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Child Foster Care Reform: National Call to Action on Children in Foster Care State Plans To Improve Nation’s Foster Care Programs and Child Protection System Unveiled

Williamsburg, VA (PRWEB) May 2, 2006

Representatives from the nations state courts and child welfare agencies have developed specific recommendations to improve child foster care systems and foster care programs throughout the country as part of a National Call to Action on children in foster care released by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC). State Supreme Court justices partnered with other state leaders to develop the National Call to Action to help reduce the length of time children spend in foster care. Their recommendations provide states with a clear road map of action plans and needed resources to improve outcomes for our nation’s children living in foster care.

Today more than 500,000 children live in foster care. Half of the children will spend at least two years in the Nations foster care system and one in five children will be in the system for five years or more. Although child foster care is often an essential step in helping abused and neglected children, state and local court delays can often extend the time between when children enter the foster care system and when they are placed in safe, permanent homes. While in this ‘limbo,’ many children and families do not receive the assistance they need to allow children to return home safely or prepare them to join another family.

“Implementation of these plans will go a long way to make substantial progress toward reducing the amount of time children spend in the foster care system,” said Chief Justice of Indiana Randall T. Shepard, President of the Conference of Chief Justices. “It will bring these children one step closer to the safe and permanent families they need and deserve.”

The National Call to Action is the result of the landmark National Judicial Leadership Summit for the Protection of Children: Changing Lives by Changing Systems (the Summit), which was held in Minnesota in September 2005. Leaders of 49 state court systems (Louisiana was unable to participate due to Hurricane Katrina), the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories participated in the Summit. As part of the Summit, each state developed an action plan to improve its child protection system procedures and programs. The NCSC, which coordinated the Summit, compiled the team plans into the National Call to Action.

“When a court case sits on the docket, a child sits in foster care,” said former Chief Justice of Minnesota Kathleen Blatz, who co-chaired the Summit.

“While foster care is supposed to be their lifeboat, for many children it’s become the Titanic. The delay in finding a permanent caring home can have a profound affect on a child,” said NCSC President Mary Campbell McQueen.

While all state action plans for child foster care system reform address specific local needs and challenges, there was considerable consensus across major areas needing improvement and the steps required to achieve these changes. Drawing on recommendations from the Pew Commission on Children in Foster Care, state teams identified the following strategies underpinning their action plans:

eLearners.com Offers Educational Resource to Child Care Providers

Hoboken, NJ (PRWEB) August 2, 2007 –

Every day, millions of parents leave their children with a child care provider. It’s a profession that is always in demand as parents depend on outside help to make sure their children are protected, nurtured and educated while they are at work. In the United States alone, almost three million children go to a child care center regularly. To help current and aspiring child care professionals get the skills they need and advance in their profession, eLearners.com recently launched the ‘Mini-Guide’ to Online Child Care Training.

The site answers the following questions:

What does a child care worker do?

How can child care professionals advance their careers?

Can I get child care training online?

How do online child care training programs work?

Will I ever have to go to a campus?

What are the benefits of online learning?

How much will an online child care certification cost?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, child care workers held roughly 1.3 million jobs in 2004 with about one in three child care workers self-employed. Child care training provides professionals with the knowledge to operate within and manage a day care facility and gives parents and guardians peace of mind knowing their children are cared for by educated professionals.

Through online courses, child care providers can develop a range of skills and abilities that can be used in other industries and related professions. After getting child care training, many students continue with their education and work toward a college degree in Early Childhood Education. Students can earn an early childhood education degree online at all levels (associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate). Early Childhood Education degree holders can go on to work as teacher’s aides; pre-school or elementary school teachers; day care facility directors, and more.

“As with almost any field, the options are endless for child care professionals if they have the proper education,” said Andrew Gansler, CEO of eLearners.com. “eLearners.com connects people with accredited programs so their advancement goals can come true.”

For more information on child care training go to http://www.elearners.com/guide-to-online-education/child-care-training-online.asp.

About eLearners.com

Since 1999, eLearners.com

Health Insurance, Health Care Issues Now Top Rated Topics for Radio Listeners According to Arbitron

Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) August 16, 2007

Cary Hall announced today that the Health Insurance Advocate Show, featured on Talk Radio 710 KCMO in Kansas City, Missouri, 9 a.m. Saturdays, has recently experienced a significant Arbitron ratings increase of 119 percent, more than doubling its listenership since this time last year. The program also airs on News Radio 1330 KNSS Talk Radio in Wichita, Kansas, noon on Saturdays, and has experienced an Arbitron ratings increase of 576 percent in the past year – an increase Hall says is a direct result of teaching listeners to feel confident in their understanding of healthcare coverage. Listen to program podcast or live.

“With so much change in the industry and the relentless cost increases that can often drive consumers away from even having healthcare coverage, we believe we know why the show has had such incredible gains in popularity,” Hall said. “Simply put, it’s desperately needed.”

Hall is host of the Saturday morning program as well as president of Benefits By Design, a health insurance and consumer advocate company. The radio program is now the number one rated Saturday talk show in the region according to Arbitron Winter Book Ratings for 2007.

“We’re ending the myth that health insurance is not affordable with a cutting edge program designed to educate and raise awareness in the group and individual policy markets,” said Hall. “We’re helping everyone from sole proprietors who are trying to raise their families to HR executives at large corporations who are trying to make sense out of poorly performing group policies. The show teaches them to understand the market and how best to protect their employees and loved ones with incredible savings and coverage efficiency.”

“People don’t gain clarity on Medicare changes or child-only coverage or caring for elderly parents and so many other very personal issues by reading a boring conventional brochure,” Hall says. “We teach our listeners by conversing with knowledgeable experts, healthcare professionals and community service organizations every week in order to put a human face on what we all face together — the need to protect ourselves and our families and the need to conserve and protect our dollars.”

Hall cites the fact that the health insurance industry can be complex and often leads to confusion, frustration and even heartache in the market place. Breaking down industry terminology and government regulations, demonstrating cost efficiency and giving consumers confidence in the purchase of healthcare coverage is what the Health Insurance Advocate Show strives to deliver.

The new Arbitron ratings come at a crucial time as the Health Insurance Advocate Show reaches its fourth anniversary on the air in Kansas City, touching most of western Missouri and eastern Kansas. The program is in its second year in the Wichita market.

The Health Insurance Advocate Show, heard in Kansas City on Talk Radio 710 KCMO Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and in Wichita on News Radio 1330 KNSS Talk Radio Saturdays from Noon to 1 p.m., is Kansas City’s and Wichita’s only source for the latest information on the health insurance industry.

Listen to program podcast or live.


Vicky Bisby


The Health Insurance Advocate – 10540 Marty, Suite 200 – Overland Park, KS 66212


New Child Care Concept Introduces First Completely Eco-Friendly Center

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 12, 2007

After more than a year of research and planning, this week FIO360 (pronounced fee-oh) announces plans to open its first totally eco-friendly child care center in Atlanta by February 2008. The announcement comes amid a flurry of dialogue regarding safe toys, food and environmental settings for children.

FIO360’s concept will present the first Eco Early Care and Learning Boutique in the United States–meeting the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standards for environmentally sustainable construction and providing an entirely eco-friendly operation with organic/locally-grown food, natural/organic personal care products and earth-friendly cleaners throughout the facility. According to the Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, pound for pound, children breathe more air, drink more water, and eat more food than adults. Their bodies are more rapidly growing and developing, so their interactions within their environments have a maximum impact during this critical time.

“The reality is most of today’s American families (67 percent) require child care services and, as a working mom myself, I realized more could be done to provide a more holistic learning and care setting for children,” says Crissy Klaus, Founder & CEO of FIO360. “The word ‘fio’ is a Latin verb that means ‘to become’ and ‘360’ relates to wholeness or coming full circle, so FIO360 will provide an optimum setting for children to become their individual best–intellectually, physically and emotionally.”

FIO360 will also offer a wide array of special amenities for children and families, including an interactive learning museum, on-site massage therapy, heated floors, a no-shoes policy, the first Family Concierge and a 9,600 square-foot rooftop playground, to name a few.

FIO360’s Key Features

In line with its eco-friendly values and family-centric philosophies, FIO360 will enter the Atlanta market offering several unique features, including:

Green Building & Eco-Friendly Child Care Standards: FIO360 is making significant investments to create a green facility that will provide a setting for optimal children’s health, including zero-VOC (volatile organic compounds) painted walls; no PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic products; natural and organic toys; all-natural personal care products that exclude harmful chemicals; solar tubes to bring in natural lighting; floors that emit radiant heat; and earth-friendly leaning products that exclude harmful fumes and environmental toxins.

Organic Children’s Meals: All meals prepared in the on-site FIO360 commercial kitchen or purchased from outside vendors will feature locally-grown, organic, natural or hormone-free food, with an emphasis on whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Children’s & Parent’s Massage Therapy: Studies reveal infants who receive massage sleep through the night sooner, longer and have fewer gastric problems. Research also demonstrates that massage in young children helps develop less aggressive behaviors. At FIO360, parents will have the option to register their children for massage by a licensed and trained specialist at no charge. FIO360 will also feature a “Relaxation Station” where parents and staff can unwind and recharge with massage by a certified specialist. Workshops for parents will also be offered to provide additional education about this emerging practice.

Shoeless Environment: To negate the dirt, germs and oils that shoes can track on the floors, FIO360 will provide children and staff with Fio Slippers to wear throughout the facility. Playtime on the floors is a core part of each child’s discovery experience and shoeless settings help keep the floors clean and safe for children to crawl, walk, run and play.

Classroom Technology: The FIO360 classrooms will feature active board technology that will be used for learning and will also stream family photos and video footage so that children can always feel connected. And, parents will have access to password-protected Web cameras to take a sneak peek at their children throughout the day.

Interactive Learning Exhibits: A significant portion of the entrance level–a 900 square-foot space with 18 ft. ceilings–will feature interactive learning exhibits in a children’s museum format. The “Imagination Station” will feature permanent “signature” exhibits as well as portable exhibits that will change to keep the space fresh and exciting.

Rooftop Playground: Today’s best outdoor play spaces for children invite open-ended play and discovery in natural environments. Located on the rooftop, the FIO360 Magical Urban Playscape will present a space for children to play, wonder and create. With a protected rooftop setting (enclosed by an 8-foot fence) that allows children to view the wonder of Atlanta, this playground will feature various age-appropriate play stations and gardens where children can escape to a world of excitement and exploration.

New Pyramid Learning Curriculum: Developed by Dr. Jef Van Kuyk of the Netherlands (one of the world’s most literate countries), this curriculum meets the highest national standards for early care and learning. The program is used to educate children in the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and India and is currently being developed for use in the United States. Teachers are trained and empowered to use a four-step process to take children from basic understanding to more complex problem solving.

Countdown To Opening

The 21,000-plus square foot FIO360 facility will serve 238 children ages 6 weeks to 6 years in its full-time care and learning program. The center will also offer drop-in care for parents who want to enjoy quality time in the city and back-up care for parents when their everyday provider is unavailable.

FIO360 will gradually roll out enrollment openings for full-time care, with plans to reach its full capacity of 238 openings by April 2008.

For more information, visit http://www.fio360.com.


New Easter Seals/MassMutual Study: Autism Strains Family Finances, Threatens Long-Term Care and Security

Springfield, Mass. (Vocus) December 16, 2008

Caring for children with autism is wreaking havoc on family finances across America, jeopardizing current and long-term care and security, according to a new study, Living with Autism, released today by Easter Seals and Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual).

“No one expected the problems and challenges to be so severe for families living with autism – the numbers are stark and point to the pervasiveness of this public health crisis,” said John Chandler, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of MassMutual’s U.S. Insurance Group. “The study reveals that many families are exposed to serious financial risk due to a lack of awareness and planning.”

For example, of parents having children with autism:

74 percent fear their children will not have enough financial support after the parents die (compared to only 18 percent of parents with typically developing children)
52 percent say caring for their child drains the family’s current financial resources (compared to 13 percent)
47 percent say the cost of care financially impacts how they raise typically developing siblings

“The good news is that, with increased awareness and the right help, this is one piece of the autism puzzle that parents can begin to solve,” added Chandler.

“There’s a lot at stake,” said Joanne Gruszkos, director of the SpecialCareSM Program at MassMutual. “By not addressing financial and life care planning needs, or addressing them with inexperienced professionals, a lot of these families could, at the very least, risk losing the government services that are a real lifeline for children with autism.”

The study found that despite overwhelming need, most parents don’t seek out the help of skilled financial professionals for a variety of reasons, including lack of time, not knowing where to start, and simply being overwhelmed. “Even when they do reach out, the help can be misguided because it comes from financial professionals who are not trained specifically to deal with complex cases involving special needs,” added Gruszkos. “Run-of-the-mill planning can backfire.”

The study found that:

only half of families surveyed receive professional financial advice
only 38 percent have designated a guardian
only 17 percent have created a Special Needs Trust, which can be an important funding vehicle
only 24 percent have identified living arrangements, if the parent is no longer living
MassMutual’s SpecialCare program is an innovative outreach initiative developed exclusively by MassMutual to provide access to information, specialists, and financial products and services that can help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and other special needs and their families and caregivers.

“Life care planning is a growing area of financial services need, as awareness and occurrence of disabilities and special needs increases across the country,” explained Gruszkos. “MassMutual has more than 200 Special Care Planners across the U.S. who have received advanced training in estate and tax planning concepts, special needs trusts, government programs, and the emotional dynamics of working with special needs families and caregivers,” she added.

“There is an urgent need for increased funding and services – especially for adults with autism. Easter Seals and MassMutual want to help change all of this and make a difference for families living with autism today,” concluded Patricia Wright, Ph.D., MPH, Easter Seals’ national director, autism services.

Results of the study are available at http://www.massmutual.com/autism. A variety of resources from MassMutual for people with special needs, their families and caregivers are available at http://www.massmutual.com/specialcare/resources.

Editors please note: Photos available.

Survey Methodology

The Living with Autism Study – a survey of more than 2,500 parents about their children’s daily lives, relationships, independence, education, housing, employment, finances and healthcare – highlights the pervasive emotional, practical and financial impacts of autism on families, their futures and their finances.

The study was conducted online within the United States by HarrisInteractive on behalf of Easter Seals between June 16 and July 17, 2008 among 1,652 parents of children age 30 and under who have autism and 917 parents of typically developing children age 30 and under. No estimates of theoretical sampling error can be calculated; a full methodology is available.

About MassMutual

MassMutual is a leader in helping people with disabilities and other special needs and their families through its exclusive SpecialCareSM Program. For more information and resources on autism, go to http://www.massmutual.com/autism.

MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing name for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its affiliated companies and sales representatives. MassMutual and its subsidiaries had more than $ 500 billion in assets under management at year-end 2007. Assets under management include assets and certain external investment funds managed by MassMutual’s subsidiaries.

Founded in 1851, MassMutual is a mutually owned financial protection, accumulation and income management company headquartered in Springfield, Mass. MassMutual’s major affiliates include: OppenheimerFunds, Inc.; Babson Capital Management LLC; Baring Asset Management Limited; Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers LLC; The First Mercantile Trust Company; MML Investors Services, Inc., member FINRA and SIPC (http://www.finra.org and http://www.sipc.org); MassMutual International LLC and The MassMutual Trust Company, FSB.

About Easter Seals

Autism is a lifelong disability that affects the way a person’s brain functions, involving challenges in communication, social skills, and behaviors. While there is no known cause or cure, autism is treatable and people with autism can – and do – lead meaningful lives. Easter Seals is the leading non-profit provider of services for individuals with autism, developmental disabilities, physical disabilities and other special needs. For nearly 90 years, we have been offering help and hope to children and adults living with disabilities, and to the families who love them. Through therapy, training, education and support services, Easter Seals creates life-changing solutions so that people with disabilities can live, learn, work and play. Visit http://www.easterseals.com or http://www.actforautism.org to learn more about autism, find services at an Easter Seals near you, or help change the lives of people living with autism by becoming a donor or volunteer.


Nadya Suleman Accepts Offer of Specialized In-home Care for 14 Children from Angels in Waiting, at the urging of Dr. Phil

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2009

Dr. Phil McGraw announced today in a special taping of DR. PHIL that Nadya Suleman, the mother of octuplets born in January in Southern California, has come to an agreement with Angels in Waiting to care for her 14 children. The arrangements have been finalized in the last week, at the urging of Dr. Phil, so that Ms. Suleman could provide the best possible care-giving solution in advance of the octuplets being released from the hospital.

Details of the agreement will be revealed in today’s taping of DR. PHIL, to be broadcast in two parts on March 10th and March 11th. (Please check your local listings.)

According to Linda Conforti West, CEO and founder of Angels in Waiting, the agency initially will be providing around-the-clock services of skilled neonatal intensive care nurses who specialize in premature infant developmental care. Psychological and physical early therapies to help enhance all of the children’s growth and well-being will also be provided. All Angels in Waiting services will commence as soon as the octuplets are released from the hospital and will be reevaluated every 6 months.

“From the beginning, my interest in this story has been guided by my concern for these children,” said Dr. Phil. “Nadya realized that she had to make every effort to care for the octuplets as well as the 6 children at home in a way that proved that she understood the enormity and complexity of the task ahead. The plan in place, which could not have happened without attorney Gloria Allred and Angels in Waiting, affords all of the Suleman children a chance to grow and thrive. The childcare will be completely transparent, so that Kaiser Permanente and Child Protective Services will see that Nadya is seriously committed to her family.”

Attorney Gloria Allred, who originally brought Angels in Waiting to Ms. Suleman’s attention, added: “I am delighted that Nadya understood that the offer from Angels in Waiting was made in the best interest of the children, and I am equally delighted that we could find a way to provide help and support so that she could remain in her own neighborhood. Now that Ms. Suleman has found a suitable new home, Angels in Waiting has also agreed to help Nadya prepare the house properly to meet the children’s needs.”

Angels in Waiting is a non-profit 501C3 charitable organization established in 2005 to meet the needs of the most vulnerable population of America’s foster children, the forgotten medically fragile preemies, infants and children. Their mission is to move medically fragile foster care infants and young children into private residences under the care of Registered and Licensed Vocational nurses as their foster parents. AIW helps to save a child and ensure a childhood by ending the child’s time in the Foster Care System, finds permanent homes for them, and paves the way to better lives with continued resources for these vulnerable little ones.

The offer from Angels in Waiting, according to Ms. Allred, will allow Nadya Suleman to keep her family together without use of taxpayer funds, but the agency is dependant on donations from the public and corporate sectors. To contribute, go to the Angels in Waiting website: http://www.angelsinwaitingusa.org/

About Dr. Phil:

Dr. Phil McGraw has galvanized millions of people to “get real” about their own behavior and create more positive lives. Dr. Phil, his syndicated, daily one-hour series, is the second highest-rated daytime talk show in the nation. The show has been making headlines and breaking records since its September 2002 launch, when it garnered the highest ratings of any new syndicated show since the launch of The Oprah Winfrey Show 17 years prior.


CASA of Cook County Launches a New Initiative Helping Older Youth Who are Preparing to Age Out of Foster Care

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) April 7, 2009

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Cook County presents Filling the Gaps: Creating Stepping Stones to Success for Older Youth, a symposium launching its new initiative, Creating Independent Transitions for Youth (CITY). The symposium is scheduled for Tuesday, April 14, 2009 from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the UIC Forum located at 725 W. Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60608.

The featured speaker will be Dr. Amy Dworsky, Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago. Dr. Dworsky will discuss “National Review of Policies and Program Supporting Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care” and “Midwest Evaluation of the Adult Functioning of Former Foster Youth.”

Filling the Gaps: Creating Stepping Stones to Success for Older Youth is a free event, thanks to a generous grant from the Louis R. Lurie Foundation. Registration is available at http://www.casacookcounty.org

Because Every Child Deserves a Safe Permanent Home

About the CITY Initiative

There are approximately 3,000 abused and neglected youth age 16 and older in the Child Protection Division of Cook County Juvenile Court.

CASA of Cook County developed CITY in response to the alarming number of abused and negelcted youth in Cook County who are preparing to age out of foster care without permanent homes and support. CITY recruits, trains and supervises volunteer Advocates to work with foster youth age 16 and older to evaluate their individual needs and determine-with the assistance of the court and all involved parties-the services and tools needed to reflect each young person’s individual goals of independence. Volunteers monitor the youth’s current living situation for safety and appropriateness and help youth reconnect with extended family members in order to develop long-term supportive relationships.

Youth benefit from having a CITY Advocate in multiple ways. Because each volunteer is assigned to only one case at a time, the youth receive the individual attention they deserve and are able to build a trusting relationship with their volunteer. Through regular and direct communication between the youth and Advocate, the youth’s wants, needs and desires for their future are clearly communicated to the court. Most importantly, youth begin to understand how to advocate for themselves and how to become successful, productive members of their communities.

About CASA of Cook County

For nearly 25 years, Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Cook County has been helping abused and neglected children involved in the Juvenile Court and foster care system of Cook County. CASA of Cook County provides caring volunteer advocates to make a life-long difference for children.

Advocates are appointed by a judge and assigned to one case at a time, serving as an independent voice for abused and neglected children in court. Volunteers advocate for safe, permanent homes for these children to break the cycle of abuse and neglect. CASA volunteers help ensure that children receive appropriate services and treatment by independently monitoring a child’s situation, identifying community resources, and participating in the court process.

For more information, visit http://www.casacookcounty.org

# # #

Save Money on Health Care with 10 Tips from Bills.com

San Mateo, Calif. (Vocus) August 5, 2009

Health care is in the headlines these days as President Obama and Congress attempt to hammer out a way to make health care costs more affordable for Americans, who cite medical bills as one of the leading causes of debt and bankruptcy.

While the politicians debate, Ethan Ewing, president of Bills.com, has put together these 10 ways to save on medical care:


Coastal Cuties Organic Tear Free Toddler Shampoo Announced as a Honored Recipient of iParenting Media Award in Baby Care Category

Long Beach, CA (PRWEB) September 2, 2009

Coastal Cuties Gear, Inc., a producer of natural, organic, and paraben-free baby care products announced that it’s Natural & Organic Orange Creamsicle Tear Free Toddler Shampoo was a recipient of an iParenting Media Award in the 2009 category. Made with organic and natural ingredients, no parabens or phthalates, Coastal Cuties Tear-Free Orange Creamsicle Toddler Shampoo is a gentle daily shampoo that conditions and moisturizes while protecting hair’s natural moisture content.

The iParenting Media Awards is one of the country’s premiere product evaluation and testing services. Coastal Cuties Tear-free Shampoo was reviewed by iParenting’s nationwide reviewers comprising of a diverse group of parents, experts, licensed childcare centers.

“We are thrilled to have Coastal Cuties tear free toddler shampoo be the recipient of an iParenting award,” states Coastal Cuties founder Andrea Salisbury. “As parents concerned about both the environment and the harmful chemicals found in most other baby and toddler personal care we created the Coastal Cuties Website and produced a complete line of natural and organic personal care products for children. To have an esteemed group of peers and professionals at iParenting recognize our achievements with this award is an honor.”

About Coastal Cuties Gear

Southern California based Coastal Cuties began as a support group for new moms and a means to support local charities. Coastal Cuties Gear is dedicated to providing advice, tips, and well tested, mother approved eco-friendly baby gear including it’s own line of natural organic high-quality kidsafe personal care products Coastal Cutie’s natural and organic baby and toddler products can be found at http://www.CoastalCutiesGear.com or by calling (800) 516-3792.

About iParenting.com

iParenting Awards is part of the Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio, a leading group of sites that provide inspiration and ideas for parents on a variety of topics important to today`s families. Sites include Disney Family.com, Kaboose.com, FamilyFun.com, BabyZone.com, ParentZone.com, AmazingMoms.com and iParenting.com.

iParenting Awards is the leading family products evaluation program that is committed to helping parents make informed decisions as they choose products for their family. The iParenting Awards’ method for testing and evaluating products requires review by leading experts, parents and childcare providers, and each product is evaluated on numerous attributes such as quality, durability, age-appropriateness and play value, among many others. The iParenting Awards product testing and evaluation practices ensure that the highest quality

products offering the best value for families are recognized in the marketplace.