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California Family Law Firm Discusses the Myths, the Truth and Some Tips About Paying Child Support in California

Whittier, CA (PRWEB) August 24, 2008

California family law firm Schuster Family Law discusses the myths, the truths and the tips about paying child support in California.

The Myths — “When it comes to paying child support, there is seldom agreement,” said Dennis Schuster, founder of Schuster Family Law. “Mothers and fathers will either claim they cannot pay the support ordered by the court or that they cannot live on the support ordered by the court. Paying child support is never an easy aspect of divorce proceedings.”

According to Schuster, this is because people hear so many different stories regarding child support. On one hand, there are the stories how one person paid little or nothing toward child support; on the other hand, there are also stories how another person got a large amount of money for child support.

The Truth — The truth of the matter, says Schuster, is that child support is regulated by a complex formula established by the State of California.

“Support is usually based upon all gross income (including overtime and bonuses) for the past 12 months of both parties, number of children, percentage of time each child is with parent,” said Schuster.

He explained that the court will allow certain hardship deductions, such as an unusual medical expenses; however, the court ordinarily doesn’t take into account a person’s monthly living expenses.

Schuster notes that when it comes to paying child support, there is often not a lot of room for negotiation, so the parties must accept whatever the judge orders.

Some Tips

–Most important, the person who pays must pay.

—If the payer doesn’t pay, the amount owed will accrue 10% interest per year.

—Child support cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

–With the exception of money owed to a County Department of Child Support Services for AFDC, there is no statute of limitations on child support.

–To protect yourself, insist on a wage assignment order attaching your wages. It’s proof you paid.

–When obtaining a child support order, it’s important the amount for each child be clearly indicated, so this amount will be automatically reduced once the child becomes an adult.

About Schuster Family Law

Schuster Family Law is a California family law firm that handles divorce and adoption cases. Schuster is also developing a unique niche in representing parents whose children need special education. For more information, visit: http://www.schusterfamilylaw.com


U.S. Congressman Ruben Hinojosa Discusses the CARE Act

Edinburg, TX (Vocus) June 4, 2010

Last night the Children in the Fields Coalition was honored by a visit from their United States Representative, Congressman Ruben Hinojosa. The coalition members, led by Noemi Ochoa, the Children in the Fields Campaigns Texas Regional Coordinator for the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP), include educators, businessmen and women, farmworkers, farmworkers children, and agencies providing support services to migrant and seasonal farmworkers. The Coalition meets once a month to receive updates on legislation as it relates to the Childrens Act for Responsible Employment (CARE Act: H.R. 3564) and to review the progress of the campaign, as well as support the needs of farmworkers in their community.

Congressman Hinojosa began his address to the audience by thanking the coalition members for doing a great job in addition their commitment to migrant children in the region, noting, You do a tremendous job, and I greatly appreciate your dedication to our migrant children and students.

The Congressman went on to brief the audience on a variety of initiatives including his priorities for education programs, and his deep support for the CARE Act as one of the first Co-Sponsors of the bill. I believe that migrant children should have access to a quality education instead of having to work alongside their parents in the fields to help make ends meet.

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (FLSA), which was established to stop the use of child labor in the U.S. mandates workers be a minimum of 16 years of age in all non-agricultural industries, yet it allows children to legally perform farm work at age 12 for an unlimited number of hours outside of school. Children performing agricultural work deemed by law as hazardous can be as young as 16, while hazardous work in other every other industry is strictly reserved for adults.

Currently, 91 members of the House of Representatives have sponsored the CARE Act, but additional sponsors are needed to pass this important piece of legislation. A hearing on this issue has yet to be requested by the Subcommittee on Workforce Protection, which must happen in order for it to be heard by the Education and Labor Committee.

The coalition members have been instrumental in educating the public on this inequity in the Fair Labor Standards Act that allows children to work in agriculture, one of the most dangerous industries, at a much younger age and for longer hours than any other trade, said Ochoa. All children deserve to be protected equally under our countrys labor laws.

About the Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs (AFOP) and the Children in the Fields Campaign:

AFOP is the national federation of non-profit and public agencies that provide job training and services for Americas farmworkers. The Children in the Fields Campaign is a project of AFOP that strives to improve the quality of life of migrant and seasonal farmworker children by advocating for enhanced educational opportunities and the elimination of discriminatory federal child labor laws in agriculture.

# # #

Demetria Graves, Attorney and Legal Mentor, Discusses the Gore Divorce Case and How to Protect Yourself in a Long-Term Marriage

Glendale, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2010

Al and Tipper Gore have been through a lot together. She was there when he moved into the White House as second-in-charge and when he won the Nobel Peace Prize. She was also there at his senior prom. After spending what many would call a lifetime together, the couple shocked the world by calling it quits after forty years of marriage, and they arent the only couple splitting so late in the game. Here to discuss divorce after a longstanding marriage and what spouses can do to protect themselves is Family Attorney at Law and Legal Mentor, Demetria Graves, who is based out of Los Angeles, California.

Divorce after a short marriage is not uncommon, and the proceedings for them tend to be well-known, at least on some basic level, by the general public. However, filing for divorce after a marriage of twenty, thirty, or forty years can be rather complex. Demetria Graves, a Family Law Attorney based out of Los Angeles, explains, After a marriage of such a long duration, there are not only entangled feelings, but entangled assets, debts, and belongings as well. Sifting through everything a couple has accumulated and shared over a lifetime can be, simply put, an arduous process.

Furthermore, Spousal Support requirements can make the process an expensive one if awarded, which it often is. According to Family Law Attorney Demetria Graves, In California, if you have been married for less than ten years, Spousal Support generally lasts for half of the duration of the marriage. She goes on to state that this is not the case for marriages in California that last longer than ten years, which are generally awarded long duration Spousal Support. Graves explains, Long duration support is issued indefinitely unless both parties agree to a specific end date. So, if we assume that Al Gore earns more than his wife does, a California court would require he pay her Spousal Support for the foreseeable future. That could get pretty expensive for Al Gore, who was on track to become the worlds first carbon billionaire, according to John Broder of the New York Times.

The Gore divorce case carries a high emotional price tag as well. Even though Al and Tipper Gores children are all adults and are in their late twenties and thirties and thus are no longer dependents, there is still concern regardless of their age, says Attorney Demetria Graves. Graves states that emotional bonds are hard to break and that this is especially evident in long-term marriages or when children have seen their parents get along for so long.

When asked about what the Gores or any spouses can do to protect themselves in long term marriages, Attorney at Law, Demetria Graves, suggested reviewing their history. Be clear on what you own. Did either party have debt or assets before the marriage? If so, is there proof to support it? Looks like the Gores will be in for the long haul, in terms of court dates that is.

Demetria L. Graves, Esq. is a family law attorney who opened her own firm to provide clients with the exceptional personal service and legal mentoring that is not always available at a larger firm. Demetria Graves is an outstanding attorney, with memberships in the Los Angeles County Bar Association, the Beverly Hills Bar Association, and the Pasadena Bar Association. She has also been a Professor of Family Law at West Law College in Los Angeles. In addition, Demetria Graves is an active member of the Step Up Womens Network, a nonprofit targeting the development of business skills in women and underprivileged teens.

Ms. Graves, Esq., handles all aspects of California family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, modifications, paternity, visitation rights, guardianship and related legal issues. The Law Offices of Demetria L. Graves represents clients throughout Los Angeles County, including Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, L.A., West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Arcadia, Alhambra and communities throughout the Los Angeles metro area.


Breaking News: New York divorce Attorney Lisa Beth Older discusses Federal Court’s July 8, 2010 ruling on Gay marriage

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 12, 2010

New York City divorce, custody and appellate lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Esq. appeared on Fox Five News on July 9, 2010 to provide legal analysis for a television segment on the latest Court ruling on Gay Marriage, commenting on the Federal Ban against gay marriage and the Judge who called the ban unconstitutional.

On July 8, 2010 the United States District Court Judge Joseph Tauro, appointed to the Court by Richard Nixon, struck down DOMA, or the Defense of Marriage Act, as unconstitutional as applied to Massachusetts. ( Mass.v. US Dept of Health, et al., Civil Action No. 1:09-11156-JLT). DOMA was struck down because the law failed to provide equal protection of the law for gay and lesbian couples and because it impinged upon a States’ right to define marriage, stripped the States of the right to legislate under the 10th amendment to the constitution, and disallowed the State from equally distributing federal funds amongst its citizenship, thus invoking invidious discrimination against its citizens.

The Federal Ban against gay marriage codified as the “Defense of Marriage Act” or referred to as “DOMA”, was enacted by the Clinton Administration in 1996.

The act of the Federal District Court in striking down DOMA lends strong support to gay and lesbian couples in their legitimate quest to have equal rights, and to also have equal access to New York Courts for the purpose of seeking relief as to their children in disputes involving custody visitation, child support and divorce rights attendant to same sex marriages performed in alternate States.

“Under the current law known as DOMA, the federal government does not recognize same sex unions” says New York City divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, Esq. “DOMA narrowly defines marriage, and derivative parentage rights, as a union between a man and a woman.” DOMA states that parties to a same sex unions shall not be allowed to take advantage of federal benefits and protections given to and enjoyed by heterosexual couples. Examples of the kind of benefits prohibited to gay and lesbian couples are the benefits derived from any Federal program, such as being allowed to sign of joint tax returns, being allowed to receive health insurance benefits, having federal burial rights for surviving spouses of a deceased gay and lesbian service man or service woman, and other such federal benefits stemming from federal employment. While DOMA does not expressly preclude States from passing their own laws affirming gay and lesbian marriage, DOMA does expressly allow a State to not recognize a same sex marriages performed in alternate State that has in fact legalized gay and lesbian marriage. The legitimacy of DOMA affects all gay and lesbian couples in Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont, along with the District of Columbia.

The lawsuit against the legitimacy of DOMA was filed by the Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defense group, and a second companion case was filed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the Federal District Court.

The Obama Administration is likely to appeal the law to the United States Circuit even though he campaigned for president in favor of repealing DOMA. Obama will need to make a tough decision soon.

Proponents of the law say that the Justice Department is bound to enforce and defend laws of the land.

Presently there are five States that recognize gay and lesbian marriage, those being New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Iowa , as well as the District of Columbia. This ruling will likely have gay and lesbian couples rallying for similar law suits against DOMA in their respective States.

Thus, if Obama decides to appeal the ruling to the United States Circuit Court, and if the higher Court agrees with Judge Tauro’s ruling then, and if the Justice Department appeals that holding as well the case will likely go all the way to the United States Supreme Court. If DOMA is found unconstitutional. there, then DOMA will no longer be the law of the land. If the opposite result appertains, and DOMA withstands the legal challenge, then DOMA still prevails and the ban against gay and lesbian marriage will be stronger than ever. This is a frightening prospect for gay and lesbian couples across the board who deserve equal protection under the law.

Gay and lesbian Marriage has been recognized in Massachusetts since 2004. Now that a Federal Judge has struck down DOMA, gay and lesbian spouses or couples of same sex unions will now be allowed to apply for federal benefits, this only after the automatic fifteen (15) day automatic Stay lapses and absent any newer stays by the Circuit Court. This ruling will open the flood gates for legal action by gay and lesbian citizens of States that have legalized same sex marriage.

Lisa Beth Older, Esq. opines that the Federal ruling will also likely affect gay and lesbian custody rights. Where there is marriage, there is divorce. As such, it will be interesting to see what effect if any the ruling of the Federal Court striking down the Defense of Marriage Act will have on New York Family Court cases.

The Federal Court ruling will have an impact on gay and lesbian disputes in New York. “The New York Court of Appeals is charged with dealing with problems of law stemming from paternity, child support, custody and divorce” says New York appellate and divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older. At present, New York does not recognize gay and lesbian marriage and divorce and in many instances limits standing of gay couples to sue in family court. However, in a recent series of cases coming down from the New York Court of Appeal in May 2010 the New York’s highest Court has begun to seriously grabble with the problem of how to deal with children of gay and lesbian marriages or gay and lesbian unions in custody and support cases.

Prior to May 4, 2010, if a child of a New York same sex couple was conceived through artificial insemination, and if the subject child of that union was not adopted by both gay and lesbian parents in New York, then the non-adoptive, non- biological parent had no standing to sue for custody and visitation, and the biological parent had no responsibility to provide child support for the child. Now, the law as to child support and gay couples has changed dramatically. As of May 4, 2010 the Court of Appeals, in the Matter of H.M. v. E.T held that a same sex partner may sue a non-biological partner for child support, regardless of the lack of adoption or biological ties. This holding broke new ground for Gay and lesbian rights by expanding the notion of parentage beyond the borders of heterosexual couples with an emphasis on the child’s attachments and on the “best interest of the children.” There, the Court of Appeals recognized the right of a gay and lesbian woman to sue for child support in Family Court as against a same sex parent. This ruling has large consequences as it gives the State Courts power to define who is a parent for purposes of child support.

As to the rights of gay and lesbian couples to sue for custody, the New York Court of Appeals is not as liberal. The holding in the Matter of Alison D. v. Virginia M. (77 N.Y.2d 651, 1991) stated that New York parenthood requires that there be a biological or adoptive relationship between parent and child before custody may be asserted. However, the Court of Appeals in May 2010 diverted from this position, at least in part. While reviewing a New York lower court holding on a visitation case involving a same sex marriage of Vermont, the case of Debra H. v. Janice R (Court of Appeals May 4, 2010, NY slip opinion 0375), the Court held that New York must now recognize Debra H.’s parental status under the law of Vermont.

Lisa Beth Older states that “the case of Debra R. is just start. More must be done by the legislature and the Courts in interpreting these laws of access to Family Court through the prism of the United Stated Constitution.” Holding on to the last vestiges of Matter of Allison, supra, the Court held that while New York still does not recognize a gay and lesbian parent’s right to sue for custody of their child absent an adoptive or biological relationship to the child, if the child is born of a legally recognized same sex marriage in another State where same sex marriage is legal, that parent may indeed sue for custody. This may be a step in the right direction.

Accordingly Judge Taro’s federal ruling banning the Federal government from legislating unequally between gay and lesbian and heterosexual couples, by giving rights to heterosexuals without giving equal rights to gay and lesbian couples bears on New York State’s power to overrule and strike down any State law that unconstitutionally fails to provide equal access to the Courts, equality, due process of law, and justice to all of its citizens. The Federal holding will serve as a platform to empower New York State Courts to start providing all couples, gay and lesbian alike, equal access and standing to utilize the Courts for purposes of suing for custody, visitation and child support. This ruling would allow brave Courts throughout this country to challenge State laws that discriminate against one set of parents while allowing other parents to have access to the court system to secure their rights of access to gay and lesbian parents.

The Federal District Court holding, while only relevant to Massachusetts, supports the notion that State and Federal governments may not pass and enforcing laws that discriminate against some of its citizens, while providing government benefits to other groups of citizens. By way of deduction, this holding would support the fact that both Federal as well as State governments should not pass and enforce laws that deny equal access to the Courts. Under the Constitutional provisions of equal protection of the law, all citizens, whether they be gay, lesbian or heterosexual must be afforded equal and identical benefits of due process of law through access to our State Courts for the purpose of disputing custody and visitation claims. Derivatively all children would benefit from a proactive Court whose aim is to protect innocent children, whether they be the product of gay or heterosexual couples.

Wisselman, Harounian and Associates, P.C., a Long Island Family Law Firm Announces Four Upcoming Events & Discusses Successful Legal Workshop

Great Neck, NY (PRWEB) July 26, 2010

The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. conducted their ninth annual legal workshop for approximately 185 mental health professionals addressing WHAT EVERY MENTAL HEALTH PRACTITIONER SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CUSTODY & VISITATION AND IMPORTANT SOCIAL ISSUES AFFECTING CHILDREN. The workshop aims to assist these professionals when counseling patients marital and family law issues. Many mental health professionals come year after year to these presentations and we appreciate their support. We were also pleased to see many new faces this year, as we reached a record high attendance. Each year, attendees have been able to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the mental health professional organizations for their participation. Our workshops are held at the Port Washington Yacht Club.

This years presentation was about the process of reaching a custody and visitation agreement and also addressed the very important issue of bullying in the schools and on the Internet. Also discussed were mediation, litigation and collaborative law, and the pros and cons of each approach. Dealing with custody & visitation issues can be a very difficult process. The importance of good communication during this negotiation is critical, and we addressed how mental health professionals can help their patients deal with these challenges, including:

Managing anger to facilitate reaching agreements
Handling an impasse in negotiating an agreement, and finally
Proceeding with litigation when an agreement cannot be negotiated.

We examined an actual Custody and Visitation Stipulation, and reviewed the components of a comprehensive agreement that protects both the parents and children, starting with a summary of the types of custody (joint vs. sole custody). Special provisions to an agreement were discussed, including spheres of influence and delegation of decision-making responsibilities, religion, corporal punishment, relocation, and how unique circumstances, i.e., drug abuse, and same-sex relationships are dealt with in an agreement.

The important and current topic of bullying in the school and on the Internet was also addressed including its impact on the child and the family, and what legal recourse is available for victims of this abuse.

The workshop presenters were attorneys from our firm: Jerome Wisselman, Jacqueline Harounian, Lloyd Rosen, Eyal Talassazan and Lauren Chartan. We were pleased to have a guest speaker, Betty Gross, from CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Services) who spoke about school bully prevention programs for children, parents and professionals.

The law firm of Wisselman, Harounian and Associates, P.C. was established in 1976 and is dedicated to serving Long Island, Queens and Metro New York clients and the community on legal matters that arise during the course of raising a family and growing a business. It is the firms goal to develop long-term client relationships, to help protect clients legal interests throughout the many phases of their family lives. This can include handling matrimonial or family law concerns, buying or selling a home, running a business, and estate planning. http://www.lawjaw.com

Those seeking information on matrimonial and divorce issues: The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian and Associates, P.C. has scheduled complimentary events to provide information and answer all questions. The events are Separation thru Divorce Legal Clinics, Fathers’ Rights and Divorce, How to Have a Smart Divorce.

Separation thru Divorce Legal Clinic:

TIME: Thursday August 5th & Thursday August 19th at 6:00 7:30 PM (Regularly held on the first and third Thursday of each month).

TOPICS: Designed to provide information and answer legal questions for people contemplating separation and divorce, or for those who have been told their spouse is considering one.

Fathers’ Rights and Divorce:

TIME: Wednesday August 4th at 6:00pm.

TOPICS: To help Dads protect their legal family rights and the right to be with their children. Family law attorney, Lloyd Rosen, will provide information about visitation, support, fighting for custody, modification of child support and responding to reports of domestic violence. All your questions will be addressed.

How to Have a Smart Divorce:

TIME: Wednesday August 11th at 6:00pm.

TOPICS: Presentation by family law attorney, Lloyd Rosen is designed for people in all stages of divorce from not yet separated through those with interest in modifying divorce agreements. Bring your questions for a livelier discussion.

All meetings are held at:

Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C.

1010 Northern Blvd., Suite 300 (just west of Community Drive)

Great Neck, New York 11021

RSVP: call Sharyn at 516-773-8300 or http://www.lawjaw.com


Sharyn OMara, PR Director


Pandora Corp. Discusses The Roots of Bullying

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 20, 2011

In October, Anderson Cooper 360 devoted a week to find the Roots of Bullying. Sociologist Robert Faris and Diane Felmlee, author of Odd Girl Out, teamed up with the CNN network show for a six-month study on bullying. The week-long series was bookended by a Town Hall event, “Bullying: It Stops Here,” which also featured Dr. Phil McGraw and talk show host Kelly Ripa. James Leasure, co-founder of Pandora Corp., says parents should take note of the studys key findings and Dr. Phils words of wisdom.

Bullying in schools and online is a serious issue, says Leasure. The AC360 series highlights and points out exactly why this is an issue that deserves both a national discussion between lawmakers and schools, as well as participation from parents to help end it.

The study was performed at a high school on Long Island, New York. More than 700 kids were asked a series of 28 questions, at four different times during the semester. On the show, Dr. Faris observed the frequent occurrence of social combat, a term used to describe the constant fight a child must make to climb the social hierarchy ladder. As kids climb that ladder, they have a higher chance of being both a victim and an aggressor.

One of the more revealing facets of the study was that victims are often also aggressors, and visa versa, observes Leasure. This essentially means that if your child is involved in bullying, they are embedded in it and need help to get out.

A second major finding from the study is the fact that 56% of the teens surveyed more than half – reported being involved in bullying, either as a victim or an aggressor. To make matters worse, 80% of the bullying incidents were never reported. The reason?

Of the kids surveyed, 74% believe that telling an adult wont help matters, Leasure says. As it is pointed out in the story, the victimization and bullying occuring in youth culture is constant and happening on a daily basis, and it is almost entirely under the radar.

A final major observation of the study is the correlation between the affluent suburb in New York and a previous study, conducted in rural North Carolina with thousands of teens. The two communities could not be more different in geography, economic and racial demographics, but the bullying patterns are very much the same. Dr. Faris notes that the similarities indicate that this is a national problem, and one that we must be having a conversation about.

This is a national problem, festering at the local level, states Leasure. But all of those local levels follow similar patterns. The solution is universal. Parents everywhere need to be proactive in stopping bullying. They absolutely must monitor their childs online social life and interactions. They must be aware of how their kids are being treated, and how they are treating others.

Pandora Corp. is the maker of PC Pandora computer monitoring software. Like DVR for the TV, PC Pandora records everything and anything on a PC, allowing parents to see everything their child is doing both off and online. Parents can see screenshots of all activity, plus text-based logs of all instant messenger conversations, social network chats and posts, websites visited, Internet search queries, programs used, keystrokes and much more. Whatever a child does on the computer, good or bad, PC Pandora will show their parents everything.

According to Leasure, PC Pandora can help end the cyberbullying epidemic by showing parents exactly what their kids are doing online, and exposing any bullying that may be taking place online.

Cyberbullying starts with anonymity on the Internet, but it succeeds through the ability to operate secretly in the home, he explains. Cyberbullying is not going to go away until the parents of the bullies know what their kids are doing online and step in to stop the aggressive behavior.

During the Town Hall, Dr. Phil McGraw states clearly:

If your child’s a bully, it’s your job to know your child is a bully. It’s your job to know that. It’s your job to intervene at that level as a parent. It’s your job to talk to the school Everybody keeps saying the parents just know what the kids tell them. If you’re a parent, it’s your job to observe your child and know what they’re doing Parents cannot just check out and say they didn’t tell me. They didn’t tell me. It’s your job to find out.

We couldnt agree with this more and its what we have been shouting for years, Leasure concludes. You can talk to your kids and have that open dialogue, but a child is still not going to tell you when they are bullying someone. It is your job to find out on your own. And a tool like PC Pandora is the best way to find that out.

For more information on how you can stop cyberbullying, visit PC Pandora online at http://pcpandora.com and like the PC Pandora Facebook page!

About PC Pandora: Pandora Corporation was formed with one goal to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families and themselves online. First released in mid 2005, PC Pandora monitoring software has been constantly upgraded to industry-leading specifications and has received accolades from users, reviewers and even school districts and law enforcement agencies, who use the program to help in the day-to-day supervision of the children and citizens they are charged with protecting. The company website devotes space to helping parents by providing them with 18 Tips to Safe Surfing and Pandoras Blog, where current news in the world of online safety is discussed regularly. In addition, the Pandora Corp. has made the PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium available to schools and law enforcement as a free resource for spreading internet safety awareness to parents. Over the past few years, PC Pandora has vaulted into a leadership position for parental control software by boasting a combination of features that are unparalleled in the monitoring industry. In 2010, Version 6.0 was released, again widening the spectrum of coverage and protection offered by the program. Concurrently released with 6.0, the web-based PC Pandora LIVE! service affords parents the ability to keep their kids safe from anywhere at anytime. PC Pandora computer monitoring software is also now available through the Pandora Corp. store at Amazon.com and on and on Facebook!


New Book Discusses How Survival and Nostalgia Can Go Hand in Hand

Winter Haven, FL (PRWEB) December 05, 2011

How can nostalgia be a doubled-edged sword? When youre reminiscing about your idyllic 1950s childhood in a Vietnam jungle, fighting for your life. I Must Survive (published by AuthorHouse), Harry Simpsons debut novel, centers on the story of the lone survivor of a brutal attack on a U.S. patrol boat during the Vietnam War. Simpson worked diligently to portray the war accurately, consulting with a former Green Beret who did five tours in Vietnam and a brown-water navy vet who served on U.S. Navy Swift boats.

The author has experienced his own forms of survival: polio as a child, prostate cancer, a spinal blockage and blood clots that forced him to learn to walk again; he still cant be on his feet for long and gets around mostly in a golf cart. Most recently, he had surgery to remove cancer from his sinus cavity and now wears a prosthetic nose.

Simpson hopes that through the soldiers memories, he conveys a sense of the contentment and family closeness he and others experienced growing up in the 1950s.

We learned to face lifes hardships as a family and were very close and protective of each other, Simpson says. People that read the book now are fascinated by the way life was back then, and they wish life was a little more like that today.

Authors bio:

Harry Simpson grew up in Burlington, Colo., and spent 39 years in finance. He is a happily married stepfather, grandfather and great-grandfather who now lives most of the year in a retirement community in Winter Haven, Fla., surrounded by his beloved dogs and many friends.

I Must Survive

By Harry Simpson

ISBN: 1467027057

Approx. 200 pages

Available in hardcover, paperback and e-book

To contact the author or for a review copy of the book:

Cindy Dashnaw, cdashnaw(at)bohlsenpr(dot)com, 317.602.7137 ext. 223

AuthorHouse, an Author Solutions, Inc. self-publishing imprint, is a leading provider of book publishing, marketing, and bookselling services for authors around the globe and offers the industrys only suite of Hollywood book-to-film services. Committed to providing the highest level of customer service, AuthorHouse assigns each author personal publishing and marketing consultants who provide guidance throughout the process. Headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana, AuthorHouse will celebrate 15 years of service to authors in Sept. 2011.For more information or to publish a book visit authorhouse.com or call 1-888-519-5121. For the latest, follow @authorhouse on Twitter.


Sophie Radice of the Independent Discusses Should We Let Children Run Wild?, House of Play Feel They Have the Answer to this Question

(PRWEB UK) 1 February 2012

Sophie Radice asked the question should we let children run wild?. Indoor Soft Play Equipment Manufacturer, House of Play debate child safety and emotional and physical wellbeing in 2012.

Ensuring the safety of a child should be every parents uncompromising goal; however it is difficult to balance protection with allowing freedom, social growth and independence of a child. Combined with long working hours, increased food and utility costs achieving a health balance is proving difficult for many uk families.

Recently its been featured in news all over the world that people need to be active in order to stay healthy. The main reason for this is the rise in the rate of obesity, most worryingly in children, and the fact that they arent getting the exercise they need. Parents are now making more of an effort to keep their children active through family walks, bike rides and many other activities that are fun for everyone.

However, its not always possible to fit in as many activities as youd like, and with some families having both parents working, there can be little time to get around to a game of frisbee after work. In cases such as these, which are becoming more and more common, its usually better to get together a whole group of parents and their children to go and do something active together. Then if some parents cant spare the time their children can still go and play under supervision.

Theres no end to the things that kids can do to stay fit, from frantically running around a park to throwing balls to each other, but all of these activities carry a risk of injury. A child could trip on concrete and hurt themselves or fall from a wall and cause a very serious injury. For these reasons companies such as House Of Play have set up facilities with commercial indoor play equipment for children to come and play in a huge area where there is also a place for parents to rest.

The facilities that House Of Play have help set up are the result of their business services, which they offer alongside their products. David Booth, joint managing director informed us of this positive feedback, Having looked at a number of sites, House of Play was the only Company to actually advise against us pursuing premises that we thought were ok. The other Companies never ever tried to talk us out of taking any of the premises that we looked at. The result of this was that House Of Plays customer did not waste money and time looking into properties that werent exactly what the customer were looking for.

These indoor play facilities are equipped with soft indoor play equipment, which means that even if a child falls they wont hurt themselves in a serious way, and theyll find it very hard to hurt themselves at all. House Of Play have their own indoor play facility, but they are also the UKs leading manufacturer and supplier of soft play equipment. An indoor play facility gives children the benefit of exercise and takes away the risks that could confront them outside. Their products are designed to allow children to be as active as possible whilst in a safe controlled environment.

Many injuries are caused by falls and bumps, which are to be expected of children however, dangers like broken glass and unhygienic play areas can cause serious problems. The recent attack of a six year old girl by a dog in Chingford was during a family day at the local park. Indoor soft play facilities dont have the risks associated with outdoor activities and are a great way to keep children active and safe.


US Police Officers Aid Police in Sudan & Darfur with Child Safety & Medical Help – Officer McDowell Discusses Obstacles on Dr. Carol Francis Radio Talk Show – Dec 6

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 11, 2012

Currently programs organized through Safe Harbor International are addressing complex survival needs on individuals in East Africa. Food, medical attention, law and order, safety of children– these are basic human needs in East Africa assisted by Police Officer Dave McDowell and many police officers he has organized through Safe Harbor International, Safe Harbor Police Outreach, and “Operation Safe Child.” Dave McDowell reveals hardships faced by inhabitants of South Sudan, Darfur, and Uganda. How can police officers from the United States help communities and peace-officers in these conflicted areas? “Police officers in these African Countries need and want assistance,” explains Officer Dave McDowell on Dr. Carol Francis Talk Radio Show (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr-carol-francis/2012/10/22/us-police-officers-aid-police-officer-in-sudan-darfur) today.

Dr. Carol Francis interviews Dave McDowell, a police officer from Oregon and California who helps police officers in East Africa to effectively address issues of justice, fairness, and safety. Dave McDowell, in conjunction with many other police officers and professionals who volunteer with Safe Harbor International help families, children, medical professionals, and parents receive needed assistance and protection in these troubled countries of East Africa such as South Sudan, Uganda, Darfur. Dave McDowell’s journeys and stories will inspire many to help and others to compassionately understand the complications of East African citizens of all ages.

Dave McDowell is from Bend, Oregon and the Director of International Police Training & Outreach at Safe Harbor International Relief. For more information – McDowell works in conjunction with Safe Harbor International. McDowell’s organization can be contacted at http://www.policeoutreach.com/contact_us.aspx

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Family Law Attorney Discusses Recent Expansion of Ohio’s Grandparent’s Rights

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) March 28, 2013

Parts of House Bill 279 (signed into law December 20, 2012) will go into effect on March 20, 2013. Under this new law, notice is to be provided within 30 days to all grandparents and other adult relatives of a child, whenever temporary custody of a child is given to a public childrens service agency, or placing agency, as the result of any filing in juvenile court. This legislation also encourages agencies to place siblings together with family members, where appropriate.

Grandparent rights are also expanded by this new law by its changing the rules for parental rights power of attorney and caretaker authorization affidavits. Under current law, the parental rights power of attorney allowed a childs parent, guardian, or custodian to grant to a grandparent with whom a child is residing, any or all of the rights and responsibilities regarding the care, physical custody, and control of a child, including enrollment in school, obtaining medical information, and giving consent to medical or dental treatments. The caretaker authorization affidavit is a similar document, but is utilized where a child is living with a grandparent who has made reasonable attempts to locate and contact the parents, but has been unable to do so. The caretaker authorization affidavit provides for the same authorities as the parental rights powers of attorney but may be signed and filed by the grandparent without the signature of the absent parents.

Neither document gives the right to consent to the marriage or adoption of the child, nor do they grant legal custody to the recipient. Under prior law, these documents terminated upon issuance of a court order, revocation by the person who created it, the cessation of the childs residing with the grandparent, or they expired on their own after one year from its inception. The new law eliminates the prior one-year expiration provision and more importantly, it allows a grandparent to file a complaint in juvenile court seeking a determination of custody if the power of attorney is revoked or the child is removed from the grandparents residence. This complaint must be filed within 14 days of the revocation or removal. Until a hearing and final decision is rendered, the court may make any temporary orders it deems necessary to protect the best interest of the child. In cases where the power of attorney is revoked, the grandparent may retain the child at its residence until the expiration of the 14 day filing period or, once a complaint is filed, until the court Orders otherwise.

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