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ProtectMyId.com Describes Ways Background Checks May Lead to Identity Theft

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) March 23, 2009

ProtectMyId.com, a leading Identity Theft solution, describes key ways background checks may lead to Identity theft. Background checks on new hires are more popular than ever. In fact, in some states and for some professions, they’re actually a legal requirement. But corporations aren’t the only ones running background checks these days. From families concerned about the quality of their child care to singles worried who they’re dating, anyone can run a background check on anybody, anytime they want.

The internet is full of Background Checking services, all offering to provide you with the information you seek. These checks come in all shapes and sizes, but to run a thorough background check, it takes written consent from the individual in question. This allows individuals or companies access to the following information:

Resume and Employment verification
Social Security Number verification
Criminal Record checks
Department of Motor Vehicles
Civil Court Records
Worker’s Compensation
Credit Report
Sexual Offenders Databases

Without permission, companies can only gather information through public records and other open sources, so theoretically the most critical information should remain private. But unfortunately, this won’t stop scam artists and thieves from trying to get their hands on consumers personal data. They have many means of committing identity fraud, including the use of online recruitment scams. Rising unemployment, have made these scams very popular and most job seekers scouring the Internet for employment opportunities don’t realize they can make a bad situation even worse, by simply responding to a want ad. Here’s how it works:

Consumers receive an email from a company who found your resume online. They have an immediate opening for someone with their talents and will urge them to log on to their site and apply for the position. Next, they’ll inform the consumer that it’s company policy to do a background check and they’ll need date of birth, Social Security Number, Drivers License Number and even Bank Account Numbers to start the process. This is everything a scam artist needs to steal a person’s identity.

It’s disturbing that people can prey on the desperation of others in such ways, but the fact remains we all need to be more vigilant about protecting ourselves from identity fraud. Be cautious. Never give information out to anybody without diligently researching them first.

About ProtectMyID.com

ProtectMyID.com is a leading, full-service provider of proactive identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution. ProtectMyID.com offers comprehensive identity theft protection products supported by experienced identity theft resolution professionals who deliver personal attention that customers can rely on. ProtectMyID.com is a Web site owned by ConsumerInfo.com Inc., an Experian company. For more information about how ProtectMyID.com helps consumers protect themselves against identity theft, please visit ProtectMyID.com


San Francisco based Heath-Newton Describes the Benefits of a No Contest Divorce

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) October 04, 2012

The law firm explains that the end of a partnership or marriage does not always signal acrimony. For those who are separating without such feelings, a no contest divorce, or uncontested divorce offers a host of benefits among them are speed, cost, and flexibility, according to the firm spokesman.

California is no-fault divorce state. That means that in California it doesnt matter who wants the divorce or why if either party wants a divorce, they can have it. Long gone are the days of proving infidelity to get a divorce. The upshot is that in California a no-contest divorce is simply a divorce in which the parties work out the terms of their divorce without appearing in court.

There are varying levels of agreement. Sometimes the parties know exactly how they want to divide assets and arrange child custody before they ever speak with an attorney. Other parties cant agree on anything at first, but with the help of their attorneys theyre able to work out a deal. Sometimes the process takes days; other times it takes months. Sometimes the parties mediate; sometimes they work it out at a coffee shop. Either way, in an uncontested divorce, the parties stay out of court.

Uncontested divorces are cheaper, according to a spokesman for Heath-Newton. “Youve heard the joke that the quickest way to get a million dollars is to start with $ 10 million, and get a divorce $ 8 Million goes to the attorneys, and you and your ex split the rest. Those numbers arent far from the mark. There are few things more expensive (and less satisfying) in this world than divorce litigation. Take our advice on this one: avoid divorce litigation if you can settle out of court! The quicker you can reach agreement with your ex, the less you will spend on the process,” the firm adds.

Speed, of course is the second benefit of a no contest divorce, according to the law firm. “There is nothing fast about the California court system, and the family courts are arguably the slowest of the bunch. Theyre underfunded, under-motivated, and overworked. They dont really care about your divorce, and they have no incentive to move quickly. If you want speedy resolution, dont litigate mediate. The divorce process can be done in as much time as it takes you to reach a deal with your spouse. Settlement is the best way to reach a quick and fair result,” states Heath-Newton.

Heath-Newton explains that the third main benefit of the no contest divorce is flexibility. “Judges dont know anything about your life so they cant make orders that truly benefit you. Courts follow the law the law is the opposite of flexible. Youre not going to get custom tailored divorce agreements from overworked judges. Youre going to get well meaning, but cookie cutter resolutions that follow the law to the letter. On the flip side, if you and your spouse reach an agreement on your own, the court is happy to turn your personal agreement into an order. Youll need to follow certain formalities, but those are the easy part pay a lawyer to handle those for your and youre saving a bundle as compared to the alternative. You can be as creative and flexible as you want with your personal agreement. You want to keep the coin collection and give her the shotguns? Go for it. Nobody cares how you divide your assets unless you take the issue to the court.,” adds the law firm.

According to Heath-Newton, a less frequently discussed benefit of the uncontested divorce process is that it allows parties to remain on healthier terms than litigation. The litigation process is emotionally draining and simply stated it makes people angry. A no contest divorce process can take any form a couple wants. Many couples include therapists in the process in order to ease the transition out of the relationship. Uncontested divorces are easier on the soul, according to the firm.

Heath-Newton says they help clients navigate uncontested divorces of every kind. They believe that its ultimately better for couples to avoid litigation, and so they support clients in that process.

About the company:

At Heath-Newton LLP, they specialize in family law, asset protection and estate planning services. Based in San Francisco, their boutique firm has earned a reputation for managing their clients cases well, reaching successful resolutions and minimizing costs and disruption to their clients lives.

They have handled a long list of family-law cases, including a broad range of issues facing new families (such as domestic partnerships, premarital agreements, adoption and more), as well as divorce, asset division, child custody and child and spouse support. They also have extensive experience in estate planning, wills, probate, mediation, living wills and trusts.

Collectively, their attorneys have thousands of hours of experience, allowing them to be both efficient and effective. They are guided by a practical approach that emphasizes avoiding litigation to minimize costs and disruption; however, they can and will be fierce litigators when all other strategies have proven ineffective. For more information visit their website at http://www.heathnewton.com. To discuss a situation with one of their attorneys, please call them at (415) 398-1290.