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Congress Seeks Advanced Parental Controls for TV — Parents Flood FCC with Requests for Foul Language Filtering Technology

Rogers, Ark. (PRWEB) April 22, 2009

Is foul language filtering the next parental control for TV? An FCC request for comments on new advanced parental controls prompted nearly 10,000 comments specifically requesting the foul language filtering technology from TVGuardian. This advanced technology had been offered for free to leading cable and satellite providers but was rejected, leading the company to now turn to Washington.

“Studies show more people are bothered by foul language on TV than by sex, nudity, violence or depictions of drug use,” said Britt Bennett, President of TVGuardian LLC. “So here we have one of the biggest problems on TVand a tool to fix thatyet the media industry won’t help offer that tool to parents–even if we offer it to them for free! So we’re glad Congress and the FCC are finally looking into helping families have access to this.”

The FCC’s Notice of Inquiry came after Congress, through the Child Safe Viewing Act, directed the FCC to look for “advanced blocking technologies,” including those that “can filter language based upon information in closed captioning.” TVGuardian is the only patented technology allowing viewers to automatically filter out offensive words on TV and replace them with more appropriate substitutes.

“When it comes to parental controls, viewers want more than just locking and blocking,” explained Bennett. “Parents want to be able to watch TV programs and movies; they just want to be able to do so without subjecting their children to offensive and inappropriate language. Seventy percent are bothered by it. They want to be able to protect the innocence of their children. Who could argue with that?”

The TVGuardian technology has been licensed into over 12 million DVD players but has had a harder time making inroads in cable and satellite.

How would TVGuardian fare on pay-TV? Bennett says cable and satellite providers could implement the technology without significant challenges: “TVGuardian is a ready-to-go software solution that uses the existing close captioning required by law. Cable and Satellite companies could quickly download the software into boxes already in homes.”

As for the impact on revenues, an independent study commissioned by TVGuardian revealed that, given the choice to watch TV without obscene language, pay-TV viewers would ultimately spend more on premium channels and pay-per-view programming. According to the survey, those who are offended by foul language on TV would be 50% more likely to subscribe to premium channels, and 40% more likely to purchase pay-per-view programming.

iYogi Reveals the Top 5 Complaints While Setting-up Internet Parental Controls

New York (PRWEB) June 21, 2011

iYogi, the provider of on-demand remote tech support services, released a report on ‘Top 5 Consumer Complaints’ related to Internet Parental Controls. Computers are a part of most homes today with adults and children using the Internet for entertainment, communication and accessing information. However, while the Internet has eased our lives in many ways, there is always the risk of extreme dependency and misuse of the vast information that the technology provides. Added to these, access to inappropriate content and the risk of becoming targets of cyber-stalkers are among the many risks that can pose serious threats to children. This is why it is necessary to have some control over access to the Internet in homes with children.

Internet parental control is a feature that restricts children’s access to the web, number of hours they can spend on the computer and games or applications they can run. This latest iYogi reviews report on ‘Top 5 Consumer Complaints’ addresses the most common issues that users face in implementing Internet parental control, based on the feedback from iYogi’s large subscriber base. iYogi continuously monitors and publishes the most common complaints to help people solve their day-to-day problems related to technology.

iYogi reviews the top 5 complaints related to Internet Parental Controls:

The Next Generation of Parental Controls is Here!

(PRWEB) October 31, 2002

The current products on the market that claim to be “parental control suites” are fakes. Most of them, including NetNanny, CyberPatrol, and Norton’s suite let 20% of offensive web content through, block 50% of wanted, meaningful and/or unoffensive content, do not allow the user to control windows, applications, files, directories, and cost over $ 50.00!

So, what do we do? Campbell Productions decided to answer that question. The programmers at CPS (Campbell Productions Software, Co.) went to their development PCs and created dcSpy.

What is dcSpy? dcSpy is the wonder application needed to prevent all of the above influences from entering your computing world. dcSpy runs silently in the background, cannot be closed without an administrative password (of your choice,) and locks any unwanted content. It even keeps a detailed history of the content opened, whether it be innapropriate or appropriate! dcSpy continually searches to see what Internet content your PC views, what applications your PC runs, what files, directories, and windows, your PC opens, and most importantly, what you do in those applications. With dcSpy on your computer, you can reliably, quickly, easily, and thoroughly protect your computer and your computer’s users from sensitive, offensive, or simply innapropriate content.

How exactly does dcSpy work? Well, dcSpy is a background application, or an application that runs at the most fundamental level of Windows. It starts when Windows boots up, and closes when Windows shuts down. It continually searches the caption text of windows and locks any windows that have innapropriate keywords (like sex or pornography,) or that are applications that are off limits (e.g. TurboTax or Quicken.) When dcSpy finds a Window that is not allowed to be opened, dcSpy locks that window (prevents mouse-clicks and keystrokes from being entered.) Only you can close the window. If you have to do important work, simply click a small button, enter your password, and dcSpy will close. Its that simple!

When compared to NetNanny, CyberPatrol, etc., dcSpy pushes them into the shadows! dcSpy can do more, is more effective, more customizable, and is almost one fourth the price!

Do you want to learn more about dcSpy? Just goto:


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Contact Campbell Production’s customer service department at: customerservice@campbellproductions.net

Parental Controls for Windows 8 and Mac OS X Launched by SmyleSafe


Retina-X Studios, LLC winner of TopTenREVIEWS 2013 award for Mobile Parental Control software announced today the immediate availability of PC and Mac versions of its cloud-based web filtering and parental control software SmyleSafe. The hybrid software/service provides an effective way for young family members to use their family computer in a protected environment under the watchful eyes of their guardians.

SmyleSafe for Windows and Mac allows its users to block browsing of inappropriate websites in most famous browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Users can set application restrictions, set time control restrictions and filter social network activities.

SmyleSafe also gives peace of mind to its users by allowing them to remotely monitor many activities performed by their young child by taking regular screenshot of active windows and recording all applications opened. An additional feature of SmyleSafe is the ability to view the LIVE screen of the remote desktop in real time.

SmyleSafe features pre-configured filtering options based on age group or categories. Along with a built-in list of over 350,000 categorized URLs, the software relies on cloud-based dynamic keyword analysis of every webpage accessed. Parents are also allowed to enter their own set of websites to block or allow as they see fit.

iPhone App Review says, For the peace of mind that the title gives both you and your child, youll prevent your child some future therapy.”

With the positive response we’ve received from our SmyleSafe for mobile phone users, we are excited to bring the same web filtering and monitoring solution to PC and Mac, says Craig Thompson, Technical Support Manager at Retina-X Studios. SmyleSafe allows parents to protect their children from the dangers of sexually explicit, drug-related and/or other inappropriate website topics such as violence or hate.

SmyleSafe is priced at $ 9.99 for an annual subscription. A 15 days free trial is also available for major platforms including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows, Mac OS X and Windows Phone. For more information or to download, visit http://www.smylesafe.com.

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