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Local Background Check Agents Help Protect Small Businesses

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 17, 2008

Info Cubic, a world-wide employment screening company headquartered in Denver, has developed a network of agents delivering protection packages to businesses and organizations across the United States.

Info Cubic’s “Local Agent” personalized service network helps business owners comply with laws and establish policies protecting their organizations from career criminals and people who target the elderly and children. Background screening is an essential hiring tool in verifying if a person is who they claim to be. Verification helps business owners identify if a potential employee is someone who could harm the organization through criminal behavior, fraud, embezzlement or physical harm to employees and customers.

Background check agents working locally in their community is a new and innovative service created by Info Cubic to address the growing needs of small business owners. Through personalized service, the company helps employers and organizational management keep up with hiring laws. A small business can be shut down for violations to immigration laws, suffer great financial hardship in negligent hiring lawsuits. A business owner can make one mistake and hire someone who has a fraudulent resume and it can cost the organization greatly.

Small Business Group Rate discount background-screening packages are delivered through contact with an Info Cubic agent. To find your local or regional agent, call Info Cubic at 1-877-360-4636

Info Cubic’s local agents will contact you and forward a link which will give you the registration process and access to the discounted programs. You will have access to the Info Cubic world class customer service center. Your local agent will assist you in creating your business screening policy and you will immediately have the protection that Fortune 100 companies enjoy.

Info Cubic is looking for additional independent agents located near business centers around the United States. If you would like to consider joining the Info Cubic business development team by becoming an independent agent, contact the business development office at 1-877-360-4636.

In today’s society we must protect our assets, data, and people. Employers must hire wisely through timely background-screening. Agents can also help landlords, child, and elderly care giver organizations and any other group which hires people or manages volunteers. Call Info Cubic today and have your own employment background-screening agent.

About Info Cubic

Info Cubic, headquartered in Denver Technological Center, Colorado and is a leading provider of employment screening and drug testing for organizations of any size and structure. Info Cubic’s easy-to-use, web-based service allows employers to conveniently request services, track work in progress, and securely retrieve and archive completed reports. Thousands of companies nationwide depend on Info Cubic’s world-class customer service, industry-leading turnaround times, accuracy/ legal compliance expertise. Visit http://www.infocubic.net or call (877) 360-INFO (4636) for additional information.


ProtectMyId.com Describes Ways Background Checks May Lead to Identity Theft

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) March 23, 2009

ProtectMyId.com, a leading Identity Theft solution, describes key ways background checks may lead to Identity theft. Background checks on new hires are more popular than ever. In fact, in some states and for some professions, they’re actually a legal requirement. But corporations aren’t the only ones running background checks these days. From families concerned about the quality of their child care to singles worried who they’re dating, anyone can run a background check on anybody, anytime they want.

The internet is full of Background Checking services, all offering to provide you with the information you seek. These checks come in all shapes and sizes, but to run a thorough background check, it takes written consent from the individual in question. This allows individuals or companies access to the following information:

Resume and Employment verification
Social Security Number verification
Criminal Record checks
Department of Motor Vehicles
Civil Court Records
Worker’s Compensation
Credit Report
Sexual Offenders Databases

Without permission, companies can only gather information through public records and other open sources, so theoretically the most critical information should remain private. But unfortunately, this won’t stop scam artists and thieves from trying to get their hands on consumers personal data. They have many means of committing identity fraud, including the use of online recruitment scams. Rising unemployment, have made these scams very popular and most job seekers scouring the Internet for employment opportunities don’t realize they can make a bad situation even worse, by simply responding to a want ad. Here’s how it works:

Consumers receive an email from a company who found your resume online. They have an immediate opening for someone with their talents and will urge them to log on to their site and apply for the position. Next, they’ll inform the consumer that it’s company policy to do a background check and they’ll need date of birth, Social Security Number, Drivers License Number and even Bank Account Numbers to start the process. This is everything a scam artist needs to steal a person’s identity.

It’s disturbing that people can prey on the desperation of others in such ways, but the fact remains we all need to be more vigilant about protecting ourselves from identity fraud. Be cautious. Never give information out to anybody without diligently researching them first.

About ProtectMyID.com

ProtectMyID.com is a leading, full-service provider of proactive identity theft detection, protection and fraud resolution. ProtectMyID.com offers comprehensive identity theft protection products supported by experienced identity theft resolution professionals who deliver personal attention that customers can rely on. ProtectMyID.com is a Web site owned by ConsumerInfo.com Inc., an Experian company. For more information about how ProtectMyID.com helps consumers protect themselves against identity theft, please visit ProtectMyID.com


$7,500,000 in Free Background Check Services for Non-Profits and Youth Organizations Planned for IntegraScan.com 2010 Budget

Loxahatchee, FL (PRWEB) September 1, 2009

IntegraScan, one of the largest online background check companies has announced today that they will be giving away $ 7,500,000 in free background checks for non-profits and youth organizations in 2010.

Since the downturn of the economy numerous organizations have simply been unable to afford in-depth background checks. To counter this IntegraScan stepped up to the plate in July 2009 and kicked off the Kids Safe Program which offered $ 500,000 a month in free background checks to youth organizations within the United States. The success of this program went beyond what the company could have ever hoped for. Within two months IntegraScan has given away background checks to almost 1000 organizations. These background checks have been responsible for catching several sex offenders and child abusers, along with numerous drug, alcohol and violence related charges.

This background check program is available to any non-profit or youth organization within the US. There are no additional requirements or stipulations. Organizations are heavily urged to apply for the background check grants as soon as possible as dollars are limited. The background check sign up form is located at the company’s website http://www.integrascan.com/safe-kids.php or you may contact them at 561-715-1705.

Parents and volunteers are urged to speak with their organizations director to let them know about this innovative program.

About IntegraScan: IntegraScan is a leading provider of public records and background checks within the United States. IntegraScan is committed to protecting our nation’s youth and shares the concerns of parents about the safety of their children.


Terry Sweet

IntegraScan Inc


sales2 (at) integrascan (dot) com



InstantCriminalChecks.com Explains Modern Uses of Instant Criminal Background Checks

Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 31, 2011

InstantCriminalChecks.com, a United States instant criminal background check provider today announced modern uses of instant criminal checks and their immediate impact on background screening methodology.

InstantCriminalChecks.com offers:

Help Protect At Risk Populations with Due Diligence and Criminal Background Checks

Boston, MA (PRWEB) May 24, 2011

InstantCriminalChecks.com now allows ordering social security number checks and sex offender checks with criminal background checks in one single order to make it easy to protect At Risk populations. Combination-search ordering delivers robust background checking within one order, saving time and increasing the likelihood of Americans taking the time to protect at-risk populations.

Every day one can read an article about a nursing or retirement home disclosing they have hired someone with a criminal past. It is almost epidemic. State governments have growing concerns that these situations are becoming commonplace. At-risk populations really are at risk. Many people consider at-risk populations to include only the elderly but that would be a mistake. An at-risk individual maybe defined as an individual someone could easily take advantage either through physical force or deception. The at-risk population is quite large and includes the following groups:


As the economy continues to challenge the American family the percentage of dual income households continues to increase. Children are left with caregivers, both in home and at facilities. Parents do not always question the vetting of their child’s caregiver as closely as they should. Just because a facility appears modern, clean and respectable does not mean every employee that comes into contact with your child has been through a complete background check.


The disabled population, both the physical and mental, can cause a great financial strain on a family. Care giving is expensive. Low cost alternatives are often sought but everyone that may care for the disabled must be have their background checked.


As the population ages more and more individuals require greater care than they can provide for themselves. Families make the hard decision on where to place our elderly. It is not as simple a task as one might think.

One must demand a complete background check on all individuals that come into contact with at-risk populations for extended periods of times, especially if one invites caregivers into their home. Ask about background checks, how extensive they are, and what information is provided. If a company cannot answer your questions to your satisfaction, it’s time to move on. If one has the option, a background check is a fast, affordable and simple method of checking the past of any caregiver. There are a number of reports one must utilize to provide complete data for an extremely important decision. They should include the following:

New Law Mandates Criminal Background Checks for all Employees of Public, Private and Vocational Schools.

Waltham, MA (PRWEB) December 19, 2011

A new law in Pennsylvania that went into effect in September 2011 “mandates background checks for all employees of public, private and vocational schools.” The potential impact of current employees is significant, to the point that some may be fired for failure to disclosure past criminal convictions. In addition this law requires “school employees … inform administrators within 72 hours of fresh arrests or convictions. A school administrator who suspects an employee was arrested or convicted and failed to report it can require the employee to get a background check.”

While portions of this law certainly will be challenged, specifically the retroactive aspect, it does highlight the urgent need to conduct criminal background checks on all individuals that interact with children, as well as other at-risk populations. Every day the public places loved-ones in the trust of others with the demand that they will be protected. Criminal background checks can provide protection to our at-risk population.

The Pennsylvania law is broad ranged and covers a wide area of potential malfeasance. It continues:

The law bans anyone convicted of certain crimes from school district employment for anywhere from three years to life. A conviction for stalking, kidnapping, aggravated assault or other child-related crime convictions would result in a lifetime ban.

It is difficult to comprehend that a school might employ an individual convicted of a crime such as those highlighted above but consider that few schools, both public and private, continuously background check their employees. Once an individual is employed by a school district, or many other private entities, it is reasonable to assume that they will never be background checked again. A criminal act that occurs after hire has the potential to go unnoticed or unknown to the employer. More distressing is the level to which school districts or any employer conducts a background check. While industry statistics suggest that 85% or more commercial enterprises conduct background screening it is unknown the percent of private or volunteer entities conduct screening and to what level.

At-risk populations demand protection and an important step in providing that protection is a background check. All employees exposed to at-risk populations, in any function, regardless of its level of interaction, should be screened. Also, post-hire screening is becoming increasingly popular and just as important as pre-employment screening.

As the Pennsylvania law illustrates there is deep concern regarding the protection of our children, as well as others. Criminal background checks conducted on a more regular and continuous basis may provide greater protection. As headlines continue to fill with reported criminal activity within the halls of academia both at the elementary level on up through University, greater steps should be taken to protect at-risk populations.

CriminalBackgroundRecords.com provides the information required to assist in pre-employment and post-hire screening. Utilizing CriminalBackgroundRecords.com provides a safe, fast and low cost solution to criminal history records searches as well as a wide variety of other public records searches required for the full vetting of existing and potential employees. Protect the organization, protect at-risk populations; utilize CriminalBackgroundRecords.com for all employment screening requirements.

Start using these services as a school, organization or employer today by sending an email to bd(at)infoeinc(dot)com

About CriminalBackgroundRecords.com

SingleSource Background Screening Corporations CEO Dymer Supports Florida Bill HB 1355 As Important Step To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (PRWEB) March 20, 2012

SingleSource Chairman and President Don Dymer applauds Florida Governor Rick Scotts bill (HB 1355) which imposes huge fines on public or private colleges and universities for willfully and knowingly failing to report child abuse. The new bill is in direct response to the cover ups at both Penn State and Syracuse university of child sexual abuse and the failure on the part of those administrators and law enforcement agencies to act upon they received about such abuse.

Dymer focused Floridas attention on child sexual abuse by those entrusted to their care by sponsoring a day long educational conference in Jacksonville in February. Mayor Alvin Brown devoted the entire month of February to Protect the Children. I sincerely hope that the conference and the continuing spotlight on this insidious crime against children will result in more legislation like this. There is still more that can be done and is being done. In New Jersey bills are being discussed to change existing statues of limitations on certain child abuse cases, making justice available to millions of victims.

The Florida Bill addresses a key element addressed in the Protect the Children Conference last month and that is failure to communicate and react. Dymer explains,

According to the Child Molestation Research and Prevention Institute, 60% of adult survivors said they told no one about their abuse. More alarming is that according to this same report, when victims do report their abuse just 6% of adults will report it to the police and attempt to act upon the crime.

The bill gets more to the heart of the problem in understanding how complex this issue really is. explains Dymer. It addresses the environment outside of the home in which the sexual abuse occurs. “We need to do more.” Dymer supports the recommendations of the organization, Darkness to Light in the continuing fight against child sexual abuse.

Protect the Children By:

Pay Attention – Too much one-on-one time? Does a child try to avoid certain staffers?

Create a Hiring Policy that includes the Diana Screen

Dont Skimp on Background Screening Summer Hires and Volunteers

Jacksonville Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 04, 2012

Last year the Bureau of labor Statistics reported that the youth work force alone, defined as those aged 16 to 24, who sought summer employment was 22.7 million people, said Donald J. Dymer, chief executive officer of SingleSource Services background screening corporation. With unemployment still high, business owners, recreational facilities, youth summer camps and the like can expect another huge deluge of resumes for summer work again this year.

“Screening standards shouldnt be different or compromised merely because the volunteer or hire is part-time or temporary, warns Dymer. “Organizations arent exempt from complying with the same guidelines as those required for full time employment.”, adds Dymer. SingleSource is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) along with a member of ConcernedCRAs a group of ethical background screening vendors who maintain the highest standards of truth in business and have made it their goal to ensure that employers are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of database searches.

“Summer and seasonal hires often are referred for a position by an existing employee or friend of a friend, explains Dymer. Because of that, employers make certain assumptions regarding the suitability of those hires or volunteers and fail to diligently follow normal background screening policies. These are dangerous assumptions that often end up costing the business or organizations millions of dollars in negligent hiring lawsuits.

Your best defense, according to Don Dymer, is regardless if you are hiring one or many summer employees you must first establish clearly outlined procedures for hiring or selecting summer staff. Dymer offers some key advice. First check all the state and local laws that apply to you as well as federal regulations. For summer hires 17 or under, make sure that you obtain a minor employment release signed by the parent or legal guardian.

Conduct a careful background check on everyone seeking summer jobs of volunteer jobs. Make sure that you have the applicant sign all required disclosure and permission forms so that any information you may obtain will be able to be utilized once you do conduct these checks. In most cases, background checks are not required for those under 17 years of age, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt do everything possible to carefully screen those individuals by a thorough check of references.

Avoid one dimensional or superficial background screening programs. Educate yourself and understand your needs. Examine the function of the summer hire. Will driving be part of their job responsibilities? If so, find a background screening company that offers a monitoring program. At SingleSource we offer such a program and it monitors your employees throughout their employment and alerts you if they incur a traffic violation, explains Dymer. For even better protection, I recommend that organizations subscribe to Arrest Alarm, not just for seasonal hires, but for all their hires. This system utilizes more than 3,000 interfaces with law enforcement across the country to access real-time arrest information. SingleSource has found this tool an important adjunct to keeping the workplace safe and reducing the risk of potential liability.

Setting screening standards for hires and volunteers should be a high priority for anyone in a position to make these decisions, although the hire or volunteer may be only there temporarily, the damage you could suffer because you havent properly vetted each candidate could last a lifetime, cautions Dymer. The onus to be compliant under the EEOC laws applies to everyone. Ignorance of the rules, unfortunately will not protect you from fines or worse.

For those people hiring or seeking volunteers to work with and around children, Dymer offers this, Background checks are not enough. Databases are fallible, reference checks dont uncover problems. Tools like the Diana Screen

SingleSource Background Screening Company Calls On Adults To Take Proactive Approach To Stop Child Sexual Abuse

Jacksonville Beach, Florida (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Don Dymer, president and CEO of SingleSource Services Corporation, background screening company and Stacy Pendarvis, MSW, MA, a long time consultant who works with Darkness to Light and the Monique Burr Foundation For Children hope to take their message global:, “Educated, proactive adults have the ability to stop child sexual abuse from happening. Each year in the U.S. 500,000 babies will be born who will be sexually abused by the time they turn 18 and adults are the only people who can protect children from that sexual abuse.

SingleSource Background Screening Company Cautions Against Hiring Non-Licensed Care for Elderly and Children In Response to Fears About Health Care Reform Changes

Jacksonville Beach, FL (PRWEB) December 18, 2012

Don Dymer, president and chief executive officer of SingleSource Services, a nationwide background screening company since 1995 offers important advice for people seeking child care as well as those seeking home health care assistance for the elderly or disabled.

“The uncertainty of how new health care policies will impact people’s finances has many seeking ways to save money on care, and in particular home health care,” states Don Dymer of SingleSource background screening company. A December article in Today’s Caregiver states, “Due to the cost and increasing shortage of home health aides, many families seeking to hire in-home staff turn to private individuals rather than working through an agency.”

Dymer explains, “Unless you are in the background screening industry or a human resource professional, most people lack the knowledge or the tools to probably check an individuals’ credentials. Hiring people to care for your children or aging parent is not a decision that should be made utilizing your gut feeling. At SingleSource we have been providing background checking services to home health care agencies and non profits for over fifteen years and we understand the difference between compassion and competence.”

Dymer advised people seeking at home care to do their homework. “Visiting Angels, a nationally recognized franchise in the home care business, members of such organizations as the California Association for Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), and the National Private Duty Association members are examples of organizations that stand well equipped to provide well trained, background screened and, where needed, licensed professionals to take care of children and adults requiring quality home care.

Dymer cautions against relying on informal health care arrangements that rely on friends, friends of families, neighbors and non-licensed caregivers. Even if you anticipate the need to be short term, as is the case in someone recovering at home after surgery, you need to understand that this person will be given access to personal information and property and be placed in a position of trust.

Caregivers must be held to a high standard and meeting that standard requires rigorous and thoughtful background screening. The United States Census Bureau predicts that Florida, along with California and Texas will have the largest senior populations in the country by 2025. Seniors are increasingly looking for a way to remain independent as long as possible and rely heavily on at home care givers to provide them with that independence, points out Dymer.

A report by the U.S. Government Accountability office in 2011 found that 14% of non-institutionalized elder adults experienced abuse. Unfortunately since much of that abuse goes unreported, we assume the actual number is higher, explains Dymer. “The same may be said of child sexual abuse by those entrusted with their care. We know that 6%* of the adult population has a sexual attraction to children and we also know that 95%* of child sexual abusers are never formally charged with the abuse and so never get criminal records.

To avoid placing your loved one in harms way, Dymer recommends making a thorough search locally, getting references and starting with the well established names in the field that have earned their reputation. The fact that an agency supports its state or national organization may be an indication of their commitment to high standards.

If you are seeking the best care or schooling for your children, background screening of all pertinent personnel is a must, insists Dymer. Dont be satisfied if your youth organization or school says they do criminal background checks, it isnt enough. Ask them if the Diana Screen