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Lisa Beth Older, a New York City Divorce Lawyer, Offers Important Information on Divorce in New York City or Upstate New York

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 7, 2006

Life started out so great. It felt as though you were locked inside a great big bubble of happiness. You got married to the love of your life and proceeded to have three children. You are young. You were young. Your husband or wife has been taking care of all the bills. Three or four years go by and things are slowing changing. Your husband or wife is not home as much to help you with your household chores or with caravaning the children to their in sundry appointments and birthday parties. You feel isolated and alone. Suddenly you start to see things unraveling. You become unhappy, you start to feel unworthy. You worry because you have no idea what is happening to your life, a life which was once the envy of your single friends.

You wonder… is this the way things are supposed to turn out? Then the arguing begins, sometimes involving verbal abuse or even physical abuse. Sometimes, you just feel isolated and neglected. You have no one to talk to about your changing life. You have asked, but your spouse refuses to see a marital counselor or counsel from your church or synagogue. You can not turn to family, as they are still reminding you of how wonderful your spouse has been, what a wonderful provider he or she is. And then the day comes when your husband or wife tells you that they no longer love you or that they want a divorce or separation.

In New York State, the NYS divorce attorney hears a version of the above fact scenario day in and day out. The above stated fact scenario is more common than you might think. Yet each individual has their own set of circumstances, their own priorities, their own way of looking at things, and things are just not that simple.

You may turn to friends and family and everyone has a different view point on what to do. Stay? Go?

You turn to a therapist to sort out your feelings and invariably you come to terms with the fact that things are going to have to change. Change is a scary thing to confront. The ugly word starts being bantered about. Divorce. Now what.

The first thing you should do is start finding out how to protect the best interests of yourself and your children. If you or your children are being ill treated or abused there are places you can go and things that you can do immediately to stop the abuse.

Call 911. Call child protective services, there is a department in each and every county in New York State. Go to Family Court and get an Order of Protection. Call your family lawyer. Or seek immediate custody of the subject children. At all costs, protect the children from harms way.

And then start worrying about what you must do to begin preparing for divorce. Call a New York City divorce lawyer. If you are in nyc and seek a top nyc divorce lawyer then search the internet and call a few attorneys and find one you are comfortable with. If you are in a smaller town or county you can call your local Bar Association for a referral. But by all means get help. Do not stay in a situation of domestic violence. The NY Family Court has a wonderful history of providing a respite for those in fear of their lives.

And if you feel you just can not go it alone, do not be afraid to seek out professional help from a New York State lawyer. The more experienced ones will know just what to do to protect your legal rights in an efficient way and make you feel comfortable at the same time. Your secrets are safe with a ny divorce lawyer. If the above sounds familiar do not hesitate to act now. Hire a nyc divorce lawyer now.

If you are safe and out of harm’s way, then seek a New York Divorce Lawyer. If you are in New York City, then here is a partial list of some shelters you can go to until you have a chance to see a reputable New York Divorce lawyer or New York Family Law Lawyer.

NYC Women’s Shelter Intakes

Franklin, 1122 Franklin Avenue, Bronx

Jamaica Armory, 93-03 168th St., Jamaica, Queens

Brooklyn Women’s Shelter, 116 Williams Ave., Brooklyn

Resources Equinox Domestic Violence Services

95 Central Avenue

Albany, NY 12206

(518) 434-6135

Cornerstone Manor

45 Carlton Street

Buffalo, New York 14203

(716) 852-0761

Haven House

P.0. Box 451 Ellicott Station

Buffalo, New York 14205

(716) 884-6000

Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence

250 Fulton Ave. Mezz. West

Hempstead, NY 11550

(516) 572-0700

The Salvation Army of the Syracuse Area

677 South Salina Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

(315) 475-1688

Vera House

P. O. Box 365

Syracuse, NY 14309

(315) 468-3260 – 24-hour Crisis

and Support Line

Women In Need

115 West 31st Street

New York, NY 10001

Yonkers MHA (YWCA)

87 South Broadway

Yonkers, NY 10701

(914) 963-2752

National Domestic Violence Hotline for referrals and support: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or TTY: 1-800-787-3224.

New York 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-942-6906 (English) or 1-800-942-6908 (Spanish).

By: Lisa Beth Older

web page: http://www.lawofficesoflisabetholder.com

Warning: The information contained herein is not intended to substitute for legal advice from your own retained lawyer in new york state. this article is merely informational in nature, and is based upon one attorney’s knowledge of the practice of family law, matrimonial law, domestic violence, custody, child support and orders of protection.

Retain counsel before you do anything to affect your marital status and follow the advice of the lawyer you retain, not what is written herein.


Cyveillance Cyber Security Experts to Present at New York City Cyber Crime Conference

Arlington, VA (PRWEB) October 16, 2007

Cyber Intelligence Director Terry Gudaitis will be discussing the profile of online offenders, specifically the typology of persons who prey on children thru the Internet. Terry will be drawing upon her extensive educational and professional experience with law enforcement and cyber investigation issues to explain the unique attributes of Internet predators. She will highlight specific personality characteristics commonly found among Internet predators and also assist prosecutors in understanding the psychological evidence surrounding Internet predator personality attributes.

Cyveillance’s Chief Cyber Security Counsel Adam Palmer will discuss the prosecution of Internet crimes against children. Adam will be rebutting common defenses and will illustrate how to effectively utilize digital forensics evidence for successful prosecution. He will also use graphics and case anecdotes to explain effective strategies for team prosecution, provide best practices for presenting digital evidence, and outline an effective checklist for prosecutors to successfully prepare for trying Internet crimes.


Dr. Terry Gudaitis is a nationally-recognized authority on cyber security, cyber crime profiling and psychology. She has provided consultation and leadership in cyber crime to public and private industry including SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) and NSEC (Network Security Corp.), federal intelligence agencies and bureaus, and law enforcement, focusing on domestic and international security issues. Dr. Gudaitis has served on the United States Secret Service Advisory Board for Insider Threat and trained investigators at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Adam Palmer provides legal counsel to Cyveillance on issues involving Internet governance, phishing remediation, malware detection, Internet financial fraud and brand protection. Prior to joining Cyveillance, Adam served as the Director of the Office of Legal Counsel for The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Adam has lectured extensively on prosecuting internet crimes against children to all levels of law enforcement. While a Navy JAG, Adam advised and lectured federal law enforcement agents on the investigation of crimes against children.


New Study Reveals Sources of Resilience and Strength for Black Girls in New York City Black Girls Face Hardships and Challenges

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 7, 2009

A new and unique report, Black Girls in New York City: Untold Strength and Resilience, was released by the Black Women for Black Girls Giving Circle (BWBG), a funding initiative of The Twenty-First Century Foundation, and the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR). The report, commissioned by BWBG from IWPR pairs analysis of original data collected through written surveys and focus groups with a review of existing literature to provide an in-depth examination into the lives of Black girls living within the city of New York.

“Through our work with Black girls as service providers, funders and technical assistance providers, it became clear to the founders of BWBG that there may be unique social factors impacting our girls,” said Stephanie Palmer, Executive Director, New York City Mission Society. “So we pooled our personal funds and joined forces with other like-minded women and organizations to conduct a study focusing on Black girls in New York City.”

The report finds that the impact of poverty is especially acute in the lives of Black girls. Approximately three-quarters of the girls in the study live in low-income communities and households.

“Like all Black children, Black girls are at increased risk of living a life of poverty. But poverty plays out in the lives of Black girls in very distinct ways,” remarked report author, Dr. Avis Jones-DeWeever, affiliate scholar of IWPR and Director of the Research, Public Policy and Information Center for African American Women at the National Council of Negro Women.

SRIS Law Group Open Law Offices in New York City, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina & Orange County, California

Fairfax, VA (PRWEB) May 11, 2010

SRIS Law Group opens law offices in New York City, New York, Charlotte, North Carolina & Orange County, California. Attorneys will handle Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Military Law and Traffic Law matters.

The SRIS Law Group represents clients before the State and Federal Courts

The SRIS Law Group, P.C. law firm is a unique legal entity in legal business and customer service with offices in Virginia, North Carolina, New York, Maryland, California & Massachusetts.

The SRIS Law Group attorneys are devoted to the highest standards of legal skill and client service, selected with high standards in mind.

The Law Offices of SRIS, P.C. primarily handle cases in Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration, Military Law and Traffic Law.

The SRIS Law Group criminal defense attorneys assist client with both simple misdemeanor charges as well as complex felony crimes. Simple misdemeanor offenses include charges such as possession of marijuana, assault & battery, indecent exposure, etc. Also, the criminal defense lawyers of the SRIS Law Group defend clients against serious sex crimes such as possession of child pornography, robbery, rape, burglary, etc.

Divorce & other family law issues can be very emotional for clients. The SRIS Law Group family law attorneys guide family law clients through such difficult family law issues as divorce, child visitation, child support, prenuptial agreements, adoptions, property settlement agreements, protective orders and child custody disputes.

Traffic violations can cause a client to lose their privilege to drive. The SRIS Law Group traffic attorneys defend clients against DUI charges, driving on suspended license, speeding tickets, aggressive driving, reckless driving and other traffic violations.

Immigration law is a very complex area of law that needs an immigration lawyer who can guide a client through its maze of laws. The SRIS Law Group immigration attorneys help clients with family visas, temporary visas, writs of mandamus, writs of coram nobis, etc.

The SRIS Law Group military lawyers are proud of the representation they provide the men and women who serve in the military. The SRIS Law Group military law attorneys help military personnel with military law issues such as UCMJ violations larceny, drug violations, fraternization, AWOL, military separation board hearings, etc.

SRIS, P.C. was founded in 1997 and has grown to include offices in fourteen cities spanning six states and abroad.

What is SRIS, P.C.?

The SRIS Law Group, P.C., is a national law firm that primarily handles criminal, traffic & family law cases. The law firm serves clients with legal matters in six states. Each of the SRIS Law Group attorneys focuses primarily on one area of law, which ensures that the clients are provided with top notch, in-depth knowledge and experience dealing with whatever legal problems they may have.

In addition, the SRIS Law Group lawyers are able to practice law without having to worry about bringing in clients the lawyers focus strictly on doing the best they can in every case. The law firms unique structure also allows the firm to regulate how many cases each attorney takes on at a time, so the attorneys never have so much work that they cant provide excellent customer service to every client, every time.

Expect a High Standard of Legal Service from the SRIS Law Group Skilled Attorneys

At the SRIS Law Group, P.C., the attorneys are chosen carefully, with the clients best interest in mind. The lawyers devote themselves to a high level of client service and the clients important legal matters will be handled by the attorney every time never handed off to an assistant or paralegal. As a rule, the attorneys make a sincere effort to respond to all phone calls within 8 hours, maximum.

To set up an initial consultation with one of the attorneys for legal help in any of the above practice areas, contact the SRIS Law Group, P.C. by e-mail or by phone.

The SRIS Law Group attorneys and staff in Virginia, New York, North Carolina, California, Maryland & Massachusetts speak the following languages in addition to English: Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Cantonese, Mandarin & Malaysian.


Century City Criminal Defense Lawyer Barry Sands Successfully Represents Superstar Celebrity Clientele and Launches New Website

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 26, 2010

When Superstar celebrities Steve-O (Jackass 3-D), Tom Sizmore (Natural Born Killers and Saving Private Ryan) and Steven Adler (Guns N Roses) needed a Lawyer, they all have turned in their time of need to Century City Criminal Defense Lawyer Barry Sands to defend them. Barry Sands has been helping clients throughout Los Angeles obtain successful outcomes for their criminal charges for years. Attorney Barry Sands has launched a new interactive website (http://www.bsandslaw.com/) to educate potential clients whose have criminal defense legal needs and have questions they need answered.

Barry Gerald Sands is a leading Los Angeles criminal defense attorney with over 20 years courtroom experience. From defending misdemeanors to felonies, Attorney Sands is prepared to handle all criminal case matters. Mr. Sands has an upstanding reputation and is one of California’s premiere criminal defense attorneys. With two law offices conveniently located in Los Angeles and Century City.

Attorney Sands is easily accessible to clients throughout California.

Los Angeles Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense Lawyer Barry Sands says “People who are charged with a criminal offense face a great deal of emotional turmoil and confusion. The Los Angeles criminal process is not easy to comprehend, and even small mistakes can lead to costly consequences. This is why it is always in the person’s favor to work with a reputable criminal defense attorney. A Los Angeles defense attorney can inform potential clients legal options, protect your rights, and serve as your advocate throughout the case process”.

When Attorney Barry Sands takes a case, he puts forth every effort into helping his client avoid a conviction. Mr. Sands’ primary aim is to prevent his clients from spending a single day in jail. Attorney Sands has handled cases involving drug crimes and sex crimes, such as prostitution. Mr. Sands has also represented clients with domestic violence and fraud crime charges. With Barry Sands representing a case, the case will receive the care and consideration they are entitled to.

Free Criminal Law Consultation

If a case requires Criminal Defense or consultatntion, contact Criminal Defense Lawyer, Inc. today for a FREE case evaluation.

Attorney Barry Sands has served the state of California as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. As a lawyer who understands both sides of the law, Mr. Sands can discuss give consultatation on case and provide invaluable insight. Due to his prior experience as a prosecutor, Attorney Sands knows the tactics and processes law enforcement will use when trying to obtain a conviction. Because of his past legal experience, Attorney Sands knows how to counter prosecutor tactics and will fully prepare his clients before they enter the court room.

Contact Los Angeles Attorney Barry Sands

Most people do not realize the full impact a criminal conviction can have on their lives. A conviction can lead to traumatic, life altering legal consequences. One of the best things to do is once a potential client has been charged with a criminal offense is to retain the services of a qualified lawyer.

Criminal Attorney Barry Sands has handled cases involving:


Assault and Battery

Assault with Deadly Weapon

Bench Warrants

Drunk in Public


Car Jacking

Child Abuse

Clearing Criminal Records

Criminal Threats

Domestic Violence

Drug Possession

DUI/Drunk Driving




Guns & Weapons

Grand Theft

Hit & Run

Juvenile Offenses


Lewd Conduct

Narcotics Sales

Probation & Parole Violations




Sex Offenses



Suspended License

Terrorist Threats

Theft Charges

Traffic Violations


The Law Offices of Barry G. Sands has created some additional websites to provide more information to those who have been charged with a crime in Los Angeles.

For more information, please visit http://www.bsandslaw.com.

If involved criminal offense in Los Angeles and need a consultation, please call Criminal Defense Lawyer, Inc. for a free consultation at 1-800-750-8798

Public Relations and Media requests:


MP Public Relations

Mark Politi



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Jacksonville, Florida Mayor Alvin Brown and City Council Join In Proclaiming February As Protect The Children Month

Jacksonville, FL (PRWEB) January 25, 2012

Donald J. Dymer, president and chief executive officer of SingleSource Services Corporation, a background screening company based in Jacksonville Beach Florida announced today that a proclamation was issued by Mayor Alvin Brown that stated, The City of Jacksonville joins SingleSource in recognizing the importance about speaking out against sexual abuse and in educating the community about ways to identify sexual offenders and protect children from harm. In addition, The City Council of Jacksonville issued a resolution also honoring the month and expressing support for the Protect the Children Conference.

The Mayoral proclamation noted the goal of the February 3rd, Protect the Children Conference at the University of Florida is to illuminate the issues associated with childhood sexual abuse. It goes on further to say that if we are to stop sexual abuse against children, we must stop the silence by educating the community about the signs of abuse and encouraging victims to speak out about their experiences.

Don Dymer, president and chief executive officer of SingleSource Services Corporation and sponsor of the conference thanked Mayor Brown at the Jacksonville Oceanside Rotary Club breakfast on January 24. Having the Mayors support means a great deal to us. Mayor Brown is a man of conviction and action, and we hope to take that energy and carry it from our conference on February 3rd throughout the entire month as we launch an aggressive educational campaign. The objective of The Protect the Children Conference, sponsored by SingleSource Services Corporation, is to illuminate the issues surrounding the sexual abuse of children and youth outside of the home by those entrusted with their care such as coaches, teachers, clergy, mentors and volunteers.

Mr. Dymer is encouraging all those who are involved with the care, education and mentoring of children and youth to attend this important conference. Headlining the conference will be Dr. Gene Abel, Director of Research at Abel Screening in Atlanta. Dr. Abel has won numerous honors and awards for his work and research projects that have uncovered new information to help prevent child sexual abuse. The conference agenda includes other noted professionals from the nations leading organizations who will provide invaluable insight on what people can do to identify and prevent child sexual abusers from becoming the volunteers or employees who will have youth entrusted to their care.

Every day thousands of children will be sexually abused by people they trust, notes Dymer. The children cannot stop this epidemic but adults can.

To find out more about the conference, please contact Donald J. Dymer at SingleSource Services Corporation at the telephone listed number below. To read the complete brochure and register for the event please visit: http://www.singlesourceservices.com/protectthechildren or call 1.800.713.3412.


New York City Attorney Lisa Beth Older will Offer Two Free Divorce Seminars on New York Divorce Law

(PRWEB) April 12, 2005

A prominent New York City Divorce Attorney, Lisa Beth Older, will offer two Free New York Divorce Seminars and will provide legal services on one (1) pro bono case as described herein.

Be Prepared! Learn how to manage your divorce! Lisa Beth Older, Esq., a prominent New York divorce Attorney, will offer two (2) free divorce seminars on New York Divorce featuring a program of information and providing resources designed to help those experiencing problems in the areas of New York Family law or New York divorce law. A Scholarship program is in the works. For now, one (1) person per seminar will be eligible for free legal representation in a divorce case that is “pro bono” representation.

There are plans in the making to enlarge the pro bono program for year 2006. The person who will receive the pro bono representation will be chosen based upon need, merit and upon the sole discretion of the attorney who accepts your case, and must have been an actual participant of one of the free seminars.

The first seminar will be held in Battery Park City, New York on a first come/ first serve basis. In order to gage public in attending this anticipated event on divorce law to be offered by New York City lawyer Lisa Beth Older you must call before May 1, 2005, so call ahead to arrange for seating at 212-786-0901, or 845-246-0400. For further updates try going to the web page http://www.nycdivorcelawyer.net or write in to Soul Mate Studio c/o P.O. Box 697 Woodstock New York 12498. Limited seating available on a first come, first serve basis.

The main speaker at the program will be New York Divorce lawyer Lisa Beth Older, who is an educated, articulate and inspirational speaker for all people that have been challenged by life’s personal misfortunes. Her experience in life has made Lisa Beth Older, a New York City Divorce Lawyer, more sympathetic than others might be toward spouses and children undergoing the prospect of divorce. New York Attorney Lisa Beth Older is herself a product of multiple divorces. Her mother having died at age 6, and her father thereafter marrying four (4) more times, she is particularly knowledgeable and empathetic about the strife that parents and children must go through in the divorce process. Forced to leave home at an early age, the fact that she put herself through high school, college and law school is testimony to her levels of drive and courage and is an inspiration for all spouses facing the prospect of divorce or the break up of a marriage. Her seminar will provide valuable information and resources on practical ways in which to best protect the inherent right of your children to be protected from the vicissitudes of divorce. As a child, Lisa Beth Older was a product of broken marriages. As an adult, Lisa Beth Older, Esq. turned her stumbling blocks into stepping-stones in her ever-growing career as a New York State Divorce attorney.

Lisa Beth older has also co-authored the published Video and DVD on New York Divorce entitled “Divorce Tactics.

New York City divorce Attorney Lisa Beth Older sees the separating or divorce process as a potential opportunity rather than as desperate solution and incorporates that philosophy in her inspiring seminars: Lisa Beth Older says, “I see divorce as a way to improve your life. Faced with new challenges, living on your own also provides new opportunities. For one, you are providing your self with a fresh start, a second chance, so to speak, to meet a life partner that will treat you more kindly or is more compatible with your life style or needs. Secondly, and more importantly, if you have children, your children will not have to be subjected to the unanticipated and later regretful arguments of their parents, both of whom they love dearly and see as a reflection of themselves.”

This summer the two seminars will be offered upon a showing of public interest. The seminars may be taped, filmed and subject to Broadcast. All participants must be willing to sign releases upon their approval of the broadcast content or cannot attend. All speakers will be in good standing with the New York State Bar or in their area of medical or therapeutic area of practice. A Pro bono award for legal services will be awarded to only one (1) person who must be an actual participant of one of the free seminars, and the award for pro bono services will be based upon need and merit, at the sole discretion of the program director, and based upon actual attendance at the seminar. Some highlights of the seminar will touch on the following themes:

Although the New York legislature is trying to change that you still must plead fault, or else have a separation agreement serve as grounds. While grounds are essential for getting divorced in New York State, most parties can stipulate to grounds. The seminar will discuss what you as an individual should really focuses on, three main subjects, known by the authors’ acronym: C-P-S

“C” stands for Custody of the subject children

“P” stands for Property Distribution between the parties, who get what, called “equitable distribution”

“S” stands for Child support and or spousal support

Pearls of Wisdom:

If you do not have grounds, or if you can not stipulate or consent to grounds with your spouse then you can still settle the three areas of concern in a separation agreement with respect to Support Custody and Property Distribution.

Learn to make your divorce decisions like you would make any of your other business decisions, taking into account the needs and best interests of your children and how best to preserve the marital estate. A New York State Divorce Lawyer is essential to help you put what you need into your separation agreement so that it protects your legal rights, but only you can provide the solution to your family problems, the answers that will actually work for you. Your input is essential, but try not to immerse yourself in, or try to understand the “how to” of the process, let your New York Divorce Attorney or New York City Divorce Lawyer figure out the legalities.

As far as general information goes, the seminar hopes to demystify the divorce process. A wise old Judge once summarized divorce law like this: Do not make it more complicated than it has to be. Make your divorce decisions like you would make any of your other business decisions, taking into account the needs and best interests of your children and how best to preserve the marital estate.

Your New York Divorce Attorney can help you protect your legal rights but only you can provide the answers to your family problems. Let your New York Divorce Attorney or New York City Divorce Lawyer figure out the legalities. Do not immerse yourself unduly in, or try to understand fully the “how to” of the divorce process, let your trained and skilled New York Divorce Lawyer do that for you. However the seminar hopes to provide practical tips on how to manage your divorce, and helps you focus your attention back to the important things, that is custody, support and property distribution. Be savvy and creative, but be realistic and fair about what you can achieve. At the seminar you will learn that if you have children your spouse will be in your life no matter what on no matter how limited a basis. You will learn that it is important that the spouses remain civil to one another. It might even be economically advantageous. It will certainly be a blessing for the well being of your children who will likely be most impacted by your decision making process. You will also learn how your New York City divorce lawyer or any divorce attorney of your choice should inform you about what you want with respect to custody, support and property distribution. Be savvy and creative, but be realistic about what you can achieve.

Janeric Ohrn will be the contact person for the New York Divorce Seminar at 212-786-0901 or 845-246-0400 with any brief questions. With the written permission of the participants he may also tape the event for broadcasting. You may learn more about this exciting event and other similar pro bono services that may be offered by going directly to nycdivorcelawyer.net. Use the “contact US” button.

Disclaimer: All of the above Article and information contained therein is for general public information purposes only and it is

Not intended to be Legal Advice of any kind. The New York divorce seminar program is not formally associated with the Law Offices of Lisa Beth Older, per se, but is a separate entity, designed to provide seminars through Soul Mate Studio productions.

# # #

SEAT Toledo stars in Marie Curie Cancer Care Carols in the City

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire (PRWEB UK) 11 January 2013

The new SEAT Toledo proved its worth as a high class, high practicality people mover when it was used to transport celebrities and VIPs to the Marie Curie Carols in the City concert this month.

The event, held in London’s stunning and historic Southwark Cathedral, was held to raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care – and it succeeded, raising