacy. This is enabling districts to establish accurate accounting records in order to qualify for maximum state and federal public school funding and charter school funding.

Recent studies have shown that schools suffer from insufficient funding when they fail to qualify every student who is entitled to a free and reduced lunch at the school cafeteria. With this new system in place, administrators and parents can also keep track of balances and student eating habits.

Sometimes, with older accounting systems, the truth is plain as day and unintentionally segregates poor school children from the throng. Rather than pay with cash, students eligible for free and reduced lunch are issued vouchers or ID cards that, when presented at meal time, immediately identified their economic status. The embarrassment causes some students to do without food rather than be seen as less fortunate.

The older accounting system was not user-friendly either. School officials could not see personal account balances as each student went through the line as they can with the new biometric technology. Instead, to check balances, administrators would have to print out an entire list of lunch accounts at the end of the day.

Also, while the card-carrying system kept the background of each student confidential, it created other problems. On days when they did not intend to eat lunch, some students would loan their cards to friends. As a result, cards were often lost or stolen and replacing them created more work for already busy school officials.

The FSS biometric technology system that helps increase public school funding and charter school funding has succeeded, in part, because it makes laborious – and sometimes ineffective – administrative tasks so much easier. The new system also makes it easier for student and staff customers to pre-pay for meals. The system offers a good way of tracking that money. Parents can go online, via the MySchoolAccount.com feature and see when their child has eaten, and if they have money in their account. If there’s a question, they can print out an accurate statement to clarify.

In addition to ensuring a greater share of public school funding and charter school funding, this new technology speeds up the verification process of all registered students so that food service lines move faster as well as eliminates the social stigma sometimes associated with free and reduced lunch qualification. Also, since there is no need to carry cash for payment – students can pre-pay meals – no student stands out as either eligible for free and reduced lunch or not.

For more information contact:

Robert Gray

FSS Inc.

Altoona, PA 16601;

Phone: (814) 949-2037

Fax (814) 946-7572



Richard Maize: Maize Foundation Will Continue To Support Animal Shelters — Rescue, Feed, Comfort Dogs, Cats

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 3, 2011

When Richard Maize is not helping the homeless in LA, he can be seen assembling beds for stray dogs and cats at the Los Angeles Animal Shelter.

“My wife Rochelle and I are proud to have donated 69 beds to stray dogs and cats which are awaiting caring homes,” says Richard Maize.

“We trust that our actions here today will serve as an inspiration to many others in helping these loyal, intelligent, four legged friends of ours who are responsible for protecting our homes, making sure that they are clean and providing us and our children with an abundance of unconditional love.”

“Thousands of dogs in animal shelters across the country sleep on cold, wet, concrete floors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cats in cages have little alternatives to sleeping in their litter pans,” says Richard Maize.

Richard Maize is a proud pet owner taking care of several dogs and cats over many years.

He owns two pets today – a Shiatsu dog and Himalayan cat. Maize recently lost a young, 4 year-old Yorkshire Terrier named Penny to brain disease that he says still brings tears to his eyes when thinking about her.

“We contacted Kuranda USA, a small manufacturing company based in Annapolis, Maryland. They provide “chewproof” designs for kennels, shelters and chewing puppies. These beds are soft, off the floor providing comfort for dogs and cats of all sizes for many years. They are easy to clean and deodorize.”

Richard Maize states: “These beautiful dogs and cats provide us and our children with protection, companionship and unconditional love. The least we can do is make sure that they are safe, comfortable and being cared for in the best and most professional manner.”

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy there are about 5,000 community animal shelters in the US that are independent; there is no national organization monitoring these shelters. The terms humane society and SPCA are generic; animal shelters using those names are not part of the ASPCA or the Humane Society of the United States.

Currently, no government institution or animal organization is responsible for tabulating national statistics for the animal protection movement. Approximately 5 million to 7 million companion animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3 million to 4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats).

Shelter intakes are about evenly divided between those animals relinquished by owners and those picked up by animal control. These are national estimates; the percentage of euthanasia may vary from state to state.

According to the National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy, less than 2 percent of cats and only 15 to 20 percent of dogs are returned to their owners. Most of these were identified with tags, tattoos or microchips.

Twenty-five percent of dogs who enter local shelters are purebred.

Only 10 percent of the animals received by shelters have been spayed or neutered. About 75 percent of owned pets are neutered.

According to Ralston Purina and NCPPSP, the majority of pets are obtained from acquaintances and family members. About 15 to 20 percent of dogs are purchased from breeders, and 10 to 20 percent of cats and dogs are adopted from shelters and rescues.

More than 20 percent of people who leave dogs in shelters adopted them from a shelter.

Five out of ten dogs in shelters and seven out of ten cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.

“This bed for pets thing was not my idea nor was it even on my radar as possible donations for me and the Rochelle and Richard Maize Foundation. A dear friend of mine called me and asked if I would be interested in donating some money to give dogs and cats specially designed beds so that they would not have to lay on cold concrete while waiting and hoping for a good home,” says Richard Maize.

“After waiting for three weeks after the order of these special beds, they finally arrived. My friend and I couldn’t wait until we drove up to the West Los Angeles Animal Shelter to see that the caged dogs were in fact on the beds. Someone else donated blankets to be placed on these beds. Many of these dogs found the beds in their spacious cages and where happily laying there when we arrived.”

“Two of the LA animal shelter volunteers had tears in their eyes as they came over to hug me. They told me how grateful they were and what a difference it had made to the well being of the dogs and cats during these cold months.”

ReliaBid Launches Warranty Feed Service

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) February 6, 2009

ReliaBid revealed today that it is set to release the web’s most advanced warranty dealer and fulfillment program. The service, which is set to go live before the close of business today, will operate under the Warranty Feed brand.

The Warranty Feed service is backed by one of the world’s premier underwriting companies, Consumer Priority Services (CPS) and will be available immediately to all sellers on the eBay platform (http://www.ebay.com). “What is unique about the Warranty Feed service is that it is the only program that is built to be the most profitable for both warranty dealers and warranty buyers”, explains Justin McFadden–who founded the program. “We provide sellers with a fully automated service that pays out 35 percent commissions on a daily basis. Meanwhile, warranty shoppers benefit from our low price guarantee to go along with warranties that begin after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. It’s a win-win.”

Warranty Feed will provide sellers with a wide range of warranty-eligible products, including consumer electronics, appliances, musical instruments, jewelry and more. Coverage extends to both new and refurbished goods–providing warranty dealers with the widest range of opportunities to increase their profits.

Abe Tobias, Vice President of CPS added: “Sellers are given the highest flat-rate profit in the industry the day the warranty is sold, plus the retail price is better. It’s a no brainer.”

The Warranty Feed service will be available to eBay merchants via the http://www.reliabid.com website and is accessible at http://warrantyfeed.reliabid.com/ for online shopping cart solutions and online retailers.


Founded in 2004, ReliaBid is a leading provider of ecommerce security and assurance solutions. Today, the company offers a wide range of services that encompass fraud protection, payment recovery, buyer assurance and extended warranties, in addition to the mostly widely used peer-to-peer payment security solution on the web. ReliaBid’s serves the online auction industry, as well as shopping cart solutions and ecommerce service providers. Headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, ReliaBid is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and the Northern Virginia Technology Council.


Consumer Priority Services (CPS) is one of America’s premier underwriters of aftermarket service plans–primarily targeting the consumer electronics and appliance industries. CPS specializes in post-sale service, and is quickly becoming the first choice amongst retail and ecommerce dealers alike. The company’s commitment to innovation, technology and superior service are the key pillars that make CPS the preferred service provider amongst both warranty dealers and consumers.