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Intelligence and Law Enforcement Officers to Lead Insider’s Guide Career Webinar Series

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) November 3, 2009 –

As part of a new, exclusive series, former intelligence and federal law enforcement officers who are faculty members of Henley-Putnam University will host free “Insider’s Guide” webinars to discuss education and career opportunities in federal law enforcement, intelligence, terrorism and counterterrorism, and personal protection. The series launches November 12th at 11am PST with the Insider’s Guide to Careers in Federal Law Enforcement webinar, led by Colonel Michael Angley, former U.S. Air Force Special Agent and Public Relations Officer for Henley-Putnam University.

The webinar series presents an opportunity for those interested in Strategic Security careers to benefit from the unique, hands-on experience of Henley-Putnam’s faculty, comprised of former members of the CIA, Secret Service, FBI, and intelligence and federal law enforcement community.

“Our professors are seasoned professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable about their fields and dedicated to preparing professionals to protect and serve this country,” said Dr. Michael Corcoran, Henley-Putnam president and former U.S. Secret Service agent. “The webinars are designed to offer an insider’s perspective on Strategic Security careers that is really only available from those who have experienced them first-hand. It is the entire premise of Henley-Putnam University.”

During the webinar on November 12th , Col. Angley will provide an overview of the law enforcement community; what it means to be a federal agent; a breakdown of agencies and career options within the field; significant changes to law enforcement following the attacks of September 11, 2001; essential qualifications and skills required by each agency; the best educational and degree options available; and benefits and tuition reimbursement available per the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

“The terrorist attacks of 9/11 brought about significant changes to the structure, organization, and responsibilities of the various federal law enforcement agencies,” said Col. Angley. “With this transformation came thousands of new opportunities for demanding and rewarding jobs. I hope my webinar will better acquaint people the overall federal LEO community as well as help them prepare for a career among its ranks.”

An Insider’s Guide to Careers in Law Enforcement will take place on November 12th from 11:00am – 11:45am PST. Those interested in participating in the webinar should register at https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/998553210. The webinar is open to the public and completely free of charge.

Upcoming webinars in the series will provide insider’s information on preparing for and entering careers in intelligence, counterterrorism, and personal protection. Registration information will be announced in the coming weeks and available on Henley-Putnam’s Web site at http://www.Henley-Putnam.edu.

The webinar series is one of many career resources offered by Henley-Putnam University. The university’s mentoring program assigns degree students with a high-level faculty or an expert mentor to support them in making career decisions. In addition, through its online career portal (http://www.Henley-Putnam.edu/715-286-d714.htm), Henley-Putnam helps students research careers, explore university programs, prepare for a job search (i.e., develop resume and cover letter), locate potential employers and gain basic knowledge of the Strategic Security field.

Henley-Putnam is a leading, accredited, online university offering degree programs and certificates in Intelligence Management, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies, and the Management of Personal Protection. Additionally, the university offers a doctorate degree in Strategic Security, a multidisciplinary approach to understanding security at the local, national, and global level.

For more information on Henley-Putnam University’s certificate and degree programs, please call admissions at 888.852.8746 or visit http://www.Henley-Putnam.edu.


In addition to serving as public relations officer for Henley-Putnam University, Colonel Michael Angley is the award-winning author of the Child Finder Trilogy (http://www.childfinder.us). He retired from the Air Force in 2007 following a 25-year career as a Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Col Angley has an M.A. in National Security Affairs from the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA, and a B.A. in Criminal Justice and Psychology from King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, PA. He is a former National Defense Fellow and Adjunct Professor of International Relations at Florida International University, Miami, FL, and is an Honor Graduate of the Defense Language Institute’s Korean language program.


Founded in August 2001, Henley-Putnam University is a leading educational institution in the field of Strategic Security. The University offers accredited online Bachelor, Master of Science Degrees in Intelligence Management, Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies, and the Management of Personal Protection, a Doctoral Degree Program in Strategic Security, and most recently added new Certificate Programs. Henley-Putnam prepares law enforcement, military, intelligence community, and private industry professionals with the network, skills, and insights to advance in their careers and protect the future. Henley-Putnam University, which is committed to building a student and alumni network that will serve its community, is an accredited member of DETC (detc.org) and offers 125 courses taught by hands-on faculty members from renowned organizations such as the CIA and FBI. For more information on Henley-Putnam University, intelligence degrees or intelligence studies, call 888.852.8746.


Next Big Idea Fest Aims to Spark Interest Among NM Youth in Science, Technology as Future Career Path

Los Alamos, NM (Vocus) July 1, 2010

Los Alamos, New Mexico, has the highest number of people with PhDs per capita in the country, many who are inventors and scientists, which is why its only logical to host the 3rd annual “Next Big Idea festival – a festival of discovery, invention, and innovation – Saturday, July 17, with STEM Student Day on Friday, July 16.

But visitors to the Next Big Idea dont need a PhD to appreciate Alamos unique creative history, especially since the event has the potential to inspire many young New Mexicans to consider a future career in science, technology, engineering, math, and innovation.

The Next Big Idea is not only a great venue for adults interested in new and innovative ideas, but is a great way for young people to get a sense of what scientists and inventors do in a fun, relevant and hands-on way, said Los Alamos MainStreet Manager and organizer, Suzette Fox. Besides scientists and inventors, there will be a Kids Discovery Zone with hands-on science activities; a telekinetic Mind Flex game competition; Giant Volleyball games; the band, Last Call, will be performing and a variety of tasty food will be served from 11 a.m to 3 p.m at Ashley Pond on Saturday.

Study after study has shown that students in the United States lag behind their peers in many other countries when it comes to test scores in science and math. This academic disadvantage means that students turned-adults are less inclined to become engineers, scientists and inventors – something with which other countries have the competitive edge.

Making science and technology more interesting by letting students experiment and experience science in a laboratory rather than a book is the key, according to inventor Bob Hockaday, President of Energy Related Services, who will also lead a workshop at the Festival.

A childs vivid imagination is his or her greatest asset because they can eventually improve on an existing invention or come up with a new one – when you think about, childlike curiosity is at the root of discovery, Hockaday said. I can say from experience, that a child can make daydreams useful and she can make herself smarter just by asking questions and wondering how and why – theres a world of discovery out there; it hasnt all been discovered yet.

Like many inventors who are participating in the Festival, Hockaday has several inventions that are currently being utilized and patents pending on other inventions. Some inventions are even being used to protect the U.S. military including Hockadays safety goggles that prevent fogging and improve air flow to reduce the collection of dust – something that is very useful in sandy environments such as Iraq.

I was a daydreamer as a kid and at the bottom percentile of my class because of my grades, so Im proof that you dont have to be a genius to become an inventor or a scientist, you just have to have the desire to learn more and to want to improve peoples lives with your ideas. Like Einstein said – necessity is the mother of invention. Inventors are ultimately a bunch of dissatisfied people trying to figure out how they can make something better, Hockaday added.

On July 16th, from 9 a.m to 5 p.m., students from grades seven through 12 can learn more about a future in the field of science, technology, engineering or math during the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Student Day. Activities include a full, fun day of meeting scientists and inventors and a free concert in the evening at Ashley Pond. The cost is $ 50 per student. Registration is still open and can be done online at http://www.nextbigideala.com.

Then on Saturday, July 17 young people will feel right at home with a hands-on Discovery Zone at the Festival, featuring interactive innovations and discoveries that they can actually touch, see and experience with all the senses. The Festival is free to the public and takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m at Ashley Pond in Los Alamos.

The Next Big Idea is sponsored by Los Alamos Main Street, Los Alamos National Bank, Los Alamos National Securities LLC, Compa Industries Inc, Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, Innovate-Educate New Mexico and New Mexico Consortium, among others. However, sponsorship is still available. Contact Suzette Fox at (505) 661-4844 for details.

For more information, contact Suzette Fox at (505) 661-4844 or Suzette(at)losalamos(dot)org or visit http://www.nextbigideala.com for complete details. Ashley Pond is located off of NM 502/Trinity Drive. From Albuquerque, take I-25 northbound to the Santa Fe exit to exit 282. From there, merge onto US 285/S St. Francis Dr and continue for 19 miles to NM 502 to Los Alamos.

For general information on Los Alamos, visit fyila.com or http://www.visit.losalamos.com.

About Los Alamos MainStreet

Los Alamos MainStreet is a program of Los Alamos Commerce & Development Corporation. The goal of Los Alamos MainStreet is the support a vibrant downtown through events, promoions, participation in planning and design projects and business assistance. Other events produced by Los Alamos MainStreet each year include the Fair & Rodeo Parade, Halloweekend and Winterfest. Visit http://lamainstreet.com/ for more.

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Smart Horizons Career Online High School Provides Critical Education for Students in Need of an Accessible High School Diploma

Tallahassee, FL (PRWEB) October 6, 2010

Smart Horizons Career Online High School(SHCOHS) opened last May with the specific intention to help adults in our nation who have not completed a high school education. This is a significant population, and now more than ever, with jobs being scarce, a high school diploma, coupled with a career certificate is critical. The schools goal is to quickly and in a cost effective manner provide students the education they need so they can compete in the work force. SHCOHSs inaugural cohort of students is finishing up their graduation requirements. These students are encouraged about the opportunities that will now be available to them.

Betsaida Marrero is one of these students. Marrero is a twenty-four year old, single mother of three. She is completing the education process that was interrupted after her tenth-grade year by the birth of her first child. It was hard to go back to school after I had the baby, Marrero said. You have to make a lot of decisions when you become a parent and I decided I needed to work for my child, but I never lost the dream of completing my education. I am now able to work on this goal thanks to the Smart Horizons Career Online High School program. I can do it on my own time and in my home, which is very convenient. Taking online high school courses works extremely well with my busy schedule.

In addition to earning her high school diploma, Marrero is also completing course work for a career certificate in office management through the Smart Horizons Career Online High School program.

I completely love the way the program is designed, Marrero said. I am able to understand everything very well, and I also love the fact that I am able to finish high school and get a career certificate as well.

Marrero said that the SHCOHS program is helpful because it allows her to both read and hear all the information she needs on a given topic. She also likes the way the program helps her to understand a topic by showing her the parts of the topic she did not understand.

Just knowing that Im accomplishing this goal to finish school helps me to know that I can look forward to a brighter future both mentally and economically, Marrero said.

Another student, Vaughn Jones is about to celebrate her 50th birthday, but shes already giving herself a valuable gift by obtaining the high school diploma that eluded her so many years ago. Smart Horizons Career Online High School is making it possible.

Smart Horizons Career Online High School is giving me the opportunity to obtain something Ive been trying to get since 1978, Jones said, referring to that high school diploma. Jones, who lives in Pahokee, Florida, is also completing course work for a career certificate in Childcare & Education. The ability to earn online high school credits has helped simplify her life.

I started out with the career certificate part of the program and Im almost done with that, Jones said. Ive just started the high school classes and I think this is going to be the most interesting part. Its a good program and I especially like the math courses.

Jones, who is married and has four grown children, said it was hanging with the wrong crowd that cost her high school diploma in her youth. I was trying to fit in and I let myself be influenced, she said. Jones completed the eleventh grade, but left school shortly after starting her senior year.

Getting this accredited online diploma is going to give me more opportunities than Ive had, Jones said. Most jobs require a high school diploma and this is going to open doors for me.

About Smart Horizions Career Online Education: Smart Horizons Career Online Education, a private adult online high school district, is a national leader in delivering affordable, career-based online education to students throughout the world. Founded in 2009 and located in Pensacola, Florida, Smart Horizons Career Online Education offers complete career-based online high school diplomas and career (credentialed) certificates in the fields of healthcare, childcare and education, transportation services, homeland security, protection services, and office management. For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.smarthorizonsonline.org , call our office at 800-261-6248 or email our office at hliebman(at)smarthorizonsonline(dot)org.

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Announcing the Launch of Beacon Hill Career High School

Pensacola, FL (PRWEB) January 10, 2012

Dr. Howard Liebman, CEO and Superintendent of Smart Horizons Career Online Education (SHCOE), is pleased to announce that SHCOE is partnering with Weston Distance Learning, Inc., to launch Beacon Hill Career High School.

Based in Pensacola, Florida, SHCOE is the worlds first AdvancED/SACS accredited online school district. Over the past year, SHCOE has collaborated with key institutions in the field of post-secondary online education to establish new online high schools that enable adult learners to earn their high school diploma in addition to a credentialed career certificate.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado,Weston Distance Learning, Inc., is one of the largest distance-learning education institutions in the nation. Westons three schools include U.S. Career Institute, McKinley College, and At-Home Professions. Each school provides high-quality, relevant programs specifically designed to allow adults to reach their education and career goals.

Weston has long been aware of our countrys serious crisis when it comes to high school dropout rates, said Ann Rohr, President of Weston Distance Learning, Inc. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 35 million adults above 18 years of age do not have a high school diplomaa key factor in lifetime earning potential. In response to this crisis, we are extremely excited to open Beacon Hill Career High School. Our 30 years of educational experience will help us equip students with a quality, accredited high school education, as well as the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in postsecondary education.

Beacon Hill Career High School is a SACS-accredited high school offered entirely online. Its programs enable students to complete their high school diplomas while simultaneously earning a credentialed certificate in career areas such as child care, office management, homeland security, transportation services, protection officer services, and general career skills.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Weston Distance Learning to launch Beacon Hill Career High School, said Wendy Kauffman, Chief Operating Officer for SHCOE. Some students who contact Weston Distance Learning lack the required high school diploma to enroll in Westons postsecondary programs. Through our partnership, students can earn their high school diploma and then continue on to pursue their higher education goals.

This partnership is an ideal educational alliance, continued Kauffman. Both Weston Distance Learning and SHCOE are dedicated to serving adult learners returning to school, and both organizations are focused on student retention, student support, and the delivery of exceptional educational programs. I have been very impressed with Weston Distance Learnings passion for education and the quality of their academic programs.

About Smart Horizons Career Online Education

Smart Horizons Career Online Education , founded in 2009 and located in Pensacola, Florida, is a private, AdvancED/SACS accredited online school district. AdvancED/SACS District accreditation signifies that SHCOE and all of its schools are fully accredited and that SHCOE is recognized across the nation as a quality school system. Smart Horizons Career Online Education offers 18-credit, career-based high school diploma programs that are designed to prepare students for entrance into the workplace. Career certificate offerings include Childcare Education, Office Management, Protection Services, Homeland Security, Healthcare (coming soon) and Transportation Services. For more information, visit our Web site at http://www.shcoe.org , call our office at 855-777-4265 or email our office at enrollment(at)smarthorizonsonline(dot)org

Contact: Dr. Howard Liebman, Smart Horizons Career Online Education, CEO & Superintendent 3059626489 OR hliebman(at)smarthorizonsonline(dot)org

About Weston Distance Learning

Weston Distance Learning Inc. has over 30 years of distance education experience for the adult learner. WDL is the parent company of three distance education schools: U.S. Career Institute, McKinley College, and At-Home Professions. Westons three schools are approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, Division of Private Occupational Schools in addition to various other approval agencies. U.S. Career Institute, McKinley College, and At-Home Professions are nationally accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). All three schools are approved for military education benefits. Westons schools offer career and degree education in various specialties such as healthcare administrative support, business administration, accounting, fashion merchandising, social work, marketing, human resources, bookkeeping, criminal justice, fitness and nutrition, dental assisting, insurance claims, massage therapy, medical assisting, paralegal studies, patient care, pharmacy tech studies, veterinarian assisting, and wedding/event planning.

Contact: To schedule an interview with Ann Rohr, call Jennifer Eyden at (800) 347-7899, ext. 4515, or email Jennifer at jennifere(at)westondistancelearning(dot)com.


UCLA director and agency founder to receive award for career dedicated to fostering and adoption

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 08, 2013

Susan Edelstein, founder and director of UCLA TIES for Families, will receive an Advocate Award from RaiseAChild.US at its annual gala on May 19 at the W Hotel in Hollywood. Edelsteins work on behalf of foster children and the families that raise them has garnered the attention and appreciation of RaiseAChild.US, a national agency that encourages the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community to build families through fostering and adoption.

LGBT-headed families currently account for a large percentage of the clientele of UCLA TIES for Families. LGBT-headed families today are enjoying greater recognition and increased support from the community and professionals alike, says RaiseAChild.US founder and executive director Rich Valenza, but Susan was one of the early leaders in recognizing that LGBT people are invaluable resources for the struggling U.S. foster care system. She believed that LGBT people can be and are excellent parents. An adoptive father of two foster children, Valenza says, My partner and I found TIES to be an invaluable resource during a period of great change as we all adjusted to our new life together as a family.

UCLA TIES for Families promotes the successful growth, development, and adoption of children with special needs who are in foster care. The program is located on the UCLA campus and works in close collaboration with the public child welfare and mental health systems. The program employs an innovative model of intervention to reduce barriers to the adoption of these children and support their successful transition into permanent homes with stable, nurturing families.

Services are available free of charge to foster and adoptive families of children who are placed and referred by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. TIES offers a nine-hour program of preparation for foster and adoptive parents, thorough assessment of individual children, and pre-placement consultation with prospective adoptive parents by a multi-disciplinary team regarding the childs mental health, medical, and educational needs. There is a comprehensive array of intervention services available to children from birth to twenty-one and their and families. These services include child, parent and family counseling before, during the transition to, and following placement; support groups for parents and children; psychiatric assessment and treatment of children; speech and language, educational, and pediatric consultation; home visits and assessment for infants and their families; psychological testing; in home therapeutic behavioral services; and mentoring for parents and children. Ten years ago UCLA TIES started a pilot satellite at Harbor UCLA; six years ago the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health picked up funding for that program, expanded it and began operating TIES for Families South Bay.

There are currently 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. In an effort to reduce that number and find safe and loving homes for those children, RaiseAChild.US encourages the LGBT community to build their families through fostering and adoption. In June, RaiseAChild.US will be partnering with Penny Lane Centers, a public adoption agency in Antelope Valley with offices throughout Southern California, to reach new prospective parents. Through RaiseAChild.USs media campaigns and outreach in the last 18 months, the organization has already recruited 800 prospective parents.

Edelstein, who founded TIES in 1995, is a licensed clinical social worker in the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the UCLA Department of Pediatrics. She received her BA from UCLA, and her MSW from USC. She began her career in child protective services and adoption in Los Angeles County, and in 1979 began her work at UCLA Medical Center directing service, training, and research projects involving interdisciplinary collaboration in the areas of child abuse and neglect, parental chemical dependency and prenatal substance exposure, foster care and adoption, and comprehensive early intervention approaches. She has published extensively in these areas. In 2009, the TIES Transition Model was designated as Community Defined Evidence Based Practice (CDE) by California Institute of Mental Health.

According to 2010 U.S. Census data, children are being raised in over one million LGBT-headed households. While LGBT parents may encounter resistance from child welfare workers in some communities across the U.S., California law provides children who are in need of loving parents equal access to foster and adoptive families, regardless of the sexual orientation of the parents.

RaiseAChild.US works closely with the Human Rights Campaign Foundations All Children All Families (ACAF) initiative, which provides professional training and technical assistance to foster care and adoption agencies that want to welcome and support LGBT foster and adoptive parents. To date, ACAF includes nearly 70 participating agencies across the country and has awarded 30 seals of recognition.