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CareCore National Adopts ‘Image Gently’ Radiology Standards to Reduce Harmful Childhood Radiation Exposure

Bluffton, SC (PRWEB) October 23, 2008

CareCore National, a leading benefit management company for diagnostic imaging services, announced today its endorsement of the Image Gently initiative, a national campaign led by pediatric radiology experts to minimize children’s unnecessary exposure to harmful radiation. Image Gently, created by the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, a group of more than 30 medical professional societies, underscores the need for the medical community to pay special attention when ordering radiological imaging services such as CT scans for children, due to the heightened risks of cancer and other health problems associated with over-radiation. CareCore National has pledged to assist the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging by ensuring that all radiologists that participate in CareCore National-managed programs understand and use the new professional guidelines for imaging in children. CareCore National also encourages all participating radiologists to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR), a process that helps to ensure that the highest standards of quality and safety are used.

Dr. Marilyn Goske, Chairwoman of the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, applauded CareCore National’s effort. “By supporting the Image Gently campaign and implementing lower dose pediatric protocols and encouraging ACR accreditation for all their CT facilities, CareCore National is promoting radiation protection for children,” said Dr. Goske.

The Image Gently campaign and CareCore National’s efforts to promote safe pediatric imaging are a response to increasing concern in the medical community and in scientific literature that the proliferation of imaging technology has, at times, created inappropriate overuse of radiation-based services like CT scans. Approximately 65 million CT scans will be performed in 2008; of these, seven million will be performed on children, and the number is increasing by 10 percent per year. This radiation exposure is a particular cancer concern for children because of their higher sensitivity to radiation and the fact that they have a greater number of remaining years in which to develop a radiation-induced cancer.

Among radiological techniques, CT is the largest contributor to medical radiation dose in the United States. The need for the Image Gently campaign’s guidelines arose out of a recognition that the techniques many physicians use in pediatric imaging may not be tailored to children’s smaller bodies, resulting in radiation exposures that are greater than necessary. CT technology in particular is widely used among all ages of children, with 33 percent of pediatric scans performed on children under 10 years of age.

The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging, which includes leading professional societies such as the Society for Pediatric Radiology, the American College of Radiology and the American Association of Physicists developed Image Gently to educate radiologists, radiology technologists, radiation physicists and the public about the importance of using appropriate imaging techniques for children. By adopting the Image Gently initiative, CareCore National will now require its participating radiologists to take the Image Gently pledge – a promise to abide by the guidelines set forth by the Alliance to ensure that any test using ionizing radiation is performed with the lowest possible radiation exposure.

“CareCore National’s top priority is ensuring the safety, quality and appropriateness of imaging,” said Dr. Shelley Weiner, Chief Medical Officer of CareCore National. “Our medical advisory panel works continually to ensure that the standards we require of our participating physicians reflect the most current medical literature and professional recommendations. By incorporating the Image Gently Program into our quality assurance program, we will make radiologists and referring physicians more aware of the importance of using imaging tests in an appropriate way, especially on children.”

CareCore National’s Image Gently pledge requires that radiologists look for opportunities to lower radiation dosage in pediatric imaging by appropriately adjusting imaging protocols and techniques with the assistance of their medical physicist. CareCore National will provide a guide on radiation exposure for different imaging procedures. By pledging, participating practices acknowledge that every member of the imaging team plays a vital role in caring for the patient and needs to be actively involved in ongoing dialogue and process enhancements that ensure radiation safety for young patients. To ensure compliance, CareCore National will include a review of all the components of the Image Gently Program as part of its site visits.

“Radiologists play a crucial role in today’s healthcare system, offering highly advanced diagnostic tools that have revolutionized the practice of medicine over the past decade and minimizing the need for more invasive medical procedures,” continued Dr. Weiner. “However, with these technological advancements comes a need to ensure that imaging procedures be used appropriately, especially among radiation-sensitive populations like children. Each examination must not only be appropriate for the clinical problem, but also technically designed for the individual child in order to minimize radiation exposure and maximize the information obtained from the test. Raising attention to the issue of radiation exposure in children will also help to focus the radiology community on the need to control radiation exposure from diagnostic x-rays for the entire population.”

About the Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging

The Alliance for Radiation Safety in Pediatric Imaging is a consortium of professional societies who are concerned about radiation exposure children receive when undergoing medical imaging procedures. Currently, 33 medical societies from the United States and around the world representing more than 500,000 medical professionals in the fields of radiology, pediatrics, medical physics and radiation safety are involved. Please visit the Image Gently Web site http://www.imagegently.org for more information.

About CareCore National, LLC

CareCore National is a specialty benefit management company that delivers quality and utilization management solutions for radiology, cardiology and oncology services. Our innovative and quality-driven approach has made us one of the country’s fastest-growing specialty benefit management companies.

Founded in 1994, CareCore National has taken its industry-leading expertise in managing both quality and utilization of outpatient diagnostic studies and added first-in-marketplace management of cardiac imaging, implantable devices, radiation therapy and high cost injectible drugs primarily related to cancer care. Through our robust product offerings, CareCore National works with health plan clients to improve utilization and enhance quality. Our expert staff of medical directors and nurses administers the dynamic clinical protocols and innovative approaches needed to deliver first-class specialty benefits management. CareCore National is URAC accredited in Health Utilization Management and certified by NCQA in Utilization Management. For more information, visit http://www.carecorenational.com.

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Mommy, Who Stole My Identity? Follow 5 Tips to Avoid Childhood Identity Theft during National Protect Your Identity Week (October 17-24, 2009)

New York, NY (Vocus) October 21, 2009 –

It is a debilitating crime. Identity theft violates its victims, strips them of their ability to purchase homes and cars, and leaves them swimming in a never-ending sea of paperwork. When five percent of identity theft happens to minors under the age of 18, according to the Federal Trade Commission, thieves are beginning to realize that children are an easy, and profitable, target.

Young people dont even realize their identity has been stolen until they apply for their drivers permit, apply for a college loan, or open their first checking account, warns The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier, author of Identity Theft – Prevention for the College Student. The crime can go undetected for up to 15 years! By the time parents realize their children have been violated, the thieves are long gone.

Childhood identity theft can ruin its victims’ names, preventing them from buying cars and homes, leaving them with thousands of dollars in collections, and with credit accounts and addresses where they have never lived, years after the crime has been detected. Among his 7 Most Important Things You Need to Know to Prevent Identity Theft, these are particularly important to parents of minors:


Tell your child to immediately remove all P2P (peer to peer) programs for downloading free music and games from their computers (Lime Wire, Bear Share, Soul Seek etc.). Place them onto a thumb drive, disc, memory stick. Criminals anywhere in the world have total access to every single item on their computer when they are on the internet.


On every social networking site, have your child remove all personal information including addresses, birthdays, telephone numbers etc. Tell them never to link to someone they do not already know. When they click on a link malware is downloaded onto their computer.


Check your child’s free credit report regularly. It is estimated that there is at least one child in every classroom in the United States that has already had their identities stolen.


Watch for shoulder surfing. Your children must be aware of everyone around them, anytime they are on their laptops. At school, in the park, waiting for transportation, any public place. People are looking over their shoulder and using mobile phone cameras to take pictures of personal information.


Tell your child to be very careful on “chats.” Never give out personal information of any kind. Foreign computer hackers have developed what is called “Russian Robots” which are automated computer programs that can chat with 10 people at a time with the sole purpose of acquiring as much information as possible to steal their identity. Victims are unable to detect they are giving vital information to only a computer.

When it comes to keeping kids safe, Bob Baier of Warwick, New York, covers all of the bases: Dating Abuse, Date Rape and Sexual Assault, Safer Sex, Domestic Violence, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, and of course, Identity Theft. In his full time profession as a forensic document examiner, Baier was seeing more signatures being forged and more identities stolen, which prompted him to write Identity Theft – Prevention for the College Student. Also known as The Campus Safety Expert, Baier is a court qualified Forensic Handwriting Investigator who has rendered an opinion in 23 states and 2 countries, and he has testified as an expert witness in 8 states. A Guinness World Record breaking canoeist, this pilot, parachutist, and balloonist has also driven a race car at 160 miles per hour. A bit of a daredevil in his everyday life, Baier recommends prudence when it comes to protecting ones identity. He teaches forensic document examination at the International School of Forensic Document Examination and was named the 2008 Forensic Document Examiner of the year by Handwriting Services International.

For more information about The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier, log onto http://ExpertDocumentExaminerWeb.com or call 1.888.460.3828.OR


For more information about The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier, including a free listing of The FBI’s Top 10 Latest Scams and the free 30 Day Program to Help Prevent Identity Theft, click on Identity Theft at http://www.BobBaierInfo.com or call 1.888.460.3827.


Health Plan Builds Playgrounds to Help Children Stay Active and Combat Childhood Obesity

Philadelphia, PA (Vocus) July 12, 2010

Keystone Mercy Health Plan, the largest Medicaid managed health care organization in Pennsylvania, is increasing opportunities for children in underserved areas to have safe, play spaces through its Safe Playground program. The programs goal is to encourage children to participate in healthy, physical activity by creating safe play areas, while minimizing the number of preventable injuries suffered by children as a result of out-dated equipment. The program was initiated because of a growing concern about increased obesity issues among the Plans school-aged members.

In 2007, Keystone Mercy started the Safe Playground program with its first build at Luis Munoz-Marin Elementary School, in North Philadelphia. Since then, playground sites have been selected, by the company, for schools that do not have safe play spaces and playground equipment for its students, many of which come from families that are at or below the poverty line. To date, with the help of over 300 employees, the company has erected eight playgrounds benefitting more than 3,200 children in Philadelphia-area schools.

At each build, more than 50 Keystone Mercy employees, parents, school officials, sponsors and community leaders assist in constructing the prefabricated playground. Most of the playgrounds, which are constructed in one day, are erected on previously vacant lots or have replaced unsafe or outdated playground equipment. Each brightly colored, multi-layered playground is more than 1,300 square feet and includes slides, tunnels, ladders and shaped landings, all surrounded by protective safety tiles.

In a 2005 survey of nationally recognized pediatricians, conducted by Harris Interactive, 96 percent of the respondents said they believed that activity on playgrounds benefits the mental and social development of children; 89 percent said that play keeps children from becoming overweight and 82 percent agreed that play develops a childs problem-solving skills, which may lead to increases in academic performance.

Childhood obesity is becoming more prevalent in our community and many families are facing this serious health issue, said Jay Feldstein, DO, Interim Northeast Regional President and corporate chief medical officer, AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies, which includes Keystone Mercy Health Plan. He continued, We know that the lack of physical activity is a contributing factor and the Safe Playground program supports our mission of building a healthier community by contributing to a childs development of healthy behavior patterns through play.

The most recent Safe Playground build took place at Woodland Academy Child Development Center, which offers daycare and youth services for children six-weeks to 14-years-old. The renovation at our Woodland Academy Child Development Center demonstrates Keystone Mercy Health Plans commitment to the community,” said Ron Heigler, chief executive officer and executive director, Greater Philadelphia Health Action, Inc., which operates Woodland Academy. Given the rate of childhood obesity, he continued, a modern, safe and accessible playground provides the opportunity for additional exercise that will add to our childrens overall health.

Anne Morrissey, AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies executive vice president and chief operating officer, is the catalyst for the Safe Playground program, and through her leadership, the program has become a reality.

Keystone Mercy is committed to providing a wide range of programs that address the needs of our communities, Morrissey said. Our community partners, such as the Fund for Children at the Philadelphia Foundation and Wachovia Bank, are dedicated to making a positive difference in the Philadelphia area. Together, we have proved our commitment by providing resources to programs, like Safe Playground, that will have a lasting impact for the children and their neighborhoods.

About Keystone Mercy Health Plan

Keystone Mercy Health Plan, a member of the AmeriHealth Mercy Family of Companies, is a Medical Assistance (Medicaid) managed care health plan serving more than 300,000 Medical Assistance recipients in southeastern Pennsylvania. Headquartered in Philadelphia, Keystone Mercy Health Plan is a mission-driven company dedicated to helping members get care, stay well, and build healthy communities. For more information, visit http://www.keystonemercy.com.


Dr. Marie-Ange D. Tardieu and the Body Image Institute of New York (BIINY) Celebrate National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month (NCOAM)

Larchmont, NY (PRWEB) September 13, 2010

Today, the Body Image Institute of New York (BIINY) announced its support for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Throughout the month of September, The Body Image Institute will hold seminars and workshops to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic in an effort to help improve the health of American children.

Childhood obesity has been a growing problem over the past four decades. Currently one out of every three (31.8%) children living on American soil, ages 2 to 19, is overweight or obese; a statistic that health and medical experts consider an epidemic.

Being overweight or obese is unhealthy at any age. Obese children are at risk for a number of emotional, physical, life-threatening, and psychological problems. They are often teased by their peers, and harassed or discriminated against by their own family and friends. These children may grow into individuals with low self esteem, which predisposes them to depression.

The life-threatening consequences of this epidemic create a compelling and critical call for action. Obesity is estimated to cause 112,000 deaths per year in the United States, and one third of all children born in the year 2000 are expected to develop diabetes during their lifetime. Experts predict that the current generation may be on track to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

Childhood obesity as a condition also places those affected at greater risk of developing heart disease and cancer. It can also lead to other conditions such as osteo-arthritis, sleep disorders, high cholesterol and other disorders that may include liver disease, early puberty or menarche, eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, skin infections, asthma and other respiratory problems. Studies have shown that overweight children are more likely to become overweight adults. Obesity during adolescence has been found to increase mortality rates during adulthood.

While obesity afflicts children across the US, certain groups have been disproportionately affected. For instance the Bronx is ground zero for childhood obesity in America. Almost half (47%) of Head Start participants in the South Bronx are either obese (31%) or overweight (16%). Nearly 4 in 10 (39%) kindergartners and 5th graders attending public schools there are either obese (24%) or overweight (15%). A similar proportion (38%) of high school students reports heights and weights that indicate obesity or overweight; 17% are obese, and 21% are overweight. Among adult residents, 2 in 3 (66%) report heights and weights indicating they are obese or overweight.

It is undisputed that the Bronx, as a city, has the largest number of obese infants in the US. Obesity rates are also highest among non-Hispanic black girls and Hispanic boys. Obesity is particularly common among American Indian/Native Alaskan children. In addition, obesity can be influenced by a number of environmental and behavioral factors, including unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle at home and at school.

According to Marie-Ange D. Tardieu, M.D., medical director of the Body Image Institute of New York and author of The Elements of Size: Issues in Body Image, Obesity, Overweight, Eating and the Mediterranean Diet, prevention of obesity must begin early and continue throughout life with particular attention directed to three critical periods in a childs development: before birth, between the ages of 4 and 7, and during puberty.

Dr. Nereida Correa, who has served as a member of the National Advisory Council for Maternal, Infant and Fetal Nutrition, is on the Advisory Council of Women’s Health of the Health and Human Services (HHS) Administration in Washington DC, and is the president and CEO of Eastchester Medical Associates concurs: advice about diet and exercise should be dispensed throughout childhood obesity prevention should start when the child is in its mothers womb before delivery, breast feeding should be encouraged because it helps prevent obesity in infancy and offers a protective factor against obesity in later childhood. (A 60 percent increase in obesity has been observed in children who were not breastfed.)

Stephanie C. Tardieu, who reviewed the effects of consuming sweets in early life noted: 70 percent American infants receive sweets by the age of 15 months, and by the age of 2, 43 percent of American toddlers are given soft drinks daily. (One can of a non-diet soft drink contain 150 calories, the equivalent of 10 spoons of sugar.) Miss Tardieu further remarked: As responsible adults, we can all join forces and take steps to turn the epidemic of childhood obesity around, and guide our communities to healthy eating and lifestyle habits.


THE BODY IMAGE INSTITUTE OF NEW YORK is a Body Image Clinic and consulting firm serving communities throughout the New York tri-state area. Dr. Marie-Ange D. Tardieu, a plastic surgeon, body image and obesity expert, is the institutes medical director. For the past 10 years, through seminars and workshops in schools, colleges, outpatient clinics and hospitals, the institute has worked in collaboration with corporations, schools, universities and hospitals in an effort to raise awareness about the obesity crisis and curtail the trend of overweight and obesity in schools and the workplace.

To call attention to the nation’s obesity epidemic, earlier this year, Congress designated September 2010 as the first National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Childhood Obesity Awareness Month kicked off on September 1st, and will be celebrated throughout September 2010. The theme for the National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month is “Let us all take steps to promote healthy eating and living to solve the problem of CHILDHOOD OBESITY within a generation.” The month of September from now on will be a month where families across America are urged to take their children to visit their doctor and to focus on helping those children to establish lifelong healthy habits by eating balanced meals and snacks and participating regularly in physical activity.

To honor the month in New York, The Body Image Institute of New York will conduct Workshops on Body Image, Proper Nutrition and Physical Activity at the institute locations (Eastchester Medical Associates) in the Bronx, and Westchester. Everyone attending these workshops will be provided a copy of The Elements of Size, Dr. Tardieus new book that outlines protocols for healthy eating and living. To register or learn about these or future workshops and seminars, please call Eastchester Medical Associates (EMA) 718-708-5650 (Bronx), or via E-mail mimi_tardieu@yahoo.com

For information about National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in other states, please visit LetsMove.gov

About the Elements of Size: Issues in Body Image, Obesity, Overweight, Eating, and the Mediterranean Diet

The Elements of Size is a book that analyzes all the elements contributing to the obesity epidemic. The book shows why most weight loss protocols fail and guide you to the road of prevention and cure.

The Body Image Institute of New York

P.O. Box 2030

Larchmont, NY 10538



NutriTalk, Inc. To Present At The California Childhood Obesity Conference

Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) February 08, 2011

A Senior Executive of NutriTalk, Inc.’s Consumer Health – Disease State Management Group presented today at the 2007 California Childhood Obesity Conference entitled: “Protecting The Future Of Our Children”. The four-day event, held in Anaheim, California, is the largest gathering of professionals on the topic of pediatric overweight in the State of California, attracting over 1,400 public health officials, government policy makers, business and civic leaders, educators, and top health care industry leaders.

Childhood obesity continues to increase in the United States and is the result of a multitude of social, behavioral, and community factors. The establishment of healthy, positive eating habits and behaviors, and their respective reinforcement, cannot begin at too early an age, and may be developed and reinforced by focusing on developmental objectives established via on-site, nutrition education programs conducted in a pre-school age setting.

Lisa A. Mosing, M.S., R.D., F.A.D.A., President and CEO of NutriTalk, Inc., presented the company’s results in a poster session entitled: “Design and Implementation of a Child Care Nutrition Activity Program In A Faith-based, Pre-School Setting”. The results presented were part of NutriTalk’s Consumer Health -Disease State Management Group’s Healthy Bodies and Souls three-part modular program, designed to be taught in a child care setting. Its unique curriculum and interactive components were developed by registered dietitians in conjunction with a panel of retired elementary and presently-active, pre-school educators; and was designed to focus on specific nutrition activities that heighten the awareness, development and subsequent reinforcement of sensory pattern recognition of fruits and vegetables and their respective colorimetric distinctiveness, specifically stressing their visual, tactile, and olfactory characteristics.

“A possible solution to the growing problem of obesity is awareness and environmental changes,” stated Ms. Mosing. “In our experience, there are various ways to encourage a health-promoting environment at home, as well as in school and the community.” “We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with all stakeholders, including federal, state, and local government, as well as academia and industry, in order to find effective solutions for reducing childhood obesity.”

NutriTalk, Inc. provides corporate communications services such as legislative advocacy & testifying and media relations, as well as strategic planning and customized disease-state management research programs to its corporate clients in the food and beverage, as well as health care industries, including their respective trade groups. In the public sector, the Company helps develop comprehensive, long-term strategies and constructive public policies for improving the health and wellness of all Americans. The Company is structured around establishing itself as an accredited Woman-Owned Business (“WOB”). Beyond its private client work, the Company differentiates itself by seeking to win bids and contracts that are exclusively designated by Fortune 1000 companies and governmental agencies as “woman-owned set-asides,” specifically those targeted at women-owned and operated enterprises.

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Early Childhood Assessment From Pearson Accurately Predicts Academic Success, Illuminates Path to Early Intervention

Bloomington, Minn. (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

A wealth of research supports that early childhood intervention is key to future academic and social success. Now preschool and kindergarten teachers and early childhood specialists can quickly screen large groups of young children with more ease and accuracy than ever before with the DIAL-4 (Developmental Indicators for the Assessment of Learning) from Pearson.

DIAL-4 features new norms to improve testing accuracy. Todays children know a lot more than they did just 10 years ago, and DIAL-4s new standards better predict academic success and protect against underreporting as a result of administering items that are too easy. The assessments new teacher questionnaire provides another source of information to help see the whole child from a developmental perspective. New test items such as Rapid Object Naming are based on the most recent child development research to make DIAL-4 even more accurate in predicting academic success.

The DIAL-4 has been successfully piloted by clinicians and in schools around the country. Dr. Tracy Larson, a clinical psychologist in Newark, N.J., said, The DIAL-4 is a significant upgrade from the DIAL-3 in many ways and is my No. 1 choice for a preschool screening instrument. The manipulatives are very child-friendly, and the tasks are appealing to most young children. Tasks measuring motor, language and cognitive skills are easy to administer and score individually, as well as with a team of professionals. Of interest to the busy clinician, the record form is clearer and easier to use than previous versions.

Debi Lale, the Parents as Teachers director for Hollister R-V School District in Missouri, also was impressed with the enhancements made in the update of the widely used early childhood assessment. She said, After using the DIAL-3 for years, our program was so pleased that the DIAL-4 was being introduced, and we were not disappointed. Though still very similar to the DIAL-3, the types of tasks provide more information regarding a childs developmental stage. We are looking forward to using the DIAL-4 for our kindergarten screenings this year.

DIAL-4s enhanced instructions and simplified record forms make the assessment easier to implement and increase scoring and reporting accuracy. In addition, the DIAL-4 Online Scoring System allows educators to enter raw scores, enhances security and allows data to be gathered in a hierarchical basis from all sites using DIAL-4, all the way to the state level.

When early childhood specialists quickly and easily identify young learners who may be in need of intervention or further diagnostic assessment, they are able to map out a learning path that can put them on the road to success in school and in life, said Carol Watson, president, Pearsons Clinical Assessment business. We developed this new version of DIAL based on the most current research in early childhood assessment, while making it simple to administer to large groups of children, with confidence that the results will be highly accurate.

Available in both English and Spanish, DIAL-4 provides scores for all five early childhood areas: motor, language, concepts, self-help development and social-emotional development. For more information, call 800-627-7271, email ClinicalCustomerSupport@Pearson.com or visit http://www.pearsonassessments.com.

About Pearson

Pearson (NYSE:PSO), the global leader in education services, education technology and school solutions, provides innovative print and digital education materials for preK through college, student information systems and learning management systems, teacher professional development, career certification programs, and testing and assessment products that set the standard for the industry. Pearsons other primary businesses include the Financial Times Group and the Penguin Group. For more information, go to http://www.pearsonassessments.com.

For more information:

Adam Gaber, Pearson

800-745-8489 / adam.gaber@pearson.com / @apgaber (twitter)

Actor Amanda Peet Launches New Video Message for Mothers Day in Times Square Celebrating the Milestones of Childhood

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 11, 2012

As people across the country prepare to celebrate Mothers Day this weekend, the United Nations Foundations Shot@Life campaign debuted a new public service announcement on the Toshiba Vision screen in Times Square today to raise awareness about the value of vaccines to protect children in developing countries from preventable diseases. Top influential online moms decided to mark Mothers Day with this important message.

Mother and actor Amanda Peet, along with Dr. Jacob Kumaresen, Executive Director of the World Health Organization office at the UN; unveiled the PSA with a signature 10, 9, 8 Times Square countdown during a launch event at the Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel.

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a vaccine-preventable disease, but those deaths can be prevented with access to vaccines that cost just a few dollars. We hope this PSA inspires the millions of people who travel through Times Square to take action and join the campaign, said Devi Thomas, Director of Shot@Life. We are thankful to Toshiba for providing its world-famous Toshiba Vision screen to help amplify the discussion about vaccines and the role we all play in helping to create a safer and healthier world.

As a mother and an Every Child by Two Vaccine Ambassador to the Shot@Life campaign, Amanda Peet has been a passionate advocate of vaccines for children for years. Its proven- vaccines are life-saving. I cant imagine my daughters not reaching major milestones because of a preventable disease like pneumonia, diarrhea, measles or polio. No mother should have to imagine that, said Peet. We know vaccines work and for only $ 20, we can help protect a child from these four diseases. All children should have the opportunity to lead healthy lives and experience all of lifes priceless moments.

The Shot@Life campaign, which launched nationally last month, in Atlanta, GA aims to raise awareness and funding in the U.S. to ensure that children in developing countries have access to life-saving vaccines. We have the ability to prevent 1.5 million deaths each year simply by getting vaccines to the children that need them. This Mothers Day, lets give those 1 million mothers the gift of watching their children grow up and lead healthy lives, said Thomas.

The PSA will air in the crossroads of New York City through June 2012. To view the PSA or to learn more about Shot@Life visit ShotAtLife.org.


About Shot@Life

Shot@Life educates, connects and empowers Americans to champion vaccines as one of the most cost-effective ways to save the lives of children in developing countries. A national call to action for this global cause, the campaign rallies the American public, members of Congress, and civil society partners around the fact that together, we can save a childs life every 20 seconds by expanding access to vaccines. By encouraging Americans to learn about, advocate for, and donate vaccines, the United Nations Foundations Shot@Life campaign will decrease vaccine-preventable childhood deaths and give children a shot at a healthy life. To learn more, go to ShotAtLife.org.

About The United Nations Foundation

The United Nations Foundation builds public-private partnerships to address the worlds most pressing problems, and broadens support for the United Nations through advocacy and public outreach. Through innovative campaigns and initiatives, the Foundation connects people, ideas, and resources to help the UN solve global problems. The Foundation was created in 1998 as a U.S. public charity by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner and now is supported by global corporations, foundations, governments, and individuals. For more information, visit http://www.unfoundation.org.

About Every Child By Two

Every Child By Two, Carter/Bumpers Champions for Immunization, works to ensure that all children receive timely immunizations and continues to seek methods to institutionalize vaccine delivery and ensure access to vaccines for all children.

About Toshiba Vision

Prominently positioned below the world-famous New Year countdown ball in New York Citys Times Square business and entertainment district, Toshibas massive dual LED signboards, known collectively as TOSHIBA VISION, serve a variety of promotional and public-service functions. In addition to illuminating the annual New Year countdown for upwards of 1 billion celebrants worldwide, the Interlocking System connects both boards in brilliant seasonal displays and animated sporting events. From atop One Times Square Building, one of the most valuable advertising locations in the world, TOSHIBA VISION ensures superb domestic and international media exposure, providing the Toshiba brand with unrivalled quantitative and qualitative promotional benefits. For more information on the TOSHIBA VISION LED signboards please visit http://www.facebook.com/ToshibaInnovation.

‘The Existence Game’ by Judy Adams is Story of 29-Year-Old Alex Mosers Battle for Sanity Following Childhood Sexual Abuse


(PRWEB) December 05, 2012 — The new book “The Existence Game” arrives at a timely moment when organizations from youth clubs to churches and schools are being exposed as places where children are at risk from sexual predators. As each new horrible story explodes in the news, waves of individuals are coming out with their own personal stories of childhood hell. In the first half of 2012, the National Childrens Alliance reports that Child Advocacy Centers around the nation recorded 100,649 instances of reported sexual abuse (January through June 2012). According to Childhelp.org, about 80 percent of 21-year-olds who were abused as children meet the criteria for at least one psychological disorder.

Meet Alex Moser. Her friends find her fun, sharp and attractive. Her therapist knows she is terribly ill. Although few realize it, Alex is barely keeping her head above water. Plagued since childhood with numerous phobias, Alex has designed a life for herself in service to her fears. She works nights because she cant sleep when its dark out. She owns two months worth of clothing because she cant do laundry in her foreboding basement. Her windows are nailed shut and she sleeps in multiple layers of clothing, which she views as protective armor. And a voice keeps telling her shed feel better if she were dead.

Enter Jonathan Frank, renowned psychiatrist in chief at a prominent psychiatric hospital, and a man fascinated with the complexities of the human mind. Dr. Frank cant resist a challenge and Alex Moser, diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, is challenging in every way.

While this story offers a serious portrayal of mental illness and recovery, humorous anecdotes from the Irish pub where Alex works abound. From a police officer who drunkenly believes himself to be Superman to a pub owner whose hands-off approach leaves people wondering how he stays in business, there is no shortage of comic relief and characters who are well worth getting to know.

Judy Adams’ debut novel chronicles the first two months in Alexs journey back to health, balancing humor and sadness with great skill and making for a truly inspirational and satisfying read.

I was struck by how accurately Adams portrays the main character, Alex Moser, and the development of her borderline personality disorder. This isnt just a story of illness, but a remarkable, heartwarming story of recovery. Beautifully written and gripping from the start, Adams takes us into a hidden, taboo world and then leads us out, better human beings for the experience.

David M. Band, M.D., medical director, Sterling Behavioral Health Services, Ashburn, Va.

For more information please visit http://www.theExistenceGame.com or contact Emma Daley, public relations manager, at existencegamepr(at)gmail(dot)com

The Existence Game

Judy Adams

Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-4575-1398-5

Bishops Meet in Greensboro to Launch National Childhood Sexual Molestation Prevention Initiative

Greensboro, North Carolina (PRWEB) March 20, 2013

The gathering of Cardinals in Rome coincided with the meeting of local religious leaders in Greensboro last Thursday to launch a nation-wide initiative to combat Childhood Sexual Molestation based on the BEE WISE KIDS educational curriculum. Despite some differences in theology, the newly elected Pope Francis and the local leaders share one goal, protecting children from sexual molestation.

The center piece of the initiative is the Bee Wise Kids (http://BeeWiseKids.org) education program for the prevention of childhood sexual molestation, created to educate children and adults in how to recognize and prevent sexual danger and how to react when confronted by them.

Creator of the BEE WISE KIDS curriculum, Elder Raymond King, was on hand to work with the assembly. King sees this meeting of Bishops, First Ladies and other dedicated religious leaders as a bold first step in formulating plans for how they can implement in their congregations throughout the nation.

Childhood Sexual Molestation Now at Epidemic Proportions

According to King, Childhood Sexual Molestation has now reached epidemic proportions around the world, greatly assisted by the modern Internet as pedophiles and child traffickers are better able to stay ahead of authorities, yet despite the heightened danger, most Childhood Sexual Molestation is still predicated not by strangers lurking in the shadows, but by trusted relatives, authority figures and family friends.

King goes on to says, Parents and leaders are often not aware of the dangers children face and are not aware of how to educate their children in how to protect themselves, and that is what the Bee Wise Kids curriculum addresses.

King feels that it is this practical educating and enabling ability of the BEE WISE KIDS education curriculum that is drawing the attention and support of religious leaders from across the nation, to include Raleighs Pastor Shirley Caesar, Queen of Gospel Music, (http://www.shirleycaesar.com/), willing to challenge the veil of silence and educate children, parents and institutions in an effort to combat this ever present danger to children.

Elder King has himself just returned to Greensboro from a one-week teaching invitation at a Christian academy in Savannah, Tennessee, where his focus was on teen sexual abstinence, the second part of his personal ministry. That effort was remarkably satisfying with 17 students from all over the world actually pledging to abstain from sex until marriage.

For more information on the BEE WISE KIDS program, Elder King can be reached at 336-215-7978.

About the BEE WISE KIDS Creator, Raymond King:

Raymond S. King Jr and his wife, Susan King, felt a special calling to develop the BEE WISE KIDS program after recognizing the destruction to peoples lives caused by Childhood Sexual Molestation. He is active as a public speaker, traveling regularly across the US to address audiences of both young people and adults.

King actually lives a double life as a religious educator and an entrepreneur, owner of Products Plus, a manufacturing company for natural-based personal care products to include Ultimate Desire for Men ED formula, Simplee Natural Moisturizing Cr

BeeWiseKids.Org Joins Other March Against Child Abuse Participants To Raise Awareness To Prevent Childhood Sexual Molestation In Greensboro NC

Greensboro, NC (PRWEB) April 23, 2013

Awareness is the first step in bringing about change, says Raymond King, creator of Bee Wise Kids curriculum to prevent childhood sexual abuse, “and thats why it is important for us to join with other advocates for children to support todays Million March Against Child Abuse, a nationwide effort to bring attention to the national plague of child abuse in all of its many forms.

King continues:

The Greensboro gathering had other organizations involved who demand that more be done to put an end to Childhood Sexual Molestation to include Guardians of the Children, a biker group that helps protect child victims, and Fighters Against Child Abuse and Bullying, North Carolina-East Coast.

Mrs. Sonys McTillmon was the coordinator for Greensboro which was one of 200+ cities, representing all 50 states, that took part in this initial nationwide endeavor.

Bee Wise Kids is looking forward to connecting with as many MACA city organizers as possible to help put in place our program nationwide to ensure that prevention will be the priority in each city that hosted a MACA event and bring greater awareness to the Bee Wise Childrens Critical Life Skills Curriculum.

According to King:

Childhood Sexual Molestation has now reached epidemic proportions around the world, greatly assisted by the modern Internet as pedophiles and child traffickers are better able to stay ahead of authorities, yet despite the heightened danger, most Childhood Sexual Molestation is still predicated not by strangers lurking in the shadows, but, sadly, primarily by trusted relatives, authority figures and family friends.

Parents and leaders are often not aware of the dangers children face and are not aware of how to educate their children in how to protect themselves, and that is what the Bee Wise Kids curriculum addresses.

I believe that it is this practical educating and enabling factor of the BEE WISE KIDS education curriculum that is drawing the attention and support of parents and religious leaders from across the nation, to include Raleighs Pastor Shirley Caesar, Queen of Gospel Music, (http://www.shirleycaesar.com/), who are willing to challenge the traditional veil of silence to educate children, parents and institutions in an effort to combat this ever present danger to children.

About BEE WISE KIDS Creator, Raymond King:

Raymond S. King Jr. and his wife, Susan King, felt a special calling to develop the BEE WISE KIDS program after recognizing the destruction to peoples lives caused by Childhood Sexual Molestation. He is active as a public speaker, traveling regularly across the US to address audiences of both young people and adults. He can be heard on his weekly radio program at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/shmradio

King actually lives a double life as a religious educator and an entrepreneur, owner of Products Plus, a manufacturing company for natural-based personal care products to include Ultimate Desire for Men ED formula, Simplee Natural Moisturizing Cr