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Harmony Selects Logi 8 Business Intelligence Platform from LogiXML to Enhance Human Services Software Solutions

Reston and McLean, VA (PRWEB) May 29, 2007

Harmony Information Systems, Inc. (Harmony) has reached an OEM agreement with LogiXML, Inc. to integrate the Logi 8 Business Intelligence platform into the innovative Harmony Web-based solution, which offers information management for human service agencies.

The Logi 8 Platform includes a range of BI features to deliver Harmony application data to users for reporting and analysis. Dashboards, ad hoc reports, customizable charts, graphs and report personalization are just a few of the key features that will be incorporated to enhance the value of Harmony products.

Harmony is a Web-based information management solution designed for human services organizations that provide or manage a wide array of programs and services. Harmony is unlike any other application on the market today. Employing a unique enterprise framework approach, Harmony offers exceptional capabilities, combining the strength of a comprehensive, Web-based framework with the flexibility of a user-defined, integrated application.

“We are very pleased Harmony has chosen the Logi 8 business intelligence platform,” said Arman Eshraghi, founder and CEO, LogiXML, Inc. “We are committed to making embedded, Web-based reporting and analysis as easy as possible for innovative application software vendors like Harmony.”

“We see an opportunity to instantly enhance the value of our product by integrating BI capabilities developed by LogiXML into our product line,” said Harmony President and CEO Tonya Harmon. “The Web-based Logi 8 technology is visually appealing and functionally rich. Integrating this technology into our product will provide our users with the additional BI capability they want and will help us reach our product objectives more quickly — a great combination.”

Harmony meets the combined needs of organizations involved in behavioral health care, child welfare and childcare, housing and homeless programs, juvenile justice, mental retardation and developmental disabilities, substance abuse, adult protective services, foster care and adoption, public guardianship and trustee services and other areas.

Harmony customers include public and private agencies such as government social services departments, lead agencies, managed care organizations and providers of behavioral and social services.

About LogiXML, Inc. (http://www.logixml.com)

LogiXML, the leader in interactive, Web-based Business Intelligence, empowers enterprises to turn data into business-critical information with pure Web-based reporting and analysis products. The Company offers a comprehensive platform that addresses all key areas of BI — managed reporting, ad hoc reporting, analysis and data services. Used by thousands of organizations worldwide, LogiXML products are built on standards-based technologies for easy integration, implementation and upgrade. LogiXML’s per server pricing model makes its powerful technology the most affordable BI solution on the market. Founded in 2000, LogiXML is privately held and based in McLean, Virginia.

About Harmony (http://www.harmonyis.com)

Harmony is a Web-based software application for information management in human service agencies that provide or manage a variety of complex programs and services. Harmony is clearly different from competing solutions, combining the flexibility of an application built “from the ground up” with the convenience, cost efficiency and ease of implementation of a commercial off-the-shelf (or COTS) product offering immediate, “out of the box” functionality.


Crisp Thinking Hires Veteran VP of Business Development to Continue Record Growth

Beaverton, OR (PRWEB) July 21, 2008

Crisp Thinking, the online child protection specialist, is pleased to announce the addition of Myril Shaw as Vice President of Business Development to the executive team in the US. Mr. Shaw is a seasoned sales, business development, and channel expert with more than 25 years of experience. “The last six months have been tremendously busy for Crisp and we are expanding very rapidly to meet the huge demand, Myril will play a crucial role in helping us to deliver exciting opportunities quickly and effectively,” said Andrew Lintell, Chief Executive of Crisp Thinking.

“This is an exciting time to be joining the Crisp Thinking team. They have a great, proven product and demonstrated market acceptance,” said Myril Shaw, new VP of Business Development for Crisp Thinking. Myril will work alongside Crisp’s VP of Sales, Campbell Ferrier, and his responsibilities include the expansion of Crisp’s partners and customer development and partnership programs.

Mr. Shaw’s previous position was Managing Director of International Sales with Adtron where he increased channel sales more than 100% in 2007 over the previous year’s revenues. Prior management and executive level positions at RLX Technologies (now HP), Sequent (now IBM), Cap Gemini and Tandem Computers, are all part of the Myril’s progressive career growth. Mr. Shaw graduated with a B.S. degree with honors from Middlebury College.

About Crisp Thinking:

With offices in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK and Beaverton, Oregon; Crisp offers a range of child protection solutions for Virtual Worlds/Social Networks, home Internet users and Internet Service Providers. Crisp has responsible and specialist knowledge of the issues surrounding online child safety which address the increasingly complex tactics of abusers and bullies. For more information, please visit us online at http://www.crispthinking.com or our new acquisition, IMSafer at http://www.imsafer.com.

Media Contacts:

Crisp Thinking US

Jimme’ Peters




WOT Services Launches Trust Network for Online Business Owners to Promote Excellent Reputations and Collect Feedback

Helsinki, Finland (PRWEB) November 3, 2009

WOT Services Ltd, the company behind the reputation rating service Web of Trust, launched the Community Trust Network (CTN), a program that gives websites with superior reputations tools to publicize their trustworthiness and to collect ratings and feedback in a neutral way. The end result for website owners is that they attract new visitors, improve their reputation, and boost sales by increasing confidence and trust.

Today’s Internet surfers use online tools like WOT to share their experiences and express their opinions about companies. Candidates for CTN membership already have excellent or good reputations as rated by the millions of members of the WOT community. Businesses without their own mechanism to collect customer feedback use WOT’s rating information to establish a fair, unbiased, easy-to-use system to collect and promote feedback and ratings that will attract new customers to their site.

“My business lives and dies by the trust of my customers, and I want to show potential customers that my website and my business can be trusted. The WOT community has rated my site highly in all categories, and with the Community Trust Network, I now have a way to communicate that to all my site’s visitors,” said Ed Coyne, owner of Angelo PC, in San Angelo, Texas.

The Community Trust Network includes:

360 Business Consulting Founder Interviewed on Protecting Children Online

Mission Viejo, CA (PRWEB) August 13, 2010

Ron Zayas, founder and chief strategist for 360 Business Consulting, was invited to speak about Internet safety on the radio show “Brainstormin’ With Bill Frank.” The news and public affairs program is based in Ventura County, California.

In addition to bringing his extensive background in Internet marketing and technology strategies to 360, Zayas is also the CEO of eGuardian, the company that provides the foundation for the most comprehensive means of protecting children online.

“I am always happy any time I have an opportunity to not just promote the online protection provided by eGuardian, but to also get the message out to parents about the dangers their children could face on the Internet,” Zayas said.

eGuardian is the only online verification service that offers a foolproof method for verifying the age of children. The company’s technology works with parental controls, site blockers and access restrictors, while providing a deeper layer of protection and a safer environment.

The radio program warned listeners that Internet usage puts children into contact with potentially millions of people–some of whom will not be friendly. Never before in human history have children been exposed to threats from so many possible assailants. Children are often not adequately prepared for the dangers they might face, as these problems are unfamiliar to many parents who did not grow up with the Internet.

“Many parents don’t have the technology background to understand online threats, so they don’t know how to protect their children,” Zayas cautions. “That’s why eGuardian is working with companies and social media providers to create a process where children are always clearly identified online as children, and can thus be protected by certain restrictions to their activities and communication.”

Now, with mobile devices and game consoles also offering online access, Zayas noted on the program that one of the primary roles of parents is to teach children when to turn off in this constantly plugged in world.

Asked to identify the most important message he could convey about online protection, Zayas reiterated that personal information must be safeguarded, especially when it belongs to young people.

“The Internet teaches kids to share information, because that is their business model, and in doing so it is training them to do the opposite of what most parents think kids should be doing,” Zayas said. “We have to teach our children that not everybody online is your friend.”

The complete interview is available online at http://brainstorminonline.com/internet-child-safety-is-explained-by-two-experts/.

About 360 Business Consulting:

360 Business Consulting aims to increase sales and profits for small and midsized companies by guaranteeing results and offering innovative pricing to fit a range of budgets and business resources. The firm specializes in identifying client prospects to help companies grow their business, designs custom marketing programs to achieve sales goals and offers a variety of technology and Web-based solutions. For more information, visit http://www.360businessconsulting.com.

About eGuardian:

The eGuardian mission is to protect children online from inappropriate content and solicitation, resulting in safe learning and exploring on the Internet. Through partnerships with prominent web sites eGuardian creates an environment that allows children to learn and communicate without the fear of being solicited by predatory adults or being exposed to adult content. For more information, visit eGuardian at http://www.eguardian.com.


State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Selects Corticon as Business Rules Engine Standard

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) December 15, 2010

The State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare (DHW) has selected Corticon Technologies to provide their enterprise standard business rules engine. Corticons software will be used by Idaho DHW to provide faster and more efficient social services, while also improving service quality. This is achieved by automating the rules, regulations, and best practices that govern benefits determination, needs assessment and service delivery.

Idaho DHW focuses on the health, safety, and self-sufficiency of Idahoan individuals and families. DHW provides services in the form of benefits programs such as health care, cash assistance, food stamps, nutritional assistance, foster care and child protection. Recently, an ailing economy has created an influx of citizens in need. Currently, DHW serves the 1.5 million citizens of Idaho, of which nearly one in four citizens require services. Record enrollment, combined with lower tax revenue, has created a crises situation, overloading social service personnel. Fortunately, Corticon can help.

Idaho intends to use Corticon to automate regulated, rules-driven processes such as benefits determination and needs assessment. The Corticon-powered solutions will help Idahos social workers more effectively manage the increased workload, while simultaneously improving quality of service via better adherence to federal regulations and best practices. Corticon will be used both to replace aging, inflexible, legacy technology, as well as to automate manual tasks. According to Mike Wickham, Bureau Chief, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, “Almost everything that we do is heavily driven by business rules, mandated by federal regulations that define our social service programs. Corticons rules engine will make our business rules more visible and accessible to the business, but also more responsive to the changes that come from either state or federal regulations.”

Idaho plans to first implement Corticon as a part of their WIC system replacement. WIC refers to the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children, a Federal assistance program of the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). WIC provides nutrition assistance for low-income pregnant women, breastfeeding women, and infants and children under the age of five.

Idaho’s WIC program has expanded dramatically in recent years, from 62,000 citizens in 2006, to 82,254 citizens in 2010. This growth has overwhelmed their social workers. Their existing legacy WIC system, which minimally supported the process, was too inflexible to change. Thus, Idaho decided to replace their WIC system.

After evaluating a number of WIC systems at other states, Idaho decided to build their own, using Corticon as the rules engine. The new solution is expected to significantly improve their social workers productivity, by helping to automate the process of certification (i.e. eligibility), needs assessment, and food package selection. The new WIC system will provide faster service to citizens, while also improving service quality via better adherence to federal regulations and best practices.

Idaho DHW chose Corticon as their enterprise standard rules engine after a lengthy evaluation process. After evaluating several products, and working with a rules engine product as a part of an existing system, Idaho recognized Corticon as providing a true breakthrough in ease-of-use. Most products require learning multiple tools and languages to do what Corticon could do with a single, business-friendly tool, said Vickie Flatt, Project Manager at Idaho DHW. This ease-of-use results in several benefits. First, new systems can be developed and modified far more quickly. Second, with Corticon, all rules are transparent to business people, ensuring that the rules are easier to understand, validate and change. Third, with Corticon, it is far faster and easier to train new resources, including business people, to build and maintain rules.

“We proved that Corticon can significantly reduce the overhead to create and maintain business rules,” said Mr. Wickham. “We are embracing Corticon as an enterprise standard and see the opportunity to put the rules engine in many other areas of our business.”

“Corticon is pleased to partner with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare to provide more efficient and responsive benefits systems,” said Dr. Mark Allen, CEO of Corticon. “We look forward to helping Idaho to better serve the needs of their citizens.”

About Business Rules Engines

Business rules engines (BRE), also known as business rules management systems (BRMS) , are an advanced technology used to deliver more agile IT systems (see http://www.corticon.com/Products/). Business rules engines enable the business logic of software applications to be externalized from programming code and managed by subject matter experts. Business rules engines provide a number of key advantages such as accelerated application development and maintenance, increased business transparency and control, and improved audit-ability. In addition, they enable the automation of sophisticated operational decisions that are too complex and volatile to automate via traditional programming techniques.

About the State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s programs and services are designed to help people live healthy and be productive, strengthening individuals, families and communities. From birth throughout life, we help people improve their lives. We deal with complex social, economic and health issues. We receive requests every day for assistance with food or medical insurance. We help others with child care, child support and substance abuse problems. Throughout the state, we are at the forefront of protecting public health. We help people help themselves. Our goal is to help people become self-reliant, working with them to identify issues and solutions to their problems so they won’t need future assistance from us. Idaho’s health and human services are a partnership. We team with other agencies and human service providers to meet the needs in each community. Working together, we can build a better Idaho.

About Corticon

Corticon is the leading independent provider of business rules engines, used to automate decision making processes with unprecedented agility and business control. Corticon is a privately held company headquartered in Redwood City, California, with European headquarters in The Netherlands, worldwide distribution through local Corticon offices, and an extensive partner network. Corticon’s products are in use today at many of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies, media companies, telecommunication providers and government organizations, collectively automating millions of decisions per day.

# # #

Local Franklin, TN, Business Owners Team Up: Putting Cloth Diapers In The Record Books

Franklin, TN (PRWEB) April 03, 2011

In celebration of Earth Day 2011, USA Baby and Big Kids Too! in partnership with Green Pixie Baby and Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel announce their participation in The Great Cloth Diaper Change on April 23, 2011 at 10:30 am. The event will be hosted at Saint Phillips Community Center 113 Second Avenue South in Franklin.

USA Baby and Big Kids Too!, Green Pixie Baby and Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity will unite with the cloth diaper community around the globe in hopes of breaking the world record for most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. The event will also include goodie bags for the first 36 people to register for world record event and all participants will be entered to win two Grand Prize drawings for a Best Chair Upholstered Glider and a $ 100 gift certificate to Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel. For more information or to register, visit http://www.usababyfranklin.com or http://greatclothdiaperchangegpb.eventbrite.com/.

Chris White, General Manager of USA Baby and Big Kids Too! states, “We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the rest of the world in attempting to break a world record and to bring awareness to the advances in cloth diapers. We encourage everyone to come and see just how easy cloth diapers are to use. Not only are they more convenient than ever, they protect our environment as well. A typical disposable diaper takes over 500 years to decompose in a landfill. By switching to a cloth diaper, a typical family of one baby can reduce their household garbage by fifty percent in the course of the two to three years the average child wears a diaper.

Marie Sawyer, Owner of Green Pixie Baby states Green Pixie Baby is thrilled to be a part of this world wide effort to get cloth diapers in the Guinness Book of records. This event is a wonderful opportunity to promote cloth diapers and spread awareness of the health, environmental, and financial benefits of cloth diapering. We are proud to be cloth diaper and green parenting advocates.

Rebecca Lee, Owner of Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel Nashville states “It is exciting to be a part of the Great Diaper Change. One of my favorite parts of Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity is coming along side of mom’s during pregnancy and helping educate them on these new worlds of pregnancy and parenthood, reusable diapers is one of those areas. Today they are not your mom’s cloth diapers! They are simple, money saving & gentler one your baby’s bottom. Families today are really embracing this diapering option.”

USA Baby and Big Kids Too! is Nashvilles premier baby and big kids furniture store. With over 50 complete and fully decorated baby and big kid room vignettes from the most trusted brands, USA Baby & Kids Too! is the place for baby and big kids furniture.

Pickles & Ice Cream Maternity Apparel is the oldest and largest maternity clothing franchise in the United States. Pickles & Ice Cream strives to provide expecting women a place to get exceptional customer service and high quality, fashionable maternity clothes at reasonable prices.

Green Pixie Baby strives to offer the best earth-friendly American made baby products on the market. Green Pixie Baby offers a full range of products including cloth diapers, cloth diapering supplies, natural baby care products, infant and toddler shoes and locally made items.

If you would like more information on this event, or to schedule an interview, please call Cindy Hamilton at 615.478.7496 or e-mail Cindy at cindyhamiltonmarketing(at)hotmail(dot)com.

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Massachusetts Ross Insurance Agency, Inc. Gives a Few Tips on How to Run a Successful Small Business

Holyoke, Massachusetts (PRWEB) June 22, 2011

Ross Insurance Agency, Inc., locally based in Holyoke, MA, is the perfect poster child for a thriving small business and has created some tips for others like them. These helpful guidelines were compiled in order to help create an environment for success. It is certainly possible for anyone to start or run a small business as long as they have a positive attitude and a tireless work ethic.

1. Write a business plan.

This includes any sort of plan, as long as it is on paper so the idea is not lost. Typically a small business is started from a passion and grows into wanting to make that passion into a profession. However, no matter how enthusiastic one is about the small business, it won’t be successful unless a plan is in place for how everything will be started and ultimately run. A business plan is essential because it allows for experimentation with the strategy for the business on paper before anything becomes more concrete.

2. Create a stable foundation, which is done through hiring the right people.

Don’t just hire the first person that comes along with the basic qualifications needed. Look for someone with motivation, creativity, and the right kind of personality to make it in the industry and fits in with the business mission. Then, a solid team will form to accomplish the goals set by the business,

3. Keep an edge over the competition.

There are many ways to gain a competitive edge, such as having a better product, a more efficient manufacturing or distribution process, a more convenient location, better customer service, or a better understanding of the changing marketplace. The best way to remain on top is to stay proactive. For example, Ross Insurance Agency, Inc. has taken on a proactive role in the community by utilizing social media. From Facebook to Twitter, the agency has established a following of loyal customers and community members in order create a successful business and environment for all.

4. Most importantly, protect your business.

This is where Ross Insurance comes in. Having a small business is worthwhile, but exposes the owner to liability for business debts and judgments. Creditors and judgment holders can come after the owners’ personal assets, like savings accounts and homes, once the business’ money is depleted. Business is unpredictable, but buying business insurance doesnt have to be. The agencys Massachusetts small business insurance plan matches the specific needs of the client and fits the budget. Their business insurance solutions strategically help to reduce the financial impact of unexpected losses like natural disasters, lawsuits, employee injuries, and more.

Ross Insurance encourages anyone who wants to start a business to love what they are doing and be passionate about the people they are serving. Need further advice and ideas? The agency also encourages entrepreneurs to check out the U.S. Small Business Administration for helpful tips regarding starting and managing a business. Through hard work, networking and a positive attitude, anyone can run a successful small business!

About Ross Insurance Agency, Inc:

Proudly located in Holyoke Massachusetts, Ross Insurance Agency is dedicated to serving the insurance needs of local individuals, families and businesses. Since 1925, Ross has been committed to fostering a positive reputation for their agency; striving to emerge as a leading coverage provider, above all other Massachusetts insurance companies. Ross specializes in providing superior Auto, Home, Business, Group and Life Insurance to residents across the state; in addition to various specialty insurance solutions.


360 Diversity Supported Business Wins No Barriers Award

(PRWEB UK) 11 July 2011

360 diversity, the equality and diversity communications platform, has helped the Core Assets Group to win the Bromsgrove No Barriers Award. This award scheme was recently introduced by Bromsgrove District Council to give recognition to those businesses which provide good access and customer service to disabled people. The final list of award winners for the Bromsgrove No Barriers Disabled Access Awards was decided on June 20th by a panel of disabled volunteers.

It has been through 360 diversitys support to the Core Assets Group for the last 18months which has resulted in the presentation of a number of awards for promoting equality and diversity (http://www.360diversity.com/). In this case, it has been the nature of the innovative 360 diversity (http://www.360diversity.com/) platform which has enabled staff who are parents of children with disabilities to seek support and communicate with others. Staff have the facility to participate on a unique dedicated online virtual forum. Users have been able to seek support from each other, which helps them to manage the difficulties of being a working parent to a disabled child.

Stuart Bray of 360 diversity adds We are so proud to be able to support Core Assets with their excellent equality and diversity work. When 360 diversity was born, we aimed to make a tool that was more than just ticking boxes, we wanted companies to be able to demonstrate their commitment to their staff and create a way of working that went the extra mile. Core Assets Group has certainly taken this to heart, and winning this award is a credit to their commitment and dedication.

360 diversity was the obvious platform to support this initiative, there is a meeting once every six weeks, and in between times staff can access 360 diversity whilst in the office or at home, posting in topics such as travelling with a disabled child, flexible working, and independent living.

360 diversity has helped bring people together from all backgrounds, cultures, ages, etc. and has brought about social learning for all, through the use of news articles covering the 9 protected characteristics detailed in the Equality Act 2010 through six dedicated strands homepages.

About Us

360 diversity is an online diversity forum and information resource which is available to private, public and third sector employers throughout the UK. It was developed to support organisations to take a holistic approach to diversity and to effectively implement and manage policies relating to equality and diversity in the workplace. For further information visit the 360 diversity website at http://www.360diversity.co.uk.