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Children in Danger: The Terrifying X Factor in Family Law as Identified by Custody Calculations, a New Internet Web Site Company

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) June 2, 2006

A law enforcement officer for twenty-three years, Catherine MacWillie, Chief Executive Officer, of Custody Calculations, dealt daily with the issues pertaining to divorce and the family law court system. One of the more frightening results of the family law courts she came to witness was the ability of violent felons and convicted registered sexual offenders to receive unmonitored visitation, even obtain full custody of their children. Catherine identified the source of this loophole along with other revisions that should be made to the divorce process during the development of her company, Custody Calculations.

Catherine stated that it is her hope that the courts will implement the patented technology used in her new automated internet web site service to help the court recognize and rectify dangerous custody decisions that allow sexual predators to obtain custody of their children or have unmonitored visitation and other issues. She believes many of the changes that are needed in family law are simple and could occur now, today, without any change in the law. In some cases the reorganization of the court orders would be all that is needed. These small changes would have the added benefit of allowing families to recover faster from the divorce process than is now possible under the present system.

Ultimately these changes would also reduce the trauma, drama and devastation of divorce, minimize the number of valid court orders even provide for the use of such words as privacy and dignity in the divorce process. More immediate and pressing, these changes would act to protect and secure the safety of children.

Other changes would allow divorcing parties to control, for the first time who has what information and when during and after divorce just by reorganizing the court orders. By using the services developed by Custody Calculations, these changes and even more are now possible!

After spending many years on the front lines dealing with families, Catherine saw that the needs of families going through the divorce process were not being met. She sought answers. Research and development took ten years and included interviews both inside and outside the divorce process, business executives, judicial officers, and finance companies. She also reviewed issues related to workman’s compensation and interviewed hospital emergency room staff, evaluators, mediators, school administrators, families and children, police officers, detectives, including specialized and non specialized police units. During development, data and research was further pursued using books, tapes, video recordings and other periodicals and documents from the fields of psychology, parenting, social services, and even included statistics on bankruptcy and other related issues.

In the process of research, Custody Calculations, obtained a broader view of the true impact of family law on our entire social system. The company identified issues like the fact that twenty five percent of all crime in this country may be related to family law, including, homicides, suicides, abduction, kidnap, child abuse, domestic abuse, violation of court orders. Most of this has gone unnoticed by the general public and those within the family law court system.

So what is the loophole and how does it work? The current process of filing for divorce requires no submission of a criminal history. Why is this an issue? Many women have no knowledge of the background and/or criminal history of the men they marry or have children with something that became clear during interviews with specialized police units who deal with registered sexual offenders, rapists and pedophiles.

According to the detectives and officers interviewed these predators seek out – women with young children whom they can abuse, or they have children with women with the specific intent to rape and abuse these infants and children- even their own biological children! The woman with whom they live or those they marry do not have this information, therefore they are unable to provide it to the court during the divorce and custody process. Family law court needs this information as part of making an informed decision for the safety and welfare of the children.

While a majority of the time it is women who are victims of sexual predators, men would benefit from the submission of criminal history by the other party. Men marry women who have criminal backgrounds of which they are unaware of as well. While women are more often guilty of prostitution, drug, and alcohol arrests there are a very small number of women who are sexual predators or women who have been arrested for severe neglect or abuse of their children. Again without this information, the court cannot make an informed decision for the protection, safety and welfare of children.

While on the surface, this change would appear to be overwhelming and would require new legislation, it could be done with a minimum of effort and would ensure the safety of children protecting them from abusers which can hardly be argued against.

Criminal records, testimony or lack thereof, would be submitted by the parties at the onset of the divorce process without further costs or burden to the courts and would be notarized. Verification of the name, date of birth etc could be confirmed against the document. The information would become a part of the court record, to be filed and referred to with the rest of the necessary disclosures when determining custody.

To obtain additional information on this issue as well as all of the services of the Custody Calculations web site for attorneys, individuals, evaluators, mediators and others visit their promotion web site at http://www.custodycalculations.com or call them at 702-375-9389. Watch for their highly anticipated launch date of July 31, 2006.


Property Management Software Company Takes on Interior Decorating

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 15, 2008

MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.), a hospitality technology solutions provider with a focus on property management software and solutions, is pleased to be an active partner and participant in the opening of the new Ronald McDonald House at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and if that child is ill, it can often take a community. Ronald McDonald House at Phoenix Children’s Hospital furthers its commitment by providing a safe, loving environment for families that travel and wish to remain close to their child during their treatment. MSI has long been supportive of Ronald McDonald House by providing both property management software solutions and a time commitment.

“We provided MSI’s Enterprise Property Management Software in a true ASP environment to run and operate the original Phoenix Ronald McDonald House, and we have done it again for the new one. Community is one of MSI’s core values, and partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities allowed us to make the volunteers’ [at the house] lives easier through enhanced property management software technology, as well as make guests and patients comfortable in a room we designed and furnished,” said Tim Tiller, MSW, President, MSI.

MSI adopted a room at the new Ronald McDonald House as part of its continuing relationship within the community, and the property management software company’s team, lead by Kim Gollehon, Executive Assistant, took this activity to heart.

“I enjoy working for a company that is proud to participate in its community and truly takes that commitment to heart. It makes me feel good to know that when a family has a child at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, they can at least be comfortable in their surroundings and close by,” stated Gollehon. “This was a labor of love for all of us.”

“I think the biggest reward, for me, was the end result – the completion of the room. It is really easy to write a check to charity; it’s another thing to participate actively. It was great to see the amazing team we have at MSI come together and volunteer, sharing their talents, muscle, and dedication for our community, so sick children and families can have a home away from home that is incredibly rewarding,” stated Donna Martin, Sr. Account Executive.

The new house boasts 18 guest rooms, many of which are decorated and furnished by Phoenix corporations. The original 45-room Ronald McDonald House on Roanoke Avenue, which is still open, had to turn away many families because of overcrowding last year. It is the hope of the staff at the house they never have to turn a family away again.

Ronald McDonald House Executive Director, Nancy Roach commented, “The new House will allow us to meet the community’s demand for our services for many years to come. We are very fortunate to have partners like MSI who have worked so hard to create a loving, comfortable environment for families who have traveled to Phoenix with sick children and need a temporary home away from home.”

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is just one local organization benefiting from the property management software company’s time and talents. MSI’s founder and CEO, Rick Munson, sits on the Board of Directors for the Phoenix Crisis Nursery. Crisis Nursery’s mission is to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by providing protection, support and opportunities to troubled families and their children. Tim Tiller, MSW and President of the property management software company, is privileged to hold a position on the Board of Directors for Central Arizona Shelter Services also known as CASS. CASS’ mission is to empower men, women and children with diverse needs to end their homelessness by providing shelter and supportive services. MSI, as a company, firmly believes in giving back and encourages all team members to participate in something that is larger than they are. In an effort to provide associates outreach opportunities, the property management software company has created an internal Humanities Committee. Whether it’s helping an associate or someone else, we’ve found it incredibly rewarding to participate in a bigger picture. For more details on MSI and its property management software and technology, please visit http://www.msisolutions.com.

About Multi-Systems, Inc.

Serving the hospitality industry since 1990, MSI (Multi-Systems, Inc.) is a leading supplier of hotel technology and property management software solutions. With an installed customer base of nearly 3,000 hotels and resorts throughout North America, MSI is one of the largest privately-held providers of fully-integrated property management, sales, marketing and catering, point of sale, web booking, and centralized corporate services. MSI specializes in “total system solutions” for management companies and hotel chains by providing central reservation and property system integration. For more information on MSI, visit http://www.msisolutions.com.

About Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix

For the past 20 years, Ronald McDonald House of Phoenix has offered a comfortable, welcoming and affordable haven for families who come to this “home-away-from-home.” The families stay for days, weeks, sometimes months at a time, while their children undergo medical treatment at Valley hospitals. They are asked to pay just $ 10 a day to stay at the House, but no family is ever turned away because of its inability to pay. The Phoenix House can accommodate up to 45 families at any one time and serves more than 1,200 families a year. Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix is a non-profit organization supported by individual, corporate and foundation donations. For more information on the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Phoenix visit http://www.rmhcphoenix.com.


John Walsh Partners with CA, Inc. to Help Keep America Safe Online : Victim Advocate and Television Crime Fighter Teams with Global Software Company to Raise Awareness about the Danger of Cyber crime and Online Predators

ISLANDIA, N.Y. (PRWEB) November 24, 2008

“John Walsh is a great match for CA’s Internet security businessboth have a tenacious drive to protect consumers on- and off-line,” said George Kafkarkou, senior vice president and general manager, Internet Security Business Unit for CA. “Together we’ll raise awareness of protecting consumers of all ages against the increasingly sophisticated and organized world of cyber crime.”

“I am honored to team with CA’s Internet Security business, a group whose products and vision reflect a strong commitment to protecting consumers and stopping cyber criminals dead in their tracks,” said John Walsh. “CA’s campaign addresses the most crucial issue our society faces in a Web 2.0 world; protecting our loved ones from the cyber creeps. I look forward to working with CA to promote consumer awareness and keeping predators and fraudsters away from our children and families.”

CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 is currently available at http://shop.ca.com and from CA resellers, including major retail outlets, nationwide.

About John Walsh

John Walsh is internationally recognized as the host of TV’s “America’s Most Wanted;” the groundbreaking television program that has helped take down more than 1,040 dangerous fugitives during the past 21 years. John Walsh has dedicated his life to fighting for justiceincluding his proudest achievementprotecting the nation’s children. John and his wife, Rev

Allstate Insurance Company Holiday Teen Driving Hotspots Study Reveals Areas with Highest Rates of Deadly Teen Crashes from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day : Study part of Home for the Holidays teen safe driving campaign to urge parents and teens to have a conversation about smart driving during the holiday season and sign Allstate’s Parent-Teen Driving Contract

NORTHBROOK, Ill. (PRWEB) December 3, 2008

The Allstate Holiday Teen Driving Hotspots Study found that the 10 deadliest hotspots for fatal teen crashes among the nation’s 50 largest metro areas (a central city and its surrounding counties) from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day are:

New Company In Home Computer Services Offers Affordable Home Computer Consulting in English, Spanish or Portuguese

Boca Raton, FL (Vocus) May 4, 2010

In Home Computer Services http://www.ihcomputerservices.com – is a new South Florida computer consulting company offering in-home services such as computer installation, wireless setup, networking setup, software updates and software upgrades, child protection, basic computer training, installation of new hardware such as a printer, camera or scanner, system upgrades, security including spyware removal, virus removal, SPAM filtering, firewall software and hardware, data backup, data recovery and more to local home computer users.

The Boca Raton computer services company offers expert and affordable on-premise IT services to individual home computer users in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Deerfield Beach, Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Parkland, Lighthouse Point, Hillsboro Beach, Highland Beach, Margate and Pompano Beach. All services are performed by background verified computer consultants who speak English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The benefits of choosing In Home Computer Services for home computer services include:

Wayne Mutual Insurance Company and Identity Theft 911 Team to Combat Identity Theft Around Life Events

Wooster, OH (PRWEB) July 14, 2010

Wayne mutual Insurance Company has partnered with the Scottsdale, Arizona – based Identity Theft 911 to offer policyholders coverage that will reimburse costs required to reclaim their lives in the event of identity theft, especially during major life stages such as military deployment and/or the death of a loved one.

In 2009, more than a quarter of a million Americans filed identity theft complaints with the Federal trade Commission. Ohio ranked 29th nationwide, up from 32nd in 2008, and 66 of every 100,000 state residents reported being victims of the crime, nearly twice the rate reported in 2002.

“Identity theft has become a leading concern for our policyholders, particularly as usage of the internet, credit and debit cards and other technology tools has evolved, ” said Timothy P. Suppes, vice president of operations for Wayne Mutual. “Our partnership with Identity Theft 911 will enable us to offer the peace of mind and world-class service our policyholders require should they become victims of identity theft. Together , we can provide both preventative assistance and identity theft resolution services – two appealing options in today’s computer age.”

The service, known as Identity Theft 911 Life Stages, takes a customized approach toward deterring and resolving identity theft particularly during vulnerable phases of policyholders’ lives. Not only will policyholders be able to recoup costs associated with restoring their good name but will also have on-demand access to their own personal certified fraud specialist to walk them through the process and answer any and all of their questions.

The last thing you need to worry about when faced with the death of a loved one, military deployment, major surgery or the birth of a child is the prospect of you and/or your family’s identities being stolen,” said Matt Cullina, CEO of Identity Theft 911. “Wayne Mutual recognizes the critical need for protecting its customers’ reputations in an era of escalating identity theft. We are pleased to be helping them in this fight.”

As part of the coverage, eligible policyholders have access to the following:

Child Risk Identity Assistance For parents and guardians of minor children, fraud specialists keep watch over minors credit file to ensure against misuse a growing crime that often goes undetected for decades.

Military Identity Assistance For active-duty military personnel, especially when stationed abroad, fraud specialists put pro-active military fraud alerts lasting 12 months on the service members credit file.

Identity Relocation Assistance For policyholders who relocate, fraud specialists help safeguard financial, credit and identity data during moves and ensure uninterrupted access to financial accounts, institutions and any needed documentation.

Proactive Fraud Alerts For policyholders looking to fend off fraudulent creation of new credit accounts, fraud specialists place fraud alerts on files maintained by the three major credit bureaus. Alerts notify potential credit grantors to check with policyholders before extending new credit as well as opt policyholders out of most marketing lists.

Estate Identity Assistance – For surviving spouses, fraud specialists help safeguard the identity of a departed spouse from potential misuse by identity thieves and minimize potential risks to the surviving spouses own identity in the case of joint credit accounts and financial documents.

Disaster Recovery Assistance – For disaster victims, fraud specialists help quickly restore destroyed documentation needed to rebuild their lives as well as ensure uninterrupted access to financial institutions and accounts.

Medical Identity Assistance For victims of medical identity theft, fraud specialists help undo the damage from fraudulently filed insurance claims and/or bogus medical services to the greatest extent possible.

About Wayne Mutual

Wayne Mutual Insurance Company has provided property & casualty insurance to Ohio residents since 1910. Headquartered in Wooster, the company markets its products and services exclusively through a statewide network of more than 100 independent agencies.

About Identity Theft 911

A leader in identity-theft prevention, mitigation and education, serving over 4 million households nationwide, Identity Theft 911 provides enterprise-level fraud solutions for a wide range of organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, financial institutions, colleges and universities, and many of the nations largest insurance companies and corporate benefits providers.

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Travel Management Company Organises Epic Adventure for Charity

(PRWEB) August 2, 2010

CT Business Travel is part of UNIGLOBE, and it is through this association that these organisations have decided to help a very special cause. The charity is Plan and the specific campaign the funds are being raised for is Because I am a Girl.

Plan is one of the largest child-centred community development organisations in the world, helping children and their families in 48 of the poorest countries to break the cycle of poverty.

Plans Because I am a Girl campaign is a global campaign to raise awareness for the plight of girls around the world and the unique role they play in the fight against global poverty. In many countries around the world, girls are denied their rights such as education and healthcare, nourishment and protection simply because they are girls. But it is proven that investing in girls is a key to eliminating global poverty. By educating girls they will go on to improve the lives of those around them. They will help break the cycle of poverty, not just for themselves, but for their families, communities and nations.

The Mount Kilimanjaro charity climb has been created with the aim of raising

Orlando Pool Company Forms Partnership to Help Protect Children

Sanford, FL (PRWEB) March 9, 2011

Child Rescue Network, a nonprofit organization for missing and victimized children, headquartered in Central Florida, is excited to partner with Champagne Pools in 2011. The partnership is intended to help raise much-needed funds to help protect kids and bring home those who are missing.

Champagne Pools President, Michael Manley and his team have committed to assisting Child Rescue Networks mission throughout 2011 by donating $ 50 for every pool sale and every pool renovation they complete this year! I have kids of my own, says Michael, and I see Child Rescue Networks community outreach programs as a way to help lower the number of children being victimized. Champagne Pools is proud to support these efforts.

Champagne Pools has been building award-winning pools in Central Florida for over 33 years. Theyre also a member of Aquatech, an exclusive organization which invites only the highest quality companies that meet the strictest of ethics and guidelines. Champagne Pools is one of only seven members of Aquatech in all of Florida.

Champagne Pools is a company made up of truly caring individuals, who not only strive to provide the best products and service in the business, but they also understand the importance of giving back to the community, notes CRN President Jeff Griesemer. We are delighted that Michael and his team chose to help support CRN. Child Rescue Network doesnt charge parents for any of our programs. We rely on private donations and corporate sponsorships to be able to fund our safety seminars, id programs, and search efforts to locate missing kids. Champagne Pools is stepping up to make a difference!

About Child Rescue Network: Child Rescue Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the number of children victimized and missing in the United States and around the world, to provide parents with the knowledge and tools to help better protect their children, and to help aid in the search efforts to locate and reunite abducted children with their families. For more information contact Jeff Griesemer, CRN President / CEO at 877.209.5437 ext. 89 and please visit http://www.childrescuenetwork.org.

About Champagne Pools: Champagne Pools is a family-run business that has been designing, building, servicing, and renovating pools in Central Florida since 1978. Their showroom in Sanford has over 400 different tile choices, 35 different pavers, 41 different choices for interior finishes and dozens of water features from which customers can choose. Repeatedly recognized as a Top 50 Pool Builder by Pool and Spa News Magazine, Champagne Pools is also an A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. For additional information contact Michael Manley at 407.330.5049, or visit http://www.champagnepoolandspa.com.

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