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L.A. Family Law Attorney Tamila Jensen Urges Governor to Sign Bill for Affordable Legal Service

Granada Hills, CA (PRWEB) October 8, 2009

Los Angeles County family law attorney Tamila C. Jensen has written a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger urging him to sign Assembly Bill 590, which will help the poor get access to domestic legal services. The governor has until midnight on October 11 to veto or sign AB 590.

Attorney Jensen is a strong advocate for equal access to legal representation. She is a proponent of Civil Gideon, inspired by the 1963 Supreme Court case Gideon v. Wainwright. Writing for Valley Lawyer in April, Jensen explained that the Gideon ruling ordered the states to provide a lawyer for anyone facing a felony charge. However, Jensen noted, the 1981 Supreme Court ruled in the Lassiter case that “poor people do not have an absolute right to a publicly provided attorney when they face losing custody of a child to the state.”

“The main purpose of AB 590 is to fund and support collaborative efforts between the courts, legal services programs, local pro bono projects, and bar associations,” Jensen explained. The resulting pilot projects will improve and expand legal assistance for low-income members of the public in critical civil cases involving basic human needs, she said, such as family law and housing.

Jensen added that she is acutely aware of the legal struggles for low-income residents of Los Angeles County not only from her work as a family lawyer, but also as treasurer of Neighborhood Legal Services. “We have only 40 attorneys to serve one million eligible low income people,” Jensen said. “I want Governor Schwarzenegger to sign AB 590 into law so that we can begin the hard work of providing legal protection to those who need it most.”

About the Firm

Tamila C. Jensen is a native Californian who has practiced law for 34 years. She is also a law professor and published author on real estate law, as well as a variety of other legal topics. Jensen’s practice is currently focused on elder law, estate planning, real estate and family law, including child custody. She also provides a wide range of other legal services to small businesses and individuals. Jensen recently finished a term as president of the San Fernando Valley Bar Association.


SingleSource Background Screening Corporations CEO Dymer Supports Florida Bill HB 1355 As Important Step To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 20, 2012

SingleSource Chairman and President Don Dymer applauds Florida Governor Rick Scotts bill (HB 1355) which imposes huge fines on public or private colleges and universities for willfully and knowingly failing to report child abuse. The new bill is in direct response to the cover ups at both Penn State and Syracuse university of child sexual abuse and the failure on the part of those administrators and law enforcement agencies to act upon they received about such abuse.

Dymer focused Floridas attention on child sexual abuse by those entrusted to their care by sponsoring a day long educational conference in Jacksonville in February. Mayor Alvin Brown devoted the entire month of February to Protect the Children. I sincerely hope that the conference and the continuing spotlight on this insidious crime against children will result in more legislation like this. There is still more that can be done and is being done. In New Jersey bills are being discussed to change existing statues of limitations on certain child abuse cases, making justice available to millions of victims.

The Florida Bill addresses a key element addressed in the Protect the Children Conference last month and that is failure to communicate and react. Dymer explains,

According to the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute, 60% of adult survivors said they told no one about their abuse. More alarming is that according to this same report, when victims do report their abuse just 6% of adults will report it to the police and attempt to act upon the crime.

The bill gets more to the heart of the problem in understanding how complex this issue really is. explains Dymer. It addresses the environment outside of the home in which the sexual abuse occurs. “We need to do more.” Dymer supports the recommendations of the organization, Darkness to Light in the continuing fight against child sexual abuse.

Protect the Children By:

Pay Attention – Too much one-on-one time? Does a child try to avoid certain staffers?

Create a Hiring Policy that includes the Diana Screen

Catholic Relief Services Urges Senate to Protect Development Food Aid in Farm Bill

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

Catholic Relief Services, the official international humanitarian organization of the Catholic Church in the United States, is urging the Senate Agriculture Committee to fund food aid for development programs at a minimum of $ 450 million in the reauthorization of the Farm Bill.

There are certainly many things in this bill we like, said Bill OKeefe, CRS Vice President for Advocacy. But we are concerned that it could have a real negative impact on long-term projects designed to alleviate hunger and nutrition problems in developing countries around the world.

While the Senate Farm Bill as introduced reauthorizes Food for Peace food aid program funding at $ 2.5 billion a year and provides greater flexibility in how those resources can be usedboth laudable movesit also calls for development food aid to receive only 15 percent to 30 percent of overall Food for Peace resources, guaranteeing funding of only $ 275 million a year.

CRS position is that development food aid needs to be funded at a minimum of $ 450 million a year.

We understand that some will say the $ 275 million is a minimum figure that can rise, but our experience, particularly in a time of tight budgets, is that the minimum is all these programs will get, OKeefe said. This could really damage our countrys food aid program, cutting almost 40 percent from our development programming budget.

CRS points out that it was this kind of long-term development work that made many communities in East Africa more resilient, helping them avoid famine during the recent devastating drought. The ongoing success of such development work can be seen in Burkina Faso as it weathers the current Sahel food crisis; in Haiti as the agricultural sector helps the country recover from the 2010 earthquake; and in Bangladesh, where such work helps poor farmers survive cyclical floods.

We know that people will always needand receiveassistance during emergencies. But CRS also knows that development work means that fewer will need such help in the future, OKeefe said. This is the type of smart investment that the U.S. should be making with its assistance programs.

CRS is also concerned that the cost recovery requirements in the bill as introduced do not adequately take into account the variations in overseas markets and shipping requirements, and could end up doing damage to aid programs.

CRS does applaud many provisions in the bill, including the Committees efforts to make Local and Regional Procurement of food aid permanent with a $ 40 million yearly program that would be implemented in conjunction with the McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program, as well as the Committees direction of studying and supporting resiliency efforts in the Horn of Africa.


Catholic Relief Services is the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States. The agency provides assistance to people in need in nearly 100 countries, without regard to race, religion or nationality. For more information, please visit http://www.crs.org or http://www.crsespanol.org.

Review of the New Child Custody Bill: Rapists Should Not Get Custody

Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 06, 2013

Theodore Enfield, a Miami Dade county attorney, announces – the bill which would prohibit a convicted rapist from having any custody rights if the rape resulted in a child has been unanimously approved by the states Senate Criminal Justice committee. The Florida House unanimously passed the bill, SB 964, which will be going to Governor Rick Scott and will take effect upon his expected signature.

In attribution to CBS Miami news April 2nd 2013, the bill (SB 964) would allow for a fathers parental rights to be cut off if his child was conceived during an act of sexual battery. Previously, rapists could seek custody of the child born from their attack. In some cases, this can even be used as a backdoor bargaining chip to discourage the victim from reporting the incident, testifying, or participating in sentencing hearings.

According to Theodore Enfield, besides making what some have called modernizing changes to the law, the bill will also bring victims of rape to the forefront so they can protect themselves and their children from any interactions sought by the alleged perpetrators. In this case, the victims may consider a legal consultation. Choosing a good child custody lawyer may be difficult, particularly because of the many highly emotional issues that emerge during these cases.

About T. Enfield: With more than 30 years of experience helping Florida families deal with family law issues such as divorce, equitable property settlement, child custody, child support and domestic violence, Theodore Enfield, a family law attorney, has guided his clients through all issues that are likely to arise during those difficult times. He has a wide industry experience and knowledge that enables him to cater to all specific requirements of all his clients by protecting their rights. For further convenience of his clients, Ted Enfield provides a free consultation service to understand his practices prior to taking action on the process. Moreover, throughout the case trials and hearings the clients are updated with their case status.

Ted Enfield, a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer, is broadly acknowledged for providing quality and affordable legal services across South Florida, while all his efforts are directed towards handling all cases with great determination and complete diligence. So far he has successfully handled cases of all family, divorce and Florida Paternity laws which have made him the first choice of his clients.

Theodore Enfield practices include Divorce Alimony, Annulment, Dissolution of Marriage, Equal Distribution of Marital Assets and Liabilities, Child Support, Parental Responsibility and Time-Sharing.

Visit Theodore Enfield online at Theodoreenfield.com or his Family law office today 305-933-9592, 800-733-5299

California Assemblyman Mark Leno, Author of Marriage Equality Bill, to Receive National Leadership Award From National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

(PRWEB) October 8, 2005

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force will present its National Leadership Award to California Assemblyman Mark Leno at the 9th Annual Miami Recognition Dinner on November 5th, at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. The award will honor Leno for his extraordinary role in championing the cause of marriage equality.

Leno made history in November 2002 when he was elected as one of the first openly gay men to the California State Assembly. During his first term, Assemblyman Leno was successful in getting 28 bills passed by the legislature and signed into law, including laws that protect Californians from gender-based discrimination in housing and employment.

This year he became the driving force behind the California legislature’s passage of a marriage equality bill making it the first U.S. legislative body of duly elected representatives of the people to support equal rights for lesbian and gay couples who want to enter into the civil institution of marriage. Only a veto by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on September 29th prevented California same-sex couples from achieving marriage equality. The bill would have ensured equal treatment under the law by allowing same-sex couples to marry, with the same rights and responsibilities as different-sex couples.

Despite the veto, Leno remains undeterred. While we are extremely disappointed, we have not lost faith, and our struggle continues, he said. We will continue to fight until our relationships are treated equally and we gain access to the rights and responsibilities of marriage, so that we may create loving, committed, stable homes for ourselves and our children.

Last year, Leno received of the Award of Courage from American Foundation for AIDS Research, and he was honored by the Lesbian and Gay Lawyers Association of Los Angeles at their 25th Anniversary Gala for his commitment to marriage equality. In July of 2003, he was honored as Housing Hero of the Year by the San Francisco Housing Action Coalition. Additionally, Leno was proud to receive honors from the American Heart Association, the California Association of Food Banks and Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians & Gays.

Assemblyman Leno joins an esteemed list of individuals who have been honored at the Recognition Dinner, including U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton, U.S. Rep. Richard A. Gephardt, actor Sir Ian McKellen and playwright Terrence McNally.

The Recognition Dinner also will feature the presentation of the 2005 Miami Herald Humanitarian Award to Richard C. Milstein, a Miami native and a partner at the law firm of Akerman Senterfitt. Milstein’s contributions to the South Florida community are legion, and his philanthropy cuts across South Floridas political, social and cultural landscape. His devotion to helping individuals has impacted the lives of thousands.

Two-thirds of the proceeds from the event will be returned to the Miami-Dade LGBT community through philanthropic grants distributed by the Dade Community Foundation (DCF) for its Lesbian and Gay Community Projects Fund. The remaining one-third will support the Task Forces efforts to achieve full equality for LGBT people. Earlier this year, the Task Force donated more than $ 150,000 to DCF, representing proceeds from the 2004 Miami Recognition Dinner and this years Winter Party Festival.

The 9th Annual Miami Recognition Dinner takes place on Saturday, November 5, at 7:30 PM. The evening features a pre-dinner cocktail reception, with entertainment and dancing to follow the evenings program. Tickets are available for a donation of $ 175, or $ 250 for VIP preference, and are available at http://www.theTaskForce.org/miami . The Loews Miami Beach Hotel is located at 1601 Collins Ave., Miami Beach. For more information, please call (305) 571-1924.

About the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force:

Founded in 1973, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force was the first national lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights and advocacy organization and remains the movement’s leading voice for freedom, justice and equality. The Task Force builds grassroots LGBT political strength from the ground up by training state and local activists and organizing broad-based campaigns to defeat anti-LGBT referenda and advance pro-LGBT legislation. Its Policy Institute, the community’s premier think tank, provides research and policy analysis to support the struggle for complete equality. As part of a broader social justice movement, the Task Force works to create a world that respects and makes visible the diversity of human expression and identity where all people may fully participate in society. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., offices are also located in Miami, New York City, Los Angeles and Cambridge, Mass.

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