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Child Foster Care Reform: National Call to Action on Children in Foster Care State Plans To Improve Nation’s Foster Care Programs and Child Protection System Unveiled

Williamsburg, VA (PRWEB) May 2, 2006

Representatives from the nations state courts and child welfare agencies have developed specific recommendations to improve child foster care systems and foster care programs throughout the country as part of a National Call to Action on children in foster care released by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). State Supreme Court justices partnered with other state leaders to develop the National Call to Action to help reduce the length of time children spend in foster care. Their recommendations provide states with a clear road map of action plans and needed resources to improve outcomes for our nation’s children living in foster care.

Today more than 500,000 children live in foster care. Half of the children will spend at least two years in the Nations foster care system and one in five children will be in the system for five years or more. Although child foster care is often an essential step in helping abused and neglected children, state and local court delays can often extend the time between when children enter the foster care system and when they are placed in safe, permanent homes. While in this ‘limbo,’ many children and families do not receive the assistance they need to allow children to return home safely or prepare them to join another family.

“Implementation of these plans will go a long way to make substantial progress toward reducing the amount of time children spend in the foster care system,” said Chief Justice of Indiana Randall T. Shepard, President of the Conference of Chief Justices. “It will bring these children one step closer to the safe and permanent families they need and deserve.”

The National Call to Action is the result of the landmark National Judicial Leadership Summit for the Protection of Children: Changing Lives by Changing Systems (the Summit), which was held in Minnesota in September 2005. Leaders of 49 state court systems (Louisiana was unable to participate due to Hurricane Katrina), the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories participated in the Summit. As part of the Summit, each state developed an action plan to improve its child protection system procedures and programs. The NCSC, which coordinated the Summit, compiled the team plans into the National Call to Action.

“When a court case sits on the docket, a child sits in foster care,” said former Chief Justice of Minnesota Kathleen Blatz, who co-chaired the Summit.

“While foster care is supposed to be their lifeboat, for many children it’s become the Titanic. The delay in finding a permanent caring home can have a profound affect on a child,” said NCSC President Mary Campbell McQueen.

While all state action plans for child foster care system reform address specific local needs and challenges, there was considerable consensus across major areas needing improvement and the steps required to achieve these changes. Drawing on recommendations from the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care, state teams identified the following strategies underpinning their action plans:

National Child Safety Service

Blackwood, NJ (PRWEB) June 11, 2006

Halo Family Ids provides parents/guardians and organizations nationwide with Child Safety Products and Services. Including Identification Cards as well as other safety products such as Electronic IDs (on CD Rom), USB Flash Drives and DNA/Fingerprint Kits.

Additionally, our website provides an Amber Alert Service that is immediately activated should any child go missing anywhere in the U.S. The disappearance of children happens daily and is growing at an alarming rate. Our service and products help families everywhere be prepared for those unfortunate moments when we need to act quickly on behalf of our children.

Additionally, we provide fundraising opportunities for groups and organizations which in turn benefits all involved while promoting this very important subject matter. We truly believe that it is the absolute responsibility of every parent to be prepared when it concerns a childs safety and well being. With that in mind, our ultimate goal is to create a vast network of caring parents and citizens from all walks of life to make this important and valuable service be made aware of.


Life Lynx, the Leader in Child Identification Products, Announces the Release of Life Lynx 360: Software Designed for Your Family

Dayton, OH (PRWEB) April 19, 2007

Life Lynx, the leader in child identification products, announces the release of Life Lynx 360. Life Lynx 360 is portable software that resides on a USB drive. Life Lynx 360 helps families be prepared by entering their critical information into the 360 software. Then, because it’s designed as a key chain, this information is always available to the owner using any standard Windows computer. Although it started out as a means to protect children, this latest version goes well beyond just a Child ID. This new version now expands the software to encompass everyday family needs. “There are no real organizational tools out there for parents,” says Eric Wilms, founder of Life Lynx. “Parents now have a real family tool.”

Because of the success of the first release called Life Lynx, which is an Electronic Child ID, Life Lynx took that huge customer base of parents and asked those parents what their daily needs are and how software could help them with those tasks. “Life Lynx 360 is software by parents, for parents,” said Wilms.

Life Lynx 360 will store detailed medical information and complete vaccination records. It has a “Friends” list to keep your child’s friends names and parent’s phone numbers. 360 will allow you to print out a baby sitters information sheet (with instructions for the night plus, names and numbers to call in an emergency). The software has a place to store electronic DNA, scanned encrypted photos for passports and other important documents, and even lets you store details of credit card and bank information in case you lose your credit cards or in the event of a disaster at home, you will have a record of those numbers. All encrypted so that only the user can gain access to the data.

And what if you if you lost your Life Lynx 360 key? Life Lynx provides a way to get that back as well. “We even help you recover your lost keys by providing a StuffBak tag,” said Wilms, “The single most asked question we had was what if I lose my key?” StuffBak is a loss protection and recovery service designed to protect today’s important mobile devices and data. Each label is uniquely serialized to provide a convenient and confidential identification method, and includes a recovery service that makes it easy and rewarding for finders who will help get your keys back. Each Life Lynx 360 Safety Key includes a StuffBak label attached to the USB drive.

Life Lynx 360 is rewarding its current customers with a pre-public release reduced price. Life Lynx 360 will be released to the general public May 1st for a suggested retail price of $ 39.95. It includes the USB drive, 360 software and a StuffBak tag.

Software developer Eric Wilms designed the original Safety Key after what he describes as the longest two minutes of his life, which occurred during a family trip to the zoo. When Wilms and his wife turned their backs for a split second, they couldn’t locate their twin daughters. After the relief of finding them playing near a drinking fountain, Wilms realized parents need an action plan for such a situation, and the Life Lynx Safety Key was born.

About Life Lynx

Life Lynx is a software and hardware development company based out of Springboro, Ohio. The company was formed in 2004 and its first product was the Life Lynx Child Safety Key. To schedule an interview or for more information about the Life Lynx company, founder Eric Wilms or about the Safety Key, contact Eric at 877-596-9539 (877-LYNXKEY) or visit http://www.safetykey.com.

About StuffBak

StuffBak is a loss protection and recovery service designed to protect to protect every important mobile device and its data. Contact at 800-800-8257 or visit http://www.stuffbak.com.


Hot Summer Products that Keep Baby Cool from Baby Dagny; Introducing the Seat Chiller Child Car Seat Cooler and UV Protected Baby Wrap

Palm Desert, CA (PRWEB) May 21, 2007

Baby Dagny, your destination for just cool baby stuff, introduces two revolutionary mom-invented products to the U.S. market. Both the Seat Chiller, a car seat cooler for kids and UV Summer Wrap, are designed to protect a baby’s delicate skin from scorching summer temperatures and harmful UV rays.

The Seat Chiller is designed to dramatically cool off child car seats and forever eliminate a child’s risk of burned skin from car seat buckles and the uncomfortable conditions of a hot seat. According to a study conducted by the Stanford School of Medicine, a car’s interior can heat up surprisingly fast, regardless of the outside temperature. On a typical July day in Chicago, a parked car can reach 124

Innovative, New WedgEZ Product Conveniently Removes All Types of Child Safety Outlet Plugs

ATLANTA, GA (PRWEB) June 5, 2007

For Our Future, LLC an Alpharetta GA based company announces the introduction of a new solution called WedgEZ – The Outlet Plug Remover for parents and home industry professionals. Formally unveiled to the child products industry at the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association Convention in Orlando, FL, WedgEZ is the only patent-pending tool on the market designed to easily removes all plastic outlet plugs. Built-on clips allow WedgEZ to conveniently attach to a standard vacuum cord for fast access when parents need it.

“Like so many other parents, I use outlet plugs in my home to protect my child from electrical shock, however I would use my fingernails or a butter knife to pry them off each time I vacuumed,” explained Karen Miglin, founder and co-owner of For Our Future, LLC. “WedgEZ was designed to fit comfortably in your hand, be accessible when you need it and effortlessly remove any inserted outlet plug on the market today. There is no other solution retailed today that answers this very common frustration for parents, as well as the home services industry.”

In the short time since WedgEZ was launched as a product, it has received phenomenal responses from parent guides, retailers and customers. “This sleek looking orange plastic device is an outlet plug remover extraordinaire!” wrote What’s Hot for Tot’s, the popular website that features the latest products for Mom’s and Dad’s. “It is a well deserved gift for yourself, the thoughtful gift for your best friend and I can think of no better gift for Grandma.” WedgEZ will be featured as one of Orca Communications’ 2007 Best Products.

Home inspectors and baby home-proofers are just a few in-home professionals that are also finding WedgEZ to be an essential tool of the trade. The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) has entered into agreement with For Our Future, LLC to offer WedgEZ as an inspection-related promotional item through its network of nearly 10,000 home inspectors.

“Being a stay at home mom with two young children is hard work,” says Miglin. “My objective in creating WedgEZ was to make my day a little easier. The fact that this simple and safe tool is now making the day easier for a lot of other people is incredibly rewarding.”

About For Our Future, LLC

For Our Future, LLC was founded in 2006 by a stay at home mom, Karen Miglin, and is managed in partnership with her husband, Dave. For Our Future, LLC is a member of the JPMA. To learn more about their first invention is WedgEZ – The Outlet Plug Remover, please visit our website.

WedgEZ – The Outlet Plug Remover

Suggested retail: $ 3.99 (single unit) or $ 9.99 (3-pack) — Order Online at http://www.wedgez.com; wholesale pricing available for retailers.

Ideal For:

Babies/Toddlers/Homes with Children 5 years or younger


Home Inspectors

Carpet Cleaners

Maid or House Cleaning Services

Day Care/Nursery Schools

About JPMA

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association is a national trade organization of more than 350 companies in the United States, Canada and Mexico. These companies manufacture and/or import infant products such as cribs, car seats, strollers, bedding, and a wide range of accessories and decorative items.

For more information about JPMA contact: 15000 Commerce Parkway , Suite C, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054; phone: 856-638-0420; fax: 856-439-0525; e-mail jpma @ ahint.com or visit the Web site at http://www.jpma.org.

About What’s Hot for Tot’s

Whats Hot for Tots was started with the idea that we can come together and bring to you the products that will enhance your life and the lives of your family. Our primary focus is to help you with your shopping. We believe that knowledge and choices provide our readers with the tools to make informed decisions. We are proud to offer many Mompreneur products. By doing so, we are promoting women like us and most importantly, helping children and families http://www.whatshotfortots.com/wedgez.html.


The National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI) is the largest inspection association in North America. Our home buying clients enjoy the HI Experience

Police Authorities and Search Engines Form Alliance to Beat Child Pornography – Swedish Picsearch Blocks Access to Child Pornography on the Internet

Stockholm, Sweden (PRWEB) July 12, 2007

It was announced today that Picsearch will be the first search engine to form an alliance with police authorities with an aim to decrease the sexual exploitation of children around the world. The police authorities will frequently provide Picsearch and other selected search engines with a list of identified websites with commercial child pornography. All indexed pages matching the list from the police will deleted from the searchable databases, decreasing the risk for end-users to find child pornography.

Stefan Kronqvist, Head of IT Crime Section of the Swedish National Criminal Police, says, -By incorporating the list of child pornography websites within the Picsearch search services, which contain over 1.7 billion images, we can prevent the user from finding images of abused children. This will lead to a decrease in the number of new visitors on child pornography websites.

Search engines are the most popular and the most powerful tools for Internet users to find information and entertainment online. Most people have online access today and among young people the PC is considered to be more important than the TV (eMarketer July 2007).

Robert Risberg, CEO at Picsearch, says: – We believe that every search engine has a responsibility to limit the ability to find child pornography. We invite all our colleagues within the search industry to join us.

National police authorities in many countries have for the past couple of years backed a voluntary cooperation with local Internet providers in which the police block the access to a number of known sites with commercial child pornography. The new cooperation between the police authorities and search engines will expand the effectiveness dramatically. Another major improvement is that the work done by the police in Sweden will be implemented in all search engines using Picsearch technology around the world. The full implementation of this project will be completed in August.

About Picsearch

Picsearch AB (publ) is a premium provider of image and multimedia search services. The services are market leading in relevancy and family friendliness. Picsearch powers several leading Internet sites as well as its own Internet properties. Picsearch was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit http://www.picsearch.com.

About the IT section of the Swedish Criminal Police

The IT section of the Swedish Criminal Police focuses on investigations involving IT criminality. The section also develops methods for securing evidence in IT investigations. An important part of the IT section is the Child protection team whose main objective is to protect children from sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. The cooperation with search engines is a part of the team’s effort to stop recruitment of new criminals of child pornography.

For more information please contact:

Carl Sarnstrand, Communications Manager at Picsearch

Tel: +46 73 204 14 79

E-mail: carl.sarnstrand @ picsearch.com

Information from the Swedish Criminal Police:



eLearners.com Offers Educational Resource to Child Care Providers

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) August 2, 2007 –

Every day, millions of parents leave their children with a child care provider. It’s a profession that is always in demand as parents depend on outside help to make sure their children are protected, nurtured and educated while they are at work. In the United States alone, almost three million children go to a child care center regularly. To help current and aspiring child care professionals get the skills they need and advance in their profession, eLearners.com recently launched the ‘Mini-Guide’ to Online Child Care Training.

The site answers the following questions:

What does a child care worker do?

How can child care professionals advance their careers?

Can I get child care training online?

How do online child care training programs work?

Will I ever have to go to a campus?

What are the benefits of online learning?

How much will an online child care certification cost?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, child care workers held roughly 1.3 million jobs in 2004 with about one in three child care workers self-employed. Child care training provides professionals with the knowledge to operate within and manage a day care facility and gives parents and guardians peace of mind knowing their children are cared for by educated professionals.

Through online courses, child care providers can develop a range of skills and abilities that can be used in other industries and related professions. After getting child care training, many students continue with their education and work toward a college degree in Early Childhood Education. Students can earn an early childhood education degree online at all levels (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate). Early Childhood Education degree holders can go on to work as teacher’s aides; pre-school or elementary school teachers; day care facility directors, and more.

“As with almost any field, the options are endless for child care professionals if they have the proper education,” said Andrew Gansler, CEO of eLearners.com. “eLearners.com connects people with accredited programs so their advancement goals can come true.”

For more information on child care training go to http://www.elearners.com/guide-to-online-education/child-care-training-online.asp.

About eLearners.com

Since 1999, eLearners.com

New Child Care Concept Introduces First Completely Eco-Friendly Center

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 12, 2007

After more than a year of research and planning, this week FIO360 (pronounced fee-oh) announces plans to open its first totally eco-friendly child care center in Atlanta by February 2008. The announcement comes amid a flurry of dialogue regarding safe toys, food and environmental settings for children.

FIO360’s concept will present the first Eco Early Care and Learning Boutique in the United States–meeting the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards for environmentally sustainable construction and providing an entirely eco-friendly operation with organic/locally-grown food, natural/organic personal care products and earth-friendly cleaners throughout the facility. According to the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, pound for pound, children breathe more air, drink more water, and eat more food than adults. Their bodies are more rapidly growing and developing, so their interactions within their environments have a maximum impact during this critical time.

“The reality is most of today’s American families (67 percent) require child care services and, as a working mom myself, I realized more could be done to provide a more holistic learning and care setting for children,” says Crissy Klaus, Founder & CEO of FIO360. “The word ‘fio’ is a Latin verb that means ‘to become’ and ‘360’ relates to wholeness or coming full circle, so FIO360 will provide an optimum setting for children to become their individual best–intellectually, physically and emotionally.”

FIO360 will also offer a wide array of special amenities for children and families, including an interactive learning museum, on-site massage therapy, heated floors, a no-shoes policy, the first Family Concierge and a 9,600 square-foot rooftop playground, to name a few.

FIO360’s Key Features

In line with its eco-friendly values and family-centric philosophies, FIO360 will enter the Atlanta market offering several unique features, including:

Green Building & Eco-Friendly Child Care Standards: FIO360 is making significant investments to create a green facility that will provide a setting for optimal children’s health, including zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) painted walls; no PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic products; natural and organic toys; all-natural personal care products that exclude harmful chemicals; solar tubes to bring in natural lighting; floors that emit radiant heat; and earth-friendly leaning products that exclude harmful fumes and environmental toxins.

Organic Children’s Meals: All meals prepared in the on-site FIO360 commercial kitchen or purchased from outside vendors will feature locally-grown, organic, natural or hormone-free food, with an emphasis on whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Children’s & Parent’s Massage Therapy: Studies reveal infants who receive massage sleep through the night sooner, longer and have fewer gastric problems. Research also demonstrates that massage in young children helps develop less aggressive behaviors. At FIO360, parents will have the option to register their children for massage by a licensed and trained specialist at no charge. FIO360 will also feature a “Relaxation Station” where parents and staff can unwind and recharge with massage by a certified specialist. Workshops for parents will also be offered to provide additional education about this emerging practice.

Shoeless Environment: To negate the dirt, germs and oils that shoes can track on the floors, FIO360 will provide children and staff with Fio Slippers to wear throughout the facility. Playtime on the floors is a core part of each child’s discovery experience and shoeless settings help keep the floors clean and safe for children to crawl, walk, run and play.

Classroom Technology: The FIO360 classrooms will feature active board technology that will be used for learning and will also stream family photos and video footage so that children can always feel connected. And, parents will have access to password-protected Web cameras to take a sneak peek at their children throughout the day.

Interactive Learning Exhibits: A significant portion of the entrance level–a 900 square-foot space with 18 ft. ceilings–will feature interactive learning exhibits in a children’s museum format. The “Imagination Station” will feature permanent “signature” exhibits as well as portable exhibits that will change to keep the space fresh and exciting.

Rooftop Playground: Today’s best outdoor play spaces for children invite open-ended play and discovery in natural environments. Located on the rooftop, the FIO360 Magical Urban Playscape will present a space for children to play, wonder and create. With a protected rooftop setting (enclosed by an 8-foot fence) that allows children to view the wonder of Atlanta, this playground will feature various age-appropriate play stations and gardens where children can escape to a world of excitement and exploration.

New Pyramid Learning Curriculum: Developed by Dr. Jef Van Kuyk of the Netherlands (one of the world’s most literate countries), this curriculum meets the highest national standards for early care and learning. The program is used to educate children in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and India and is currently being developed for use in the United States. Teachers are trained and empowered to use a four-step process to take children from basic understanding to more complex problem solving.

Countdown To Opening

The 21,000-plus square foot FIO360 facility will serve 238 children ages 6 weeks to 6 years in its full-time care and learning program. The center will also offer drop-in care for parents who want to enjoy quality time in the city and back-up care for parents when their everyday provider is unavailable.

FIO360 will gradually roll out enrollment openings for full-time care, with plans to reach its full capacity of 238 openings by April 2008.

For more information, visit http://www.fio360.com.


IPOWER Applications Announces New Child Internet Monitoring Portal

Cranston, Rhode Island (PRWEB) September 20, 2007

IPOWER Applications Inc. (http://www.doyoupowwow.com) is proud to announce the launching of their flagship Child internet monitoring portal known as Home Pow Wow. This child protection community portal is a place where parents can monitor the family’s activity any time, from anywhere. This allows for parents to protect their children from the luring dangers of child predators, class room bullies, or other peer pressures and adversities present in the complex lives of today’s children.

The world is not the place that it once was where parents could see each person that a child came in contact with. Today children spend time on the internet, often at the request of teachers who have asked for extensive research to be done. Unfortunately when children get online parents have no idea who children may be interacting with, and this ignorance can prove to be devastating to children as well as whole families and communities. Not allowing children to get online is not the answer, seeking out better monitoring devices is the answer.

IPOWER Applications, Inc. has created a comprehensive online monitoring portal whereby parents set the security permission levels that are appropriate for their children. The system allows for parents to monitor the behavior of a child on the internet with real time notifications of inappropriate websites and will also protect children form online predators, classroom bullies, and other peer pressure that may take place by instant messaging and in chat rooms. Parents can receive updates on cell phones and through email to keep up to date with any activity occurring on a home computer.

IPOWER Applications states, “A parent is able to protect a child while online with Child internet monitoring. This is a type of software tool that allows a parent to monitor a child’s activities when online, and with IPOWER Applications’ Home Pow Wow web portal we can offer you the best products on the market.” Internet threats are very real and it is something that all parents must consider. IPOWER Applications Inc. has helped many families provide a greater sense of security to their children.

For more information visit: http://www.doyoupowwow.com

About I Power Applications, Inc:

IPOWER Applications Inc. (http://www.doyoupowwow.com) is a leading provider of integrated ON-DEMAND applications for home content security and companies of all sizes. IPOWER Applications adaptable configuration provides customers with delivery options of either secure on-demand services (software-As-A-service) or an on-premise service to meet customer’s configuration needs. The IPOWER POWWOW suite offers solutions that are ready to use or that are customized.

(An http://IPRWire.com Press Release)

Contact Info:

Name: David Gallone

Address: 41 Comstock Parkway

City: Cranston

State: Rhode Island

Country: United States

Zip: 02921

Web Address: http://www.doyoupowwow.com

Business Blog: http://iblogit.com/doyoupowwow

Phone: 401-228-3031

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