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International Year of Sustainable Energy For All Gets Boost from Advocates and Energy Service Providers

New York, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) April 07, 2011

The United Nations Foundation and the inter-agency coordinating group UN-Energy, together with several leading service providers and advocates, today championed a UN effort to raise awareness about the critical importance of extending modern energy services to the billions who still lack them.

Worldwide some 2.7 billion people rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating, and 1.4 billion have no access to electricity, with one billion more having access only to unreliable electricity networks.

More than a hundred business and investment leaders gathered today at a Bloomberg New Energy Finance roundtable on energy access and climate finance to discuss new ways to expand energys reach among the worlds poorest. The event is a critical forum to connect policy advocates and investors to outline the manner in which modern energy services can be provided, and the means needed to pay for them.

The years designation was established in a December 2010 UN General Assembly resolution and was endorsed by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in a speech to the World Energy Forum in Dubai earlier this year. During the year, a number of events will be held around the world to demonstrate both the need for and benefits from increasing access to energy. Throughout 2012, member states, with assistance from UN agencies, will create National Coordinating Committees to raise awareness about the issue and available solutions, and chart a course for reaching universal access by 2030 a goal set last year by the Secretary-Generals Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change. Without electricity and fuel to power machinery and lighting there is little hope of achieving the health, education and environmental improvements set forth in the Millennium Development Goals.

The obstacles to energy access are not technical. We know how to build power systems, design modern cooking stoves and meet energy demand efficiently. What is missing is a global commitment to move energy access up the political and development agendas, declared Kandeh Yumkella, Director-General, UN Industrial Development Organization. The Year affords an unparalleled opportunity to focus attention and secure commitments from governments, private businesses, academia, civil society, international organizations and NGOs.

Energy is the oxygen of commerce and wealth creation; it is essential to economic development. Modern energy powered the industrial revolution and raised the productivity, living standards and wealth of countless millions. Developing countries need that same opportunity to improve their peoples lives, said United Nations Foundation President Timothy E. Wirth. The visibility of the Years activities will make a strategic contribution that programs and partnerships will depend on for eventual success.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance is pleased to be working with the United Nations Foundation and UN-Energy to push forward the Year of Sustainable Energy for All, which has been announced by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and Heads of State and Government, said Michael Liebreich, Chairman and Chief Executive of Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Providing energy to those who need it the most is a vital step to achieving the Millennium Development Goals and improving the living conditions of billions of people around the world. We are committed to supporting This Year and the goal of universal access to cheap, clean, safe energy.

The development stimulated by increased energy access will not only benefit those in developing countries, said Harry Verhaar, Senior Director, Energy and Climate Change, Phillips Lighting. This growing prosperity will also increase demand for modern products and services creating new markets for which we can all compete.”

Broader access to electricity and modern fuels is a means for women’s empowerment, access to education, health care, and prosperity and, through sustainable technologies, such as solar panels and clean and efficient cookstoves, lives are saved and our environment protected, said Leena Srivastava, Executive Director of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI). The Year will summon much-needed attention to the issue and set in motion the programs and commitments necessary to achieve universal access to modern energy services by 2030.

Energy access for the poor using sustainable energy solves two pressing problems – poverty and climate, explained Harish Hande, Managing Director of SELCO-India. 2012 being the Year of Sustainable Energy for All provides a perfect platform for corporates, government institutions, NGOs and individuals to make sure that the present 4 billion underserved poor in the world join the mainstream – resulting in a socially and environmentally sustainable world.

Many international humanitarian and development goals have yet to be reached, due in large part to a lack of access to electricity and modern fuels. In the developed world, energy’s essential role in life and commerce is made clear every time a storm knocks out power: no ability to heat, cool or light homes or businesses, cook or refrigerate. Once power is restored these worries are ancient history. But such conditions are the daily norm for billions in the developing world, where fuel to power agricultural machinery, irrigation systems and medical equipment is scarce and costly; goods and crops cannot reach beyond local markets; production and learning come to a halt when the sun sets; and life-saving vaccines cannot be adequately stored.

The International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, and the goal of reaching universal access to energy by 2030, are the result of consistent leadership from the Secretary General, and are based upon recommendations from a 2010 report of his Advisory Group on Energy and Climate Change.

For more information please visit: http://www.unfoundation.org/SEFA2012 or contact John Anthony at 202.277.2103 or via email at janthony(at)unfoundation(dot)org.

About the United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation, a public charity, was created in 1998 with entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turners historic $ 1 billion gift to support UN causes and activities. We build and implement public/private partnerships to address the worlds most pressing problems, and work to broaden support for the UN through advocacy and public outreach. Through our campaigns and partnerships, we connect people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. These campaigns focus on reducing child mortality, empowering women and girls, creating a new energy future, securing peace and human rights, and promoting technology innovation to improve health outcomes. These solutions are helping the UN advance the eight global targets known as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). For more information, visit http://www.unfoundation.org.


John Anthony




Sustainable Energy for All a Priority for UN Secretary-General’s Second Term

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 21, 2011

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today laid out priorities that will guide his second 5-year term, naming among them extending energys reach in order to combat endemic poverty. Universal access to energy, improved efficiency and enhanced deployment of renewable sources are ambitious goals, and the Secretary-General is designing a Sustainable Energy for All initiative to make them achievable.

“As I see it, we have five imperatives five generational opportunities to shape the world of tomorrow by the decisions we make today. The first and greatest of these is sustainable development the imperative of the 21st century. Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth these are one and the same fight. We must connect the dots between climate change, water scarcity, energy shortages, global health, food security and womens empowerment. Solutions to one problem must be solutions for all, said the Secretary-General before the assembled world leaders in New York.

Energy is key to our planet, to our way of life. That is why we have launched a pioneering new initiative, Sustainable Energy for All,” he stressed.

The Secretary-General had already announced on Tuesday the formation of a prestigious high-level group that will advise and guide the Sustainable Energy for All Initiative. These leaders from global corporations, financial institutions, and foundations will join with UN agencies and member states to produce a comprehensive and concrete sustainable energy action agenda leading up to the Rio+20 conference next year.

The challenge before the high-level group is substantial. Energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today. Be it jobs, security, climate change, food production or poverty, sustainable energy for all is essential for strengthening economies, protecting ecosystems and achieving equity.

In fact, more than 1.4 billion people worldwide have no access to electricity, and 1 billion more only have intermittent access. Some 2.7 billion people almost half of humanity rely on traditional biomass for cooking and heating.

Sustainable Energy for All will call for private sector and national commitments and attract global attention to the importance of energy for development and poverty alleviation. The goal is to meet three objectives by 2030:

Clean Energy Venture Summit 2009 ‘Power Panel’ Packs a Punch

Austin, Texas (PRWEB) September 27, 2009

The organizers of the Clean Energy Venture Summit 2009: Bringing the Smart Grid to Life announced today the participants of the utility luncheon keynote “Power Panel” featuring: Cris Eugster, Executive Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer of CPS; Mark Rose, General Manager and CEO of Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative; Don Cortez, Division Vice President of Regulated Operations Technology of CenterPoint Energy, Inc., Carl Richie; Vice President, Government Affairs of TXU Energy; John Baker, Chief Strategy Officer of Austin Energy and Steve Hauser; Vice President, Grid Integration, National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The panel will convene from noon until two on October 15th at the AT&T Executive Conference Center in Austin Texas.

The panel will discuss the changing dynamics of their businesses and the new opportunities in energy banking, energy back-up provisions, and electrified services and the transition of smart grids together with smart meters, smart appliances and smart consumers. Attendees of the conference will learn of new markets, business models and approaches to energy created alongside and hopefully enabling innovation; job creation; and a more robust, resilient, and high-quality electricity system. “It’s rare to get this much utility and smart grid expertise and talent in one room,” said Marianne Carroll of Brown McCarroll, LLP and panel moderator. “But they have gathered at CEVS2009 to share their perspectives on the pitfalls, potential downsides, and opportunities associated with the transition from the old grid to the new smart grid.”

Hosted by Austin Energy and the Austin Technology Incubator’s: Clean Energy Incubator, the third annual Clean Energy Venture Summit; “Bringing the Smart Grid to Life” , on October 14 -15, 2009 at the AT&T Conference Center in Austin, Texas, provides clean energy technology companies and entrepreneurs a venue for presenting their innovations to venture capitalists, angel investors and strategic investors that currently invest in clean energy, along with experts from Austin Energy, corporate partners, utility executives and government leaders. This year’s theme directly relates to efforts from the Pecan Street Project. The Pecan Street Project (PSP) is Austin’s city-wide clean energy laboratory, the largest in the nation, and the only place where researchers and entrepreneurs can come to develop, test and implement the smart grid.

The Summit is a place where clean energy innovations targeting the key PSP focus areas will connect with investors and prospective customers. Start-up and growth stage companies through Series B funding enter the business venture competition for a unique opportunity to present their technology innovation, business plan and environmental impact to a distinguished panel of PSP corporate partners, private investors, media, and industry experts.

About the Austin Technology Incubator Clean Energy Incubator:

The ATI Clean Energy Incubator (CEI) provides young clean energy companies with the resources they need to succeed and grow into self-sustaining entities that contribute jobs to Austin and intellectual capital to the world. Located in Austin, Texas, CEI provides the resources and facilities necessary for start-up companies to attract funding, aggressively compete in the free market and turn ideas into reality. http://www.ati.utexas.edu

About the Pecan Street Project

The Pecan Street Project (PSP) intends to establish the City of Austin as America’s clean energy laboratory. The overarching mission is to design and implement an energy generation and management system that generates a power plant’s worth of power from clean sources within the city limits and delivers it over an advanced delivery system that allows for unprecedented customer energy management and conservation. http://www.pecanstreetproject.org.


City Lights Energy Efficiency Program in San Antonio, Texas Announces Changes

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) June 10, 2011

The City of San Antonio and CPS Energy announced June 2 that the City Lights Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Program will undergo changes to enhance the discounts available to small and large commercial customers. These changes are expected to roll-out July 1, 2011 and should provide both small and large commercial customers the opportunity to access 0% interest loans with no loan servicing fees. Businesses who want to take advantage of the current $ 1,000 discount on installed, energy efficient lights must have their free energy audit and enrollment completed no later than July 1, 2011.

Currently, the City Lights program offers customers CPS Energys small commercial lighting rebates and the option for a $ 1,000 of free, installed energy efficient lighting OR a 0% interest loan where the City of San Antonio, through the City Lights program, covers the loan servicing fees. Starting in July, commercial businesses whose buildings do not exceed 30,000 square feet will be eligible for the CPS Energy large commercial rebates. The City of San Antonio will also contribute an additional 30% of the cost of the upgrades or $ 1,000, whichever is lesser. Under this new structure, small commercial customers will still have nominal out of pocket costs for their lighting upgrades. Customers do not need to apply for rebates; the implementation contractor, EnerPath, will automatically discount their final project cost. Businesses will be eligible for 0% interest loans with loan servicing fees covered by the City. The value of the Citys loan servicing fees is over $ 1,100. Energy audits will continue to be offered free of charge.

We think this program change will allow more of our customers to take advantage of our 0% interest loan while maintaining significant discounts on installed, energy efficient lighting, said Liza Meyer, the City of San Antonio program manager. We encourage businesses who are interested in taking advantage of the $ 1,000 instant discount to sign-up for the program right away, she continued.

The City of San Antonio, CPS Energy and EnerPath partnered last July 2010 to bring the City Lights program to San Antonios business owners within the CPS Energy territory. Program benefits are lowered electric bills, improved energy efficiency, better quality of lighting and increased lighting equipment longevity. The program is funded in part through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act through the U.S. Department of Energy.

To date, the City Lights program has conducted over 1,200 energy audits and completed nearly 500 lighting upgrades with hundreds more businesses signing up for the program and in the process of installation. The Program is also on track to meet the DOEs accelerated goals by the end of the month.

This program was too good to be true. You would be crazy not to do it, said Bobby Kremer, co-owner of KBK to the Trade, a local small business who took advantage of the loan program and had the lighting in his showroom and offices upgraded.

For more information about the City Lights program or to sign up your small business, log on to the San Antonio City Lights Web site at http://www.sanantonio.gov/oep/citylights.asp.

About EnerPath: EnerPath deploys best in class, large-scale energy efficiency programs nationwide using its award-winning energy efficiency assessment and management software. Working with utility companies, municipal governments and green-tech partners, EnerPath executes customized programs that make tens of thousands of homes and small businesses more energy efficient each year.


Innovative Israeli Companies and High Profile US National & Texas-Based Companies Will Discuss Advances in Energy Efficiency, Water, Renewable Energy & Clean Technologies

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 17, 2011

The Government of Israel Economic Mission to the US Southern Region in partnership with the the Texas-Israel Chamber of Commerce, will host the 2nd Annual Cleanovation on September 14, 2011 at Hotel ZaZa, Houston, TX. Last year’s inaugural Texas-Israel Cleanovation emerged as one of the most important clean technology events focusing on energy efficiency & energy storage, water treatment, reclamation and re-use, smart-grid, solar energy, wind energy and more. This year’s conference will surely be a do not miss event for decision makers, thought leaders and technology producers from around the globe.

With so much emphasis world-wide on conserving and creating more water, at the same time reducing energy consumption and finding more efficient ways to utilize energy, the Cleanovation Conference will bring these issues to the forefront and produce many business partnerships that will address these issues in the near future.

Please contact info(at)texasisrael(dot)org for more information or visit us at http://texasisrael-cleantech.org/cleanovation-conference-2011/ to register, view the current event agenda or to consider sponsorship opportunities. Early registration is available at a discounted price.

Prospective Attendees: Fortune 100, Public Sector, and select emerging growth companies.

Early committed attendees: GE Energy, Nokia Siemens Networks, Waste Management, Shell GameChanger, CPS Energy, Silicon Valley Bank, AT&T, IDE, Miya Water, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Alvarion, U.S. Army Environmental Office, Elbit Systems, Texas Institute, Pike Research, Center for International Energy & Environmental Policy, Environmental Defense Fund, and more.

Also in attendance: Power utilities discussing smart grid and energy efficiency, electric companies, electric distributors, infrastructure companies, integrators, smart meter manufacturers, big box retailers, and other large consumers of energy.


Solar Energy Training in San Antonio – ONTILITY Responds to Growing Solar Demand in Texas

Houston, TX (PRWEB) September 09, 2011

Nationally recognized solar training company, ONTILITY will offer its five day Solar Electric Training course October 3-7, at Graybar in San Antonio, Texas.

The solar energy market in San Antonio continues to grow rapidly and the demand for well-trained installers is high. San Antonio is one of 25 cities in the nation to be designated by the U. S. Department of Energy as a Solar America City. The City of San Antonio is actively working to reduce barriers to commercial solar energy technologies by supporting the development of solar-friendly city policies and is promoting solar technology among residents and local businesses through outreach campaigns and rebate programs.

San Antonios public utility, CPS Energy, is also doing its part to encourage residential and small commercial solar installations by offering a generous incentive for small solar installations. In the past year, the number of solar photovoltaic installations in San Antonio has quadrupled, making the market ripe for solar installers.

ONTILITY presents this Professional Solar Training course to prepare workers and business owners to enter the Solar Energy workforce. Attending this award-winning IREC Accredited Solar Electric Training Class is the first step to becoming a member of the Solar Energy Industry. This course is based on the NABCEP Entry Level Learning Objectives and will start you on a path that will lead to a future in the exciting and fast growing solar industry.

The five day Solar Electric Training class is suitable for anyone interested in solar energyentrepreneurs, electricians, electrical, mechanical and general contractors and all others in the building trades who are interested in business opportunities in the Solar Energy Industry. Attendees will be taught valuable industry knowledge needed to join the Solar Industry as a: Solar Business Owner, Solar PV Installer, Solar PV Project Manager, Solar Salesperson or Solar PV System Designer

At a time when the U.S. economy is growing at an annual rate of around 2% overall and job creation continues to lag, the Solar Industry grew by more than 67% in 2010 and is expected to create 24,000 new jobs in 2011. A 2010 survey showed that more than 80% of property owners are interested in and plan to install solar energy systems on their property within the next five years.

The rapid growth of the solar market demands a well-trained workforce and is a key element in the growth and long-term success of solar markets. According to ONTILITY Director of Education, Ken Whiteside, A well-trained workforce insures that solar installations will be done safely and that those systems will perform the way they are supposed to. Mr. Whiteside continued, A comprehensive solar electric training course which includes system design and installation topics is a great way for anyone to get started in solar. The upcoming 40 hour ONTILITY class consists of five days of training, 8 a.m. 5 p.m. each day. Those who complete the course are eligible to sit for the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam. The 40 credits earned by completing the class also satisfy the education requirement for NABCEP PV Installer certification.


ONTILITY is committed to Connecting the Last Mile of the Solar Industry. Learn Solar design & installation through our professional solar training. Buy Solar from our stocking warehouse of superior solar products at competitive prices. Enjoy Solar Business Success with our full range of partner support services including engineering and design consulting, proposal support, sales and marketing programs, technology solutions, due diligence and financial support, lease programs, custom training and project consulting. Team with us on residential, commercial and large scale Solar Solutions. ONTILITY brings you best-in-class solar business and project training, products, support, services and solutions.

About Graybar

Graybar, a Fortune 500 corporation and one of the largest employee-owned companies in North America, is a leader in the distribution of high quality electrical, communications and data networking products, and specializes in related supply chain management and logistics services. Through its network of nearly 240 North American distribution facilities, it stocks and sells products from thousands of manufacturers, helping its customers power, network and secure their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. For more information, visit http://www.graybar.com or call 1-800-GRAYBAR.

Media contact:

Alexandra Harrison


Email: alexandra(dot)harrison(at)ontility(dot)com

Website: http://www.ontility.com


Power Player Arrives in Houston – Software Solutions for Energy Space – By: Chris Calvert, Director of Marketing and Sales, CreditPoint Software

Owasso, OK (PRWEB) September 23, 2011

International software firm, CreditPoint Software, is making a splash in the Houston market. Headquartered in Owasso, Okla., CreditPoint is pleased to add Westcoast Energy to its expanding client base. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Westcoast Energy is the sister company to Spectra Energy in Houston. With a list of hard-hitting clients like Chesapeake Energy, QuikTrip and Flextronics, CreditPoint Software is making strides in the credit risk assessment and debt collections fields not only in Houston, but all over the world.

CreditPoints newest television commercial, which was filmed at Grand Central Terminal in New York City, recently arrived in the Houston market. Being that CreditPoint is a power player in the energy market, Houston is a prime location for CreditPoint to make an impact. CPS is familiar with the market, and is ready and able to assist companies with credit risk and collections solutions.

Companies all over the world, from Canada to Australia, are seeking the assistance of CreditPoint Software, which has proven to be a foremost provider of credit risk and debt collections software solutions. Clients of CreditPoint range from 20 million in sales to 300 billion in sales annually. Whether your company is located in the Americas, Europe or Asia, CreditPoint Software has the solution you need.

CreditPoint Software has been in business for more than a decade, providing comprehensive credit and collections solutions, for a wide variety of industries and business sizes. That gives them the experience and track record youre undoubtedly looking for in a solution partner. Despite being a cornerstone in their industry, they have not forgotten their roots.

CreditPoint makes it a point to truly understand the customers needs and works diligently to provide the most comprehensive solution available, while adapting that solution to the clients specific business model. They also work to surprise and delight their clients with customer service that goes above and beyond the standard. The CreditPoint team is dedicated to ensuring your success.

For more information on how CreditPoint Solutions can work for you, please visit http://www.creditpointsoftware.com.


Security Alarms Network.com Introduces Its Oregon Smart Home Security Automation Services, Green Energy Management, Lighting Solutions, and Home Utility Systems

Salem, Oregon (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

Security Alarms Network.com (http://www.securityalarmsnetwork.com) understands that we live in a time where kidnapping, theft, arson, and damage to property are a reality that we watch and read about every day in the news. Many Oregon homeowners are often concerned about the safety and security of their residence. Especially if they work long hours, not always at home, have children, pets, or any elderly living with them. This can also be very distressing to worry about the safety of their home in the absence of a reliable home security network service. This is why it makes sense to get some insight and to find out more about Oregon home security services that are cost effective yet reliable.

An example of some of the new Oregon home security services and functionality are:

Lighting Automation
Motion Detectors with Pet Detection
Home Security Locks
Medical Alerts
Wireless Touch Pads
Backup Power Supply
Free Home Security System
Security Doors
Smartphone Apps
Home Surveillance Cameras
24/7 Monitoring
Smoke Detection
CO2 Alarms
Multiple Points of Protection
Home Security Windows
Smart Home Thermostat

For more information on OR home security and utility automation, visit: http://www.wirelesssmarthomeautomation.com.

The security professionals offer a lot of information on Oregon home security alarm prices and installing a home alarm system. For many owners, the main concern for not installing an alarm is the home alarm cost. Many of the ordinary alarm systems are quite expensive, yet not completely effective, and hence cannot offer peace of mind. However, at Security Alarms Network.com, it’s possible to compare between many home security systems and choose one that caters to the homeowner’s need, without being too expensive and out of budget.

We wanted to create a solution where readers got an in-depth knowledge on home security systems and the benefits of installing one. We work with many reliable home security monitoring companies and offer a lot of information about how an Oregon home owner can choose the right alarm system and why one is a must to protect their property, states a team member. Although each Oregon home security company may vary to some degree, many will focus on protecting their clients through visual deterrence. These steps can be a helpful way to deter intruders from entering the home to begin with. Other OR households may use elaborate, wired or wireless systems to sound alarms or to trip silent ones, should there happen to be an intrusion.

Oregon residents prefer many different home security methods, based on their needs or the layout of their home. While for some home owners, elaborate security systems are the obvious choice, while others will prefer simpler less expensive methods.

Oregon wireless home security and smart home automation services are now available in the following OR counties:

Baker County, Benton County, Clackamas County, Clatsop County, Columbia County, Coos County, Crook County, Curry County, Deschutes County, Douglas County, Gilliam County, Grant County, Harney County, Hood River County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Josephine County, Klamath County, Lake County, Lane County, Lincoln County, Linn County, Malheur County, Marion County, Morrow County, Multnomah County, Polk County, Sherman County, Tillamook County, Umatilla County, Union County, Wallowa County, Wasco County, Washington County, Wheeler County, and Yamhill County.

For more information on home security alarm service coverage in Oregon, visit: http://www.home-security.serviceproviders.us.com/adt-home-security-service-company-oregon

The Oregon home security experts can help out potential customers find out about the various kinds of security devices that can help protect their homes in while their not present. Some systems are able to detect even the slightest of motion and others can trigger silent alarms, and then there are also some that will alert the owner in the event of fire, flood, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even more. So sophisticated are some monitoring systems that they also aid in child monitoring.

About Security Alarms Network.com

Security Alarms Network.com offers information about different Oregon security alarm systems and home monitoring services. This website provides services from various security system types. The main purpose of the website is to deliver a solution to OR homeowners the right type of alarm system and professional installations Security Alarms Network.com is committed to the security of their clients home.

For Traditional Oregon Home Security Service, visit http://www.home-surveillance-system.securityalarmwireless.com or call toll-free 1-866-507-3344.

For Smart Home Automation in Oregon, visit http://www.smarthomeautomation.biz or call toll-free 1-855-847-1776.

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The Water & Energy 2013 Conference Tells the World Why Theyre Watching Texas

Houston, TX (PRWEB) July 22, 2013

The consequences of a 30 month drought could be about to bring the Texas economy to an abrupt halt, with serious ramifications for the rest of the US and beyond, unless Texas industries start spending money on water and looking at cost effective ways to save it.

Event: Water & Energy 2013: Looking Beyond the Shales

A strategic perspective on water sourcing, management and reuse for industry, downstream energy and economic growth.

Consumer Energy Solutions Connects with Law Enforcement to Help Protect Honest People

Clearwater, FL (PRWEB) October 10, 2012

The relationship of drug and alcohol use to crime is well known and documented. It is estimated that *18% of felony crimes are committed to obtain money for drugs, and even more telling, *24% of violent crimes are committed while the perpetrators are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Bringing the effective drug education materials of Foundation for a Drug-Free World to our society is their passion. Connecting with others who work to protect the lives of honest people is a natural partnership.

Law enforcement groups welcome their educational materials because they know full well how dangerous drugs are to the individual, how much of crime is caused by drug use and dependency, and indeed what a large percentage of crimes are actually committed by people who are high or intoxicated. To offer help, Consumer Energy Solutions (CES) attended several key law enforcement events.

National School Safety Conference Orlando, Florida

This national conference is held for school police officers, principals and superintendents from around the United States. Attendees are presented new ideas and technology to keep their schools safe.

We signed up 100 schools from over 30 states around the country, for the Foundation for a Drug-Free Worlds Educators Program. Each of these has approximately 500-1,000 children in attendance. Thus, these 100 active Educators will be potentially reaching upwards of 100,000 children with the TRUTH about Drugs.

At the conference, CES representatives attended an in-depth briefing on the new synthetic drugs that are currently ravaging the country, such as synthetic marijuana, “K-2”, and “bath salts”, to name a few.

This detailed presentation was headed by the Director of Poison Control for the state of Louisiana, Mark Ryan, PharmD. Mr. Ryan showed us the most up-to-date facts and figures on the proliferation of these monstrous synthetic drugs. He updated them on current legislation and on the physical and mental impact upon the users.

They met with Mr. Ryan personally, and spoke with him about CES and the Foundation for a Drug Free World and it’s mission to educate the community at large. Mr. Ryan was very interested in the program. He asked for the materials to study, which was presented to him.

Florida Sheriffs Association Summer Conference Kissimmee, Florida

Consumer Energy Solutions attended this annual conference with it’s own booth, promoting the materials of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World.

CES Employees Lynn Posyton and Montana Spencer were able to introduce the materials to many Sheriffs, their deputies, staff, wives and children who visited our information presentation over several days. Our Foundation for a Drug-Free World materials were eagerly received. They signed up many Sheriffs departments for the Educators programs and distributed hundreds of booklets and DVDs to the attendees and vendors.

The Conference was addressed by Secretary of the Florida Dept. of Corrections, Mr. Kenneth Tucker.

Mr. Tucker spoke to the hundreds of attendees on the importance of law enforcement reaching out and working with community initiatives in order to lower the inmate recidivism rate in Florida.

Afterwards they met with Mr. Tucker and his Inspector General, Mr. Jeffery T. Beasley. Lynn and Montana briefed them on their works with the Foundation for a Drug- Free World program, and informed them that the program is in full operation at Hernando County Womens prison and getting rave results, with over 400 women now graduated from the program thus far.

Mr. Tucker and his Mr. Beasley were very interested in this program and its proven value in keeping citizens off drugs and out of jails.

If you would like to get involved with this effective and free program or would like more information just call Montana Spencer at 727-871-2620