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Ensuring Coverage for the Most Vulnerable

St. Louis, MO (PRWEB) March 16, 2008

A majority of children in the child welfare system maintain stable health coverage, finds a first-of-its-kind study published in the current issue of the American Journal of Public Health. Ramesh Raghavan, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of social work and psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis and lead author of the study, says that these findings are “a testament to the success of policies directed at securing stable insurance coverage for children.

“Given this vulnerable population’s dependence on Medicaid, protection of existing entitlements to Medicaid is essential to preserve their stable insurance coverage,” he says.

Raghavan says that this type of study is important because it helps measure the effectiveness of current Medicaid policy.

He notes that although the stability of health insurance coverage over time was encouraging, “this dependence on Medicaid may be perilous for children in the welfare system.”

Raghavan cites a number of challenges in maintaining Medicaid coverage for child welfare populations:

-In fiscal year 2007, child health insurance programs faced a cumulative shortfall of $ 800 million across 17 states.

-Medicaid’s new premium and cost sharing requirements

“Children receiving child welfare services may need to pay for non-preferred drugs and emergency department use,” Raghavan says. “It’s also unclear who will pay for health care when kids are removed from homes and placed into foster care.”

-Potential changes to Medicaid-reimbursable case management

“These changes, if enacted, may reduce the flexibility and array of services needed to comprehensively serve these kids,” he says.

Raghavan and colleagues conducted this study using data from four waves of the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being to examine coverage among 2,501 youths in the child welfare system.

He led a team of researchers from Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego; University of California at San Diego; San Diego State University; and Tufts University-New England Medical Center, Boston, MA. The HHS/Administration for Children and Families funded their study.

The George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis aims to create positive social change through its path-breaking research and educational excellence. The Brown School’s international community of faculty, students, and graduates works throughout St. Louis, across the country, and worldwide to apply new knowledge and use the best available evidence to impact policy, practice, and service delivery. The Brown School, which offers a doctoral degree, a master of social work degree a doctoral degree, as well as seven dual-degree programs, is home to five research centers:

The Center for Latino Family Research
The Center for Mental Health Services Research
The Center for Social Development
The Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies
The Martha N. Ozawa Center for Social Policy Studies
For more information call 314-935-6676 or visit gwbweb.wustl.edu.


CA Releases Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 : New Feature-Rich Suite Includes Enhanced Malware Protection, Easy-to-Use Parental Control, Robust Customer Support and Reduced User Interruptions Backed by Internet Protection Plan with Coverage up to $10,000

ISLANDIA, N.Y. (PRWEB) November 24, 2008

In addition to the enhanced security features, the suite is now more user-friendly through its inclusion of an Intuitive Help Desk for at-your-fingertips customer support, a simple interface that lets users quickly set preferences or check program status, and a gaming/movie mode to reduce interruptions. With tailored security options for wireless connectivity, CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 uses WiFi HotSpot detection technology to alert users when they enter a new network outside of the established home network.

According to the 2008 CA Internet Threat Outlook Report, online attacks will be dominated by smarter malware and bots targeting Web users ranging from gamers and social network users to the elderly and unsuspecting parents.

“Families should feel safe and secure when they are online,” said Brian Grayek, vice president of product management for CA. “However, there are more online threats than ever before. While it’s important for parents to practice general PC safety practices like not placing a PC in a child’s room and monitoring social networking profiles, parental control software provides an added layer of protection and additional peace of mind. Our parental controls are designed to be ‘child-proof’ and prevent even computer-savvy children from uninstalling or disabling the products. In addition to offensive website filtering and blocking, parents can also use the software to set time limits on when children can use the PC and receive daily reports on web activity.”

Grayek continued, “Historically, high-performance users, like gamers, turn off security features because it either slows down their PCs or they get pop-ups that interfere with their experience. This is a huge risk to their PC security. We’ve focused on developing a product that runs quietly in the background for uninterrupted gaming and movie watching, while keeping the PC secure.”

Also new to CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 are the following features:

Supports the Domain Key Internet Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) industry-standard email security protocols by scanning email and thwarting phishing attempts via Email Inspector. Continuous Upgrades automatically detect new updates and provide alerts when new features are available. Silent Protection automatically analyzes program behavior to determine whether it is safe, and allows or denies access. All CA security products are designed to use system resources efficiently and facilitate fast installation, quick scans and superior usability. They are also protected by the CA Security Advisor Team, a global team of malware experts and engineers that work round-the-clock to detect and prevent online threats.

Customers receive daily protection updates, upgrades to the latest product features and 24 X 7 online technical support at no additional charge with their subscription.

Supported operating systems include Windows

Protecting Your Identity and Peace of Mind: Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage Secures Identity, Resolves in Case of Fraud

West Des Moines, Iowa (PRWEB) June 16, 2009

The Federal Trade Commission recently reported that identity theft affected more than 10 million Americans in 2008, making it the fastest-growing crime in the nation. Quick discovery and a rapid response are the crucial first steps.

That’s why Farm Bureau Financial Services has introduced its Identity Services & Fraud Expense Coverage, offering consumers tips and services to help them reduce their risk of identity fraud.

“Farm Bureau Financial Services has addressed this growing risk by offering comprehensive Identity Services and Fraud Expense Coverage, which includes credit monitoring and fraud alerts to help customers be proactive in preventing fraud. It also provides expert identity restoration assistance, and coverage for associated expenses such as attorney fees, loss of wages and child-care costs,” says Susan Halterman, product and data management vice president.

This service and coverage includes credit monitoring and fraud alerts to help customers be proactive in preventing fraud. It also provides expert identity restoration assistance, and coverage for associated expenses such as attorney fees, loss of wages and child-care costs.

“We can help consumers protect more than their home, vehicles and personal belongings – we can help them protect their identity in a convenient and affordable way,” Halterman says.

Farm Bureau’s Member’s Choice policyholders can now receive up to $ 25,000 in reimbursement with this Identity Services and Fraud Expense coverage1. For $ 25 a year, this program provides credit monitoring for two people per household as well as identity theft resolution, and identity document recovery.”

“We are committed to making insurance simple for our customers,” Halterman says. “And this is a product that can provide real peace of mind when it comes to protecting what matters most.”

To learn more about Identity Services and Fraud Expense coverage, or to find an agent near you, visit http://www.fbfs.com. Current Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policyholders can purchase this coverage online or they may contact their agent to add the coverage to their policy.

About Farm Bureau Financial Services

Through an exclusive, multi-state agent force, the companies affiliated with the Farm Bureau Financial Services brand underwrite, market and distribute a broad range of financial services products, including life insurance, investments, annuities, property-casualty insurance products and services and more, to individuals and small businesses within a marketing territory that includes 15 states. For more information about products and services, log on to http://www.fbfs.com or call or visit your local Farm Bureau agent.

1 Identity Services, including Identity Credit Monitoring Services(SM), Identity Theft Resolution(SM) and Identity Document Recovery(SM) are provided by Identity Theft 911, LLC. This coverage can be added to the property or liability section of your Farm Bureau Member’s Choice policy at any time for an additional cost.

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The Right Travel Coverage to Inspire Confidence in Travel-Hungry Consumers

East Hartford, CT (PRWEB) October 29, 2009

Finding the right travel insurance plan can be difficult. There are many products to choose from, and all travelers have different needs. The simplest way to find the right coverage for your trip is to determine your needs.

Some people want to make sure the cost of their trip is covered if they need to cancel, others want their health and medical needs covered by travel medical insurance. Maybe you have a nice new set of luggage to protect, or you heard about the astronomical cost of emergency evacuation.

Everyone looks for travel insurance to cover different needs. You need to determine what your needs are, and find the policy that works best.

Start looking at the different plans, specifically checking the coverage that meets your needs. Price shouldn’t always be the first concern, getting the right coverage is.

Travel Insured International knows buying travel insurance isn’t hardbut finding the right plan for you and your trip can be very confusing.

In fact, the actual buying part is so simple you can get a quote, pay with a credit card, and get an email confirmation of coverage in just a few minutes. The challenge is understanding the coverage and finding the right plan for your needs.

Before your trip, these risks might include last-minute cancellations due to sickness, severe weather, or even terrorist attacks. During your trip, it provides coverage for emergency/accident care, medical evacuations, travel delays and missed connections, lost/stolen baggage, and more.

Travel insurance can be purchased for both domestic trips and travel abroad. It can be purchased to cover a two-day weekend trip, or a trip up to 180 days (30 days maximum on Lite products).

Travel Insured’s plans include four choices:

Worldwide Trip Protector Gold

This plan is used by most travelers because it’s loaded with benefits, including: trip cancellation, exceptional medical coverage, medical evacuation, cancel for work reasons, lost baggage, missed connections, collision damage waiver, and several others.

Worldwide Trip Protector

This plan provides a broad range of benefits in one simple plan, including: children under 18 are free when traveling with and related to the primary adult enrolled in the protection plan, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, concierge assistance services, lost baggage, missed connections, and several others.

Worldwide Trip Protector Lite & Worldwide Trip Protector Lite Expanded

These plans are designed for domestic getaways with core travel benefits, including: trip cancellation, one child per adult is free, travel assistance services, medical evacuation, baggage delay, itinerary changes, and several others.

1-Year Job Loss Protection + Cancel for Work or Any Reason

Hurricane Season Travelers Enjoy Lower Stress Thanks to Worldwide Emergency Assistance Included as Part of their Travel Insured Trip Coverage

East Hartford, CT (Vocus) June 28, 2010

The uncertain track of an Atlantic hurricane will at times cross paths with the most desirable of tropical destinations, normally with vacation-ending results. Whether the experience is Hurricane Charley crossing central Florida in August, 2004, Hurricane Ivan hitting Jamaica in September 2004, Hurricane Wilma overwhelming Cancun in October 2005, or Hurricane Ike striking the Dominican Republic in September 2008, the travel impact of a storm is similar. Vacationers face sudden pressure to rebook early flights home, if available, or to find safer accommodations away from the beach. Those without help sometimes land in public shelters with kindred travelers until the local danger has passed.

Travel Insured International, a leading 3rd-party travel insurer, notes that, in addition to providing Trip Interruption coverage to reimburse unused, nonrefundable trip costs and added airfare home, it provides insured travelers with Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance available 24/7 anywhere they travel. The Emergency Travel Assistance, accessed by a collect or toll-free call, can help bring a hurricane-disrupted vacation to a less stressful, if abbreviated, conclusion as the better alternative to a nightmare in paradise. The service, delivered by Travel Insureds assistance partner, can provide a variety of travel related help, whether the client is delayed in their home airport trying to get to their vacation spot or stuck in their destination trying to get home. Help is provided for those seeking transportation alternatives or emergency accommodations, especially when the insurance customers own travel agent or supplier is unreachable.

Travel assistance, medical emergency assistance, ID theft assistance and concierge assistance are all included with the Worldwide Trip Protector and Worldwide Trip Protector Gold trip insurance plans. Political evacuation service is included in the Worldwide Trip Protector Gold plan, or as part of an optional medical insurance upgrade in the Worldwide Trip Protector plan. And additional business concierge services are included in Worldwide Trip Protector Gold, and available as part of the optional baggage insurance upgrade in Worldwide Trip Protector. Medical assistance services, including medical evacuation, are included with all Worldwide Trip Protector plan types, including the Trip Protector Lite and Trip Protector Lite Expanded plans.

Medical Assistance and Needed Repatriation

When a domestic or international travel insurance emergency situation involves a travelers accident or sudden illness, Travel Insureds assistance company will first pre-approve medical assistance services and then arrange, as a covered expense, for the insured to be transported to the nearest available medical facility by U.S. standards for treatment. This service includes a hospital admission guarantee. The assistance company can arrange for the insureds dependant child to be flown home with an attendant, if necessary, included in coverage. An adult person chosen by the injured or ill insured may be flown as a covered air expense to their medical bedside. The same service will arrange air transportation of the injured or sick insured back to his or her primary residence within one year of their original return date.

Travel Assistance Services

Travel Insureds emergency travel assistance can provide other emergency services including:

Travel Insured Includes School Year Extension Coverage to Protect Prepaid Vacations When Snow Makeup Days Conflict With Travel Dates

East Hartford, CT (Vocus/PRWEB) February 02, 2011

School closings due to winter snow and ice storms will make children cheer, but too many days of sleigh riding and hot cocoa can lead to vacation hangovers since school-mandated makeup days may soon conflict with prepaid vacation dates. When school vacation days are rescheduled as makeup days on the academic calendar the cheering for students has ended and a problem for parents may be created.

Travel Insured International

Despite Improving Employment a 2011 Vacation Calls for the Job Loss Protection and Cancel for Work Coverage Provided by Travel Insurance

East Hartford, CT (Vocus/PRWEB) March 29, 2011

The labor market is slowly improving in 2011 with the national unemployment rate falling below 9% in February for the first time in more than two years. Yet employees making plans to enjoy precious vacation time this year need to be aware that businesses restructure to become more competitive as the economy improves. Several major private and public sector employers have added layoffs this year, and more may require them as their operations are restructured or mandated budget cuts necessitate downsizing divisions due to lingering effects of the recession

Travel Insured International

Insurance Coverage for Students Leaving the Nest

(PRWEB) August 17, 2011

The beginning of the school year marks big changes, especially for students moving away from home for the first time. In the midst of packing, moving, course selections, and buying supplies like books, computers and laptop bags, insurance might not have crossed anyones mind. However, with the kids out of the house, there are implications for auto insurance coverage, and possibly a need for tenant insurance. In accordance with its focus on educating consumers to help them make informed insurance decisions, InsuranceHotline.com explains how sending children off to school can impact insurance rates

Auto Insurance Coverage

Student auto insurance rates are generally quite high. If he or she will be taking a car to school, then it may be a good idea to insure it with the same company as the parents insurance to benefit from the multi-vehicle discounts that some companies offer. Some cities have higher or lower risk compared to others so it is important to shop around to compare rates. In some cases, the student may be able to stay on the parents policy as an occasional driver, offering the potential for significant savings versus coverage as a primary driver. Another opportunity to save is for students with good grades as some insurance companies offer a discount for strong academic performance. As always, having a good driving record that is free of accidents and tickets can minimize insurance costs; hence, instilling the value of defensive driving among younger drivers has a financial reward in addition to the overarching objective of keeping children safe on the road.

Many parents may be tempted to remove a student completely from their policy during the school year if the child is living on campus without regular access to a vehicle; but, this may result in higher costs down the road when it comes time to adding the driver back on to the policy. Insurance companies will acknowledge that students, while away at school, will be driving less. Parents can investigate the option of changing a childs status to Restricted Driver which could lead to an insurance discount of up to 50% for the students coverage. Keep in mind, however, that this status must be changed when the student comes home for the summer to ensure proper coverage in the event of a claim.

Tenant Insurance Coverage

With high-tech devices becoming more common, and in some cases mandatory requirements, students may be going off to school with thousands of dollars of technology. These valuable items may be at risk of theft given that dormitories are generally more easily accessible than personal dwellings as well as the fact that students can sometimes be absent-minded. In addition to ensuring a students belongings are covered, it is also important to make sure that there is liability coverage in place. Parents should start by checking the insurance policy of the residence in the school to determine if coverage exists; However, most schools will not cover anything beyond the public domain the residences grounds, lobby or corridors. Hence, anything that happens within the premises of the students room will not be covered, including damage to the contents and/or incidents that could find the student liable for damages. If the student is sharing a house with others, the risk is even greater and each tenant should get an individual policy. While replacing a computer may not be worth all the trouble or extra costs, leaving out liability coverage could have significant financial implications. Liability coverage, like property coverage, can also be extended from the current home policy so its a good idea to start by checking with the parents current insurance company.

There are three steps parents can take when considering tenant insurance.

1. Check with the current broker or agent to see if the personal items are already covered under the existing home insurance policy. The student may still be considered a dependent and since attendance at school is only temporarily moving out, the students possessions like their computer, may still be protected despite its relocation. An extension of the home policy to cover the student may also be available for a small fee.

2. Contact the school to see if they have a preferred insurance company. Much like available auto insurance discounts from group membership, the school may have a preferred company that provides discounted rates. In the unfortunate event of an unexpected incident such as flooding, the school will take care of the room itself, but not any damage done to the students property.

3. Purchasing tenant insurance for the child may seem like an additional cost to an already expensive school year, but as with all insurance, the implications of not having coverage could be substantial if anything does happen. Most tenant insurance policies have similar coverage and the cost will vary among different insurance companies; hence, parents should shop around to find the best rate. Modifying the deductible is another way to manage costs in an effort to decrease current expenses while increasing the cost in the event of a claim.

Living away from home can be both a challenging and rewarding experience for young adults. Says Tammy Ezer of InsuranceHoline.com Taking some time at the start of the year to organize insurance needs will ensure that financial implications and stress levels are minimized in the unfortunate circumstance requiring an insurance claim, whether for personal belongings, or even worse, an injury.

About InsuranceHotline.com

InsuranceHotline.com is a free online insurance rate comparison service that directs consumers to its large network of more than 30 insurance companies and licensed insurance professionals and provides quotes based on the lowest rates available through its network. In business since 1994, InsuranceHotline.com does not sell insurance, is not a licensed broker, and is not owned in whole or in part by an insurance company, agent or brokerage; ensuring consumers get a truly unbiased quote.


The Harper Agency Goes Above and Beyond Its Communitys North Carolina Business Insurance Needs with Daycare Coverage

Burlington, NC (PRWEB) November 14, 2011

The locally based insurance experts at The Harper Agency know that there is no one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to business insurance in North Carolina. Each company has its own unique insurance needs, especially those that are relied upon to care for their clients children. Many parents spend weeks looking for reputable and qualified daycare centers in which to enroll their kids. As businesses that deal with very sensitive matters like childcare, daycare providers must be prepared to protect their establishment and themselves with proper insurance.

Few local agencies offer North Carolina business insurance that is tailored specifically to the needs of daycare providers, but The Harper Agency is one of them. The agencys team of experts has experience assisting everyone from childcare providers who run small, home-based businesses, to those who manage larger centers.

With daycare insurance, local childcare services can be covered for:

Alienation of Affection Claims
Child Abuse Claims
Contractual Liability
Defense Coverage
Field Trips of Off-Premises Activities
Incidental Malpractice
Non-owned Auto Liability
Transportation Coverage

Daycare providers have unique insurance needs because they are entrusted with the care of their communitys children. The team at The Harper Agency is sensitive to the fact that some local businesses will require a higher level of North Carolina business insurance coverage, which is why it offers policies tailored to the unique needs of companies ranging from those that provide childcare services to religious institutions.

About The Harper Agency:

For over 60 years The Harper Agency has been proudly writing North Carolina insurance policies for its North Carolina neighbors. As a family owned and operated Burlington insurance company, The Harper Agency is focused on providing only top quality service to all of its customers. As a true testament to the agencys commitment to providing superior insurance solutions and service, The Harper Agency is proud of the fact that their first customer in 1949 needed auto insurance for a 1937 Chevy and this same client is still a satisfied customer to this day.