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Tips for Buying a Car for Your Young Driver

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) June 4, 2010

Like many parents, you may be considering buying your high school or college graduate a car as a gift this summer. And like most parents, you need to compromise the age of the car, safety features and the style your graduate is looking for with your budget. Most likely, you are considering a used car as a graduation gift.

According to Frank Cantor, owner of Cantors Driving School Dont even consider a car without Anti-lock brakes. This is one safety feature that is not worth compromising on. Its important to get the newest safety features possible when shopping for a car for your young driver.

Consumer Reports recommends with any used car purchase to have it thoroughly inspected by a qualified mechanic before you buy it. Jud Matthey, ASE Certified Master Mechanic and owner of Matthey Automotive in Collingswood, NJ says Looking for a model with a history of safety and reliability is your best bet. Some of the safest most reliable cars out there are Hondas, Toyotas and Fords.

On initial inspection, check tire tread and pressure, warning lights on the dash board, fluid levels and quality (oil, transmission, brake and coolant) and look for leaks under the car. If any of these are bad, move on to the next used car says Mr. Matthey. Also ask the history of the vehicle. Has it been regularly maintained? Have there been any major repairs? Can the owner provide you with a service history? How many owners have there been? These are all important things to ask before making a purchase.

Once you find a car both you and your young driver can agree on, then is the time to take it to your mechanic for a more thorough inspection. An ASE Certified Mechanic can tell you more about the car, and if any major repairs will be needed in the near future says Mr. Matthey. Its worth the investment to be sure you are buying a safe and reliable vehicle for your child.

Tremendous advances in crash protection have been made in the past 10 years. Check the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (http://www.iihs.org) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (http://www.safercar.org) Web sites to see crash results for models you are considering. Both sites post results that go back to the 1990s.

Mr. Matthey also recommends looking for a vehicle with the most safety features as possible. Look for a model that has multistage advanced front air bags, side and head-protection curtain airbags, antilock brakes and electronic stability control. All these life saving safety features are worth the extra money if you can afford it. For help ensuring the used car you are buying is safe contact Jud Matthey at http://www.MattheyAutomotive.com or call him at 856-854-2507.

SUVs and sports cars are not the best option for young drivers, says Frank Cantor. They are the most unstable and the easiest to drive too fast. For inexperienced drivers, its best to look for a vehicle with a 5-Star Safety Rating, such as the Mazda 3. All of the vehicles used at Cantors Driving School are Mazdas with 5-Star Safety Ratings. You can find all the Insurance Institute for Highway Safetys crash-test ratings at http://www.hwysafety.org.

Vehicles with electronic stability control (ESC) are my first choice for young drivers says Mr. Cantor. ESC is proven to keep cars from sliding which can prevent an accident in the first place. Experience is the number one factor that affects drivers in a crash. If you can help prevent the crash in the first place, its obviously a benefit. To contact Frank Cantor for safer driving tips and driving instruction for your young driver visit http://www.cantorsdrivingschool.com or call Frank at 610-277-1050.

Overall, the decision of what car to buy should be based on safety and reliability. Explain this to your teen when shopping for a used car, so they can understand why some of the models and styles they like are not options. There are many sources for more information on safe cars, such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the National Traffic Safety Administration and Consumer Reports.

About Cantors Driving School: Cantors serves the Greater Philadelphia area including Montgomery, Chester and Philadelphia Counties. We have been in the driver training business for over 30 years and have trained over 25,000 drivers in that time. Cantors Driving School is owned and operated by Allans son, Frank Cantor. For more information call 610-277-1050 or visit http://www.cantorsdrivingschool.com.

About Matthey Automotive: Matthey Automotive was founded in November of 2001 by Jud Matthey, Owner and ASE Master Automobile Technician. Jud has over 17 years of professional automotive experience. Matthey Automotive moved to our main Collingswood location on Route 130 over 5 years ago and is now a local Collingswood fixture. Our newest location is located in Historic downtown Collingswood at the corner of Haddon Avenue and Browning Road. We pride ourselves in offering our local community and surrounding area the highest quality automotive service possible. For more information call 856-854-2507 or visit http://www.mattheyautomotive.com.

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A New Program Offering an Alternative to Drunk Driving, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc. Examines Terrorism Vs. Drinking and Driving

Waldorf, MD (PRWEB) November 23, 2011

Headline Source: Terrorism Vs. Drinking and Driving

The Holiday Season is upon us, and as merry and jolly as one may feel, is any community truly safe? According to data from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Agency, the number of deaths from drunk driving crashes during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday are significantly higher than those during the rest of the year. (Peters, Mary. E., U.S. Transportation Secretary) (1105 Media, Inc. Retrieved on November 22, 2011) The new program plans to spread the news on this important data, among many other initiatives.

Why then, wouldn’t any organization protect their valuable resources (key executives, board members, advisory staff, employees and top sales staff) by supporting a Designated Driver program? Would an employee membership as an employee benefit be of value to both the organization and the employee?

Why wouldn’t the news media find a rapidly growing, National, non-profit, designated driver program to be of importance enough to broadcast?

Why wouldn’t any national bar/restaurant (family-owned or chain) find this service as an important ASSET to limiting liability?

Why wouldn’t every parent, regardless of child age, find the gift of a Safe Ride Home to be a valuable Holiday gift? A parent may consider engaging their young children in a Santa exchange of Safe Ride gift certificates, allowing the child to [give] the gift for the Holiday. Children should be aware of the dangers of alcohol-impaired driving so as to increase parental values and teach their children well. As it relates to this news release, the cohesiveness of the war on terrorism vs. that of drunk driving could virally change safety for future generations.

Executives, constituents, and support groups, have broadcast this program from the highest towers in all four regions of the US. The truth is, the organization [should] be receiving support from peers, businesses, restaurants, insurance agents/firms, and the media from across the United States, to include Federal and State Governments. As stated in a prior news article, the Program was modeled after NHTSA’s State Grants Safety initiatives.

“Many non-profit organizations have an uphill battle as they compete with other non-profit organizations for sponsorships and grants, the Will Be D.D. Program is no different.” ~ Seanna Smallwood, President, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.

Like anything [new], valuable services such as, insurance, legal, accounting, marketing support, and even the Internet in the 90’s, consumers need to see the value of the features and benefits prior to supporting the product/service or charity.

Like a Life Insurance policy, does one want to experience the death of a loved-one prior to its purchase? DUI/DWI charges and sanctions can ruin lives. Programs like Will Be D.D. are faced with necessary expenses to ensure public awareness and effective presentation of the facts, potential disasters, and new consumer options. These tasks must be paid for possibly prior to realizing the benefits.

Should any organization actively participate in philanthropy and investments please have the grant-maker contact Seanna Smallwood, President, for more information on the program’s grant model.

One may also show support in the program by sending this news release to a decision-maker in an organization of choice, an endorsement of support. The program offers excellent marketing support in giving thanks to Sponsors at any level.

“We are very proud to share that since Program launch, June, 2011, Will Be D.D. Program drivers have successfully removed 362 alcohol impaired drivers from the roadways.” ~ Jim Will, Vice President, Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.

With that said, the Holidays are here and it goes without saying that it takes great people to support Life-Saving programs like that of Will Be D.D.

Please give today, even if its just $ 10 … If every person that reads this press release gives $ 10 or even $ 20, it could potentially provide the program with multi-year sustainability. Wouldn’t that be a true blessing for every community this Holiday Season?

America’s hard-earned money goes to fund expenses for the Designated Driver Program such as, promotional expenses (spreading the word with T-Shirts, Key Chains, Alcohol-Breathalizers, Billoard ads, etc), gas, personnel wages, rent, vehicle insurance coverage, utilities, internet, website maintenance and development, the development of the Smart Phone app (which is almost done!) And several other necessary expenses.

Please support the Will Be DD Program by making your generous donation.

For more information or to request a program budget, contact:

Seanna Smallwood, President

Will Be Designated Driver, Inc.

Dispatch: 877 736 3490

Cell: 301 399 3764


NFI Driver Michael Hawthorne, a Stork on 18-Wheels

Cherry Hill, New Jersey (PRWEB) April 20, 2012

Early in the morning on Wednesday, March 28th, NFI Driver Michael Hawthorne made a delivery outside of his expected payload. Seventy-five miles north of Dallas, Hawthorne delivered a baby boy. This is Hawthornes third delivery– amongst many other heroic roadside encounters– since beginning his career as a driver 20 years ago.

Driving from Waxahachie, Texas to his destination in Vineland, New Jersey, Hawthorne pulled over to check his trucks trailer. With only one other car on the road for miles, a flustered man appeared asking Hawthorne to call a medical responder because his wife was in labor. Oh no, not again, said Hawthorne aloud.

Situated outside of phone service towers, Hawthorne was prepared for delivery the best he could be, thanks to the emergency birthing kit he compiled after his first roadside delivery. A state police officer drove by and called for medical support as Hawthorne was coaching the woman through contractions; however, by the time the officer returned, it was past midnight and a healthy baby boy was delivered at 12:30 a.m.

The most incredible of Hawthornes harrowing encounters was while he was driving West through Ohio during a tornado warning during late 2000. Pulling his truck beneath a bridge, Hawthorne came across a frantic couple whose baby was stuck in a car seat with the lock jammed. Hawthorne cut the child out with his pocketknife and ran with the couple back to his truck. Moments later, the couples car was thrown by the wind, landing over 75 yards away in some trees. Though shaken up, he says he didnt fear for his own safety. All I could think, he says, was Im an idiot. Following the storm, Hawthorne drove the couple to the closest service station and continued on his way to Anaheim, California.

With a curious nature and heroic instinct, Hawthorne has copacetically delivered two other children while traveling far from home. The first child, a baby boy, was delivered in the middle of a busy intersection in Ontario, California in 1999, and the second, a baby girl, in Baltimore in July of 2010. He has also been called upon by fate to assist a man suffering from heat stroke, as well as to give CPR to an elderly man having a heart attack while Hawthorne helped to change his tire.

Hawthornes atypical roadside assistance has earned him two Highway Angel Awards from the Truckload Carriers Association, one for the first baby he delivered and the second for helping rescue a child during the Ohio tornado. Mike is an extraordinary individual and we are proud to have him as part of the NFI family. Its employees like Mike that make NFI the great company that it is, says NFI CEO Sidney Brown.

Hawthorne now carries an emergency kit in his car as well as his truck, considering his luck in being what many are calling an angel or a doctor on 18-wheels in such fateful roadside births. The kit consists of rubbing alcohol, latex gloves, cotton swabs, scissors, a suction cup for the childs mouth and white shoelaces to tie off the umbilical cord.

Raised in Missouri, Hawthorne grew up very close to his mother and grandmother. Both women were midwives whom he began assisting in childbirth when he was 8 years old, as the nearest hospital was over 40 miles away. I would help by keeping the women in labor calm, he says, stating that this experience initially made him want to go into medicine, as he assisted in over a few dozen births growing up. Keeping the mother calm is the most important part, he says.

Hawthorne is 43 and lives in Somerdale, New Jersey, with his wife, Lisa, and 5-year-old daughter, Hailey. Never having delivered any of his own children, Hawthornes familial instincts undoubtedly aid him in finding courage on his cross-country deliveries. Hawthorne has been with NFI for 19 months, and is responsible for recovering and relocating NFI equipment across the United States.

About NFI: NFI is a fully integrated supply chain solutions provider offering logistics, distribution, warehousing, intermodal, real estate, and solar services across the U.S. and Canada. Headquartered in Vineland and Cherry Hill, NJ, NFI owns facilities nationwide and globally, more than 2,000 tractors, and more than 7,000 trailers. Privately held by one family since its inception in 1932, NFI employs more than 6,000 individuals, operates more than 21 million square feet of contract and public warehouse and distribution space, and generates $ 1 billion in revenue annually. NFI is a partner of the Environmental Protection Agencys SmartWay program, which dedicates efforts to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the impact of the freight industry upon the environment.

Part 1: New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers at Console & Hollawell Warn of Teen Drinking & Driving in Recognition of National Teen Driver Safety Week

Marlton, New Jersey (PRWEB) October 15, 2012

October 14 through the 20th marks National Teen Driver Safety Week and in observance of this, the Toms River car accident attorneys at Console & Hollawell want all parents and teens to be aware of safe driving practices that could save your life. Console & Hollawell is doing a five-part series in honor of this national service:

Professional Truck Driver is Named a Truckload Carriers Association Highway Angel

Alexandria, Virginia (PRWEB) July 15, 2013

Professional truck drivers see a lot of interesting things on the road. Take, for example, Shelly York of North Little Rock, Arkansas, who drives for ABF Freight System, Inc., of Fort Smith, Arkansas. When he came across an unusual situation involving a young boy, his response was brought to the attention of the Truckload Carriers Association (TCA). York is now TCAs latest Highway Angel.

On April 5, 2013, at about 4 p.m., York was driving northbound on Smokey Lane near the ABF terminal in North Little Rock. Ahead, he saw something that looked like debris fall out of the back of a pickup truck. However, as he got closer, he recalls his shock as he looked over and said to myself, Thats a kid!

Apparently, the 8- or 9-year-old boy had run behind the pickup and attempted to hoist himself onto it. He was unable to hold on and fell off, striking his head and back on the asphalt. He now lay on the road, twisted in pain. Because of the way he was positioned, the child looked more like an inanimate object than a human being, so York feared that oncoming traffic might unknowingly hit him.

York immediately put on his flashers and used his truck to protect the boy from oncoming vehicles. He then went to the other lane of traffic and rerouted vehicles away from the area. He remained on the scene until emergency responders arrived and took over.

“In the past, Ive helped folks who have had car trouble, but Ive never had anything like this!” says York, who has been driving for about 40 years.

For stopping to help the child, York has received a Highway Angel lapel pin, certificate, and patch. ABF Freight System, Inc., also received a certificate acknowledging that one of its drivers is a Highway Angel.

TCAs Highway Angel program is sponsored by Internet Truckstop. Since the programs inception in August 1997, hundreds of drivers have been recognized as Highway Angels for the unusual kindness, courtesy, and courage they have shown others while on the job.

To nominate a driver or learn more about the program and its honorees, visit the Highway Angel Web site at http://www.truckload.org/Highway-Angel or Facebook page at http://on.fb.me/tcanews. For any additional information, contact TCA at (703) 838-1950 or angel(at)truckload(dot)org.

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TCA is the only national trade association whose collective sole focus is the truckload segment of the motor carrier industry. The association represents dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, and intermodal container carriers operating in the 48 contiguous states, as well as Alaska, Mexico, and Canada. Representing operators of more than 200,000 trucks, which collectively produce annual revenue of more than $ 20 billion, TCA is an organization tailored to specific truckload carrier needs.

Founded in 1995, Internet Truckstop is the first and largest freight matching service on the Web. Internet Truckstop offers more tools than any other freight matching service available. These easy-to-use tools, the largest freight database, and a commitment to the transportation industry make Internet Truckstop the leader in Internet freight matching.

Dewalt DCF880l2 Impact Driver Review Now Posted Online for DIY Enthusiasts at AutoProsUSA.com

Toledo, Ohio (PRWEB) July 23, 2013

Dewalt makes automotive related tools in the consumer and commercial industries. New devices are released annually although reviews of operational tests are not always shared with the public. The AutoProsUSA.com company has now reviewed the Dewalt DCF880l2 impact driver online at http://autoprosusa.com/dewalt-dcf880l2-20-volt-max-lithium-ion-impact-driver-review to help DIY enthusiasts deciding to purchase this unit.

Packaging and imagery displayed online helps sells these units, a reviewer from the Auto Pros USA company said.

Purchasing tools from the Internet can be discouraging for some buyers who cannot physically hold or use items before purchase. The content supplied by retailers or manufacturers is generally the only information buyers use to purchase.

Our new review series online is delivering the good and bad news for products we’ve found, the reviewer added. All information published inside the reviews come from unbiased company sources to assist consumers who could have an interest in purchasing these products.

The auto parts side of the AutoProsUSA.com company website remains its core business model. The new reviews for popular products are in addition to the retail side of this company that helps connect buyers with parts suppliers in North America. The junkyards research tool added for website visitors to use online this year is now one of the most popular tools in use online.

The complete reviews series can be found visiting the company website. Updates to the content published are scheduled to take place as curation is applied for discounts or retailer incentives that are researched after publication. Direct access to a review made of auto scan tools earlier this month can be researched going to http://autoprosusa.com/best-obd2-scanner-reviews-auto-scan-tool-diagnostic-code-reader.

About AutoProsUSA.com

The AutoProsUSA.com company supplies industry news, reviews, tips and strategies for consumers to access online. This company added its review series in 2013 and now publishes daily content of importance to the auto industry. This company earned a reputation selling preowned parts accessories for automobiles. The AutoProsUSA.com company website provides immediate lookups for thousands of auto parts from foreign and American sources. Distributors under contract with this company process all fulfillment and requests for pricing by consumers. Database updates made frequently each day keep all company displayed content accurate for consumers.