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Consumer Reports Survey of EBAY Users Reveals Online Auction Seller Deception and Pitfalls Can be Hard to Avoid

Yonkers, NY (PRWEB) July 3, 2007

Yonkers, NY July 2, 2007 — With 100 million items on sale, eBay is the king of online auctions. But almost half of the eBay buyers that Consumer Reports surveyed encountered deceptions, according to a report in the August issue.

Buyers indicated that some sellers took their money and ran, failed to disclose key details about the merchandise, or overstated the item’s condition. However, deceptions weren’t the only pitfalls for folks to avoid when participating in an online auction. Although eBay prohibits trade in illegal goods, buyers can end up with unsafe products. CR’s secret shoppers had no problem buying lawn darts, a game banned in the U.S., and they tracked down car seats, strollers and other child products recalled for possible safety defects.

“Ebay has 2,000 staff members policing its site around the clock, but with 6.4 million new listings per day, their employees can’t find all the iffy auctions and shut them down instantly,” said Tod Marks, Senior Editor for Consumer Reports. “Buyers must take precautions and learn as much as possible about who they are dealing with.”

To help online auction buyers play it safe and win, the Consumer Reports National Research Center recently asked more than 2,500 subscribers to http://www.ConsumerReports.org about eBay purchases in the past year. Among the findings:

Despite their complaints, 70 percent of those surveyed were highly satisfied overall when buying on eBay. About 90 percent of purchases arrived on time, were accurately described and were perceived a good deal. Nearly half of respondents characterized eBay as an excellent source of hard-to-find items.

Forty percent of survey respondents termed eBay fair or poor for help and customer support. Most victims of unscrupulous sellers tried to fight back, but of those who tried to settle problems with the seller directly, which eBay recommends, only 38 percent were successful.

PayPal, owned by eBay, was by far the most popular payment method and was used for 89 percent of the purchases in Consumer Reports survey.

Complaining directly to eBay authorities satisfied 60 percent of survey respondents who took that action. But the most effective way to deal with dishonesty was among the least used: filing a formal complaint with PayPal. Although only 23 percent of unhappy respondents took that step, 66 percent of those who did said it worked.

A site for sellers:

Sixty-four percent of the 700 survey respondents who sold on eBay in the past year were highly satisfied with their transactions.

Twenty-seven percent of sellers said their auction ad cost far more than expected.

Only about 10 percent of respondents said their freight costs exceeded those computed by the site’s shipping calculator.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls:

National Survey Reveals Tail-End Boomers Avoid Participating in Parents’ Estate Planning: Survey by LegalZoom.com Finds that Younger Boomers Avoid their Parents’ Estate Planning, while Older Boomers are More Likely to Discuss and Participate in the Process


Data Protection Demands New Thinking: Learn To Avoid Whitehall Data Fiascos Or Risk Penalties

Ely, England (PRWEB) July 12, 2008

The only way to avoid further disastrous losses of individuals’ sensitive private information is to immediately commence a comprehensive overhaul of the way Central Government staff manage confidential personal information, warns leading UK compliance specialist IT Governance (http://www.itgovernance.co.uk/). The loss of millions of child benefit records by HM Revenue and Customs, and the mislaying of laptops and security dossiers by MoD staff, are part of the same problem – institutional failures to define and implement basic compliance procedures in line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

However, it is not just major Whitehall departments at fault – the recent IT Governance Best Practice Report, ‘Data breaches: Trends, costs and best practices’ (http://www.itgovernance.co.uk/products/1615), indicates that there is a culture of complacency in the commercial sector as well, which also has a lax attitude to protection of client information and data-handling procedures.

Complying with the requirements of the DPA – the core UK legislation around data protection – is a key challenge for Whitehall departments and commercial organisations alike. A much tougher regulatory regime is now coming into place, which builds on the major fines recently levelled by the Financial Services Authority, such as the

Mommy, Who Stole My Identity? Follow 5 Tips to Avoid Childhood Identity Theft during National Protect Your Identity Week (October 17-24, 2009)

New York, NY (Vocus) October 21, 2009 –

It is a debilitating crime. Identity theft violates its victims, strips them of their ability to purchase homes and cars, and leaves them swimming in a never-ending sea of paperwork. When five percent of identity theft happens to minors under the age of 18, according to the Federal Trade Commission, thieves are beginning to realize that children are an easy, and profitable, target.

Young people dont even realize their identity has been stolen until they apply for their drivers permit, apply for a college loan, or open their first checking account, warns The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier, author of Identity Theft – Prevention for the College Student. The crime can go undetected for up to 15 years! By the time parents realize their children have been violated, the thieves are long gone.

Childhood identity theft can ruin its victims’ names, preventing them from buying cars and homes, leaving them with thousands of dollars in collections, and with credit accounts and addresses where they have never lived, years after the crime has been detected. Among his 7 Most Important Things You Need to Know to Prevent Identity Theft, these are particularly important to parents of minors:


Tell your child to immediately remove all P2P (peer to peer) programs for downloading free music and games from their computers (Lime Wire, Bear Share, Soul Seek etc.). Place them onto a thumb drive, disc, memory stick. Criminals anywhere in the world have total access to every single item on their computer when they are on the internet.


On every social networking site, have your child remove all personal information including addresses, birthdays, telephone numbers etc. Tell them never to link to someone they do not already know. When they click on a link malware is downloaded onto their computer.


Check your child’s free credit report regularly. It is estimated that there is at least one child in every classroom in the United States that has already had their identities stolen.


Watch for shoulder surfing. Your children must be aware of everyone around them, anytime they are on their laptops. At school, in the park, waiting for transportation, any public place. People are looking over their shoulder and using mobile phone cameras to take pictures of personal information.


Tell your child to be very careful on “chats.” Never give out personal information of any kind. Foreign computer hackers have developed what is called “Russian Robots” which are automated computer programs that can chat with 10 people at a time with the sole purpose of acquiring as much information as possible to steal their identity. Victims are unable to detect they are giving vital information to only a computer.

When it comes to keeping kids safe, Bob Baier of Warwick, New York, covers all of the bases: Dating Abuse, Date Rape and Sexual Assault, Safer Sex, Domestic Violence, Alcohol and Drug Awareness, and of course, Identity Theft. In his full time profession as a forensic document examiner, Baier was seeing more signatures being forged and more identities stolen, which prompted him to write Identity Theft – Prevention for the College Student. Also known as The Campus Safety Expert, Baier is a court qualified Forensic Handwriting Investigator who has rendered an opinion in 23 states and 2 countries, and he has testified as an expert witness in 8 states. A Guinness World Record breaking canoeist, this pilot, parachutist, and balloonist has also driven a race car at 160 miles per hour. A bit of a daredevil in his everyday life, Baier recommends prudence when it comes to protecting ones identity. He teaches forensic document examination at the International School of Forensic Document Examination and was named the 2008 Forensic Document Examiner of the year by Handwriting Services International.

For more information about The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier, log onto http://ExpertDocumentExaminerWeb.com or call 1.888.460.3828.OR


For more information about The Campus Safety Expert Bob Baier, including a free listing of The FBI’s Top 10 Latest Scams and the free 30 Day Program to Help Prevent Identity Theft, click on Identity Theft at http://www.BobBaierInfo.com or call 1.888.460.3827.


Travel Insured Offers Tips for Affordable Family Holiday Travel: Ship Gifts Free; Avoid Fare Surcharges, Save with “Kids Are Free” Trip Insurance

East Hartford, CT (Vocus) October 21, 2010

Travel Insured International, a leading third-party travel insurer, reminds family budget managers dealing with the challenging economy of 2010 that careful advance planning can make the difference between renewing a family travel tradition during this holiday season or staying home. Whether the preferred family gathering place for a year-end holiday is a relative’s or friend’s home, a festive city hotel, or a family resort, the trip planner who takes calculated steps to avoid overpayment for travel necessities can help make the celebration affordable instead of impossible.

The popular consumer airfare shopping website FareCompare.com publishes valuable advice on when to fly. It includes a dating chart listing surcharges that are built into airfares on different holiday season dates, with the extra costs matched among six competing U.S. carriers. The Fare Compare research reveals that Thanksgiving and Christmas Day have no peak airfare surcharges, unlike most days in the season that carry $ 10 to $ 30 surcharges each way. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are almost as good, with $ 10 surcharges each day. The most expensive $ 30 per ticket fare surcharges this year are on Nov. 28 and 29, the Sunday and Monday after Thanksgiving; on Thursday, Nov. 23; and on Jan. 2-3, 2011, the Sunday and Monday after New Year’s. There are no fare surcharges for those who can fly prior to Nov. 19, or between Nov. 30 and Dec. 16, or after Jan. 3. Attentive family budget managers will note the potential difference between flying with no surcharges or flying with $ 30 surcharges can be $ 60 per roundtrip ticket per family member.

Families can save additional costs on their outbound flights to the holiday gathering by purchasing gifts through the numerous online shopping services that will ship gifts ahead for free. Combined with organized packing to limit members to one carry-on bag each, families can avoid airline baggage fees ranging from $ 15 to $ 20 to $ 25 for their first checked bag, and more for a second or third bag. Several travel sites publish baggage fee charts for domestic and international airlines that are easy to find. At least one popular domestic airline advertises its bags fly free policy, a best opportunity for avoiding this travel cost.

Kids Are Free

When saving money by planning ahead on family holiday travel, a prudent parent will seek to protect the family’s travel budget against Trip Cancellation or Trip Delay caused by unforeseen disruptions. For most families a sudden childhood illness, or one unwelcome winter storm can be enough to either force a holiday trip cancellation or cause lengthy delays and unforeseen expenses for food and lodging.

The affordable way to avoid both disappointment and lost prepaid trip costs is one of three types of Worldwide Trip Protector Plans from Travel Insured that include Kids Are Free coverage for one or more children under 18 traveling with their related adult. Families on the Worldwide Trip Protector comprehensive plan receive free coverage for all kids under 18 insured with their primary adult. Families on the budget-priced Trip Protector Lite or Trip Protector Lite Expanded plan receive free coverage for one child under 18 for each related adult enrolled on the plan and traveling with the child. All three types of plans include Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Trip Delay, Baggage Loss and Delay, among other coverage. Common Carrier Accident insurance, Renter’s Collision Insurance, and even Sports Coverage to protect against ski equipment delays or contact sports injuries are available options in all three plans.

Keeping the family’s holiday travel celebration on the calendar in a struggling 2010 economy is still affordable with some educated advance travel planning. Don’t forget to protect prepaid family plans, however, so that if the worst happens the celebration can still be rescheduled when the holidays are over.

About Travel Insured International

Travel Insured International, based in E. Hartford, CT, was founded in 1994 by the foresight of insurance industry executive Peter Gehris when he acquired the travel protection division of the Travelers Insurance Company. Coverage is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company (a Missouri corporation, NAIC #11150) with executive offices located in New York, NY. Arch Insurance is rated A (Excellent) for financial strength by the insurance rating service A.M. Best. Not all insurance products or coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to actual policy language

Travel Insured International

52-S Oakland Ave.

E. Hartford, CT 06128-0568

Contact: John Stone

Media Relations Manager

1-800-243-3174 x 117




Avoid Catching a Cavity this Valentines Day

Sacramento, Calif. (PRWEB) February 13, 2012

On the day known for love, affection and sweets, the California Dental Association suggests making oral health a priority to keep your Valentines Day cavity free. Before you pucker up with your sweetheart, remember that just like colds and flus, cavities can be contagious.

If you have ever had a cavity, you carry the bacteria that cause tooth decay, said CDA President-Elect Lindsey Robinson, DDS. Cavity-causing bacteria can be spread from person to person through a variety of ways, including kissing. So its especially important to practice good oral hygiene habits to reduce the risk of transmitting the bacteria.

The cavity-causing bacteria are passed through the transfer of saliva, which can occur by sharing utensils, food, drinks, toothbrushes and even kissing a child on the mouth. Research shows that children are not born with the bacteria that cause decay, but are infected with it usually at an early age from their caregiver, primarily their mother.

Prevention starts early with the CDA Foundations Cavity Keep Away that offers dental disease prevention tips, including dental hygiene and treatment for pregnant women to reduce the risk of passing cavity-causing bacteria on to their children. Other tips include wiping infants gums twice a day with a washcloth; cleaning pacifiers and bottles with soap and water, not spit; each family member using his or her own toothbrush, spoon, fork or cup; providing only water in a babys bottle at bed time; and using a rice-sized dab of fluoride toothpaste every time you brush your babys teeth.

It is important for everyone to understand that cavity prevention starts even before a child is born, said Robinson, referring to Cavity Keep Away, which was created for patients as a result of the Foundations publication of Oral Health During Pregnancy and Early Childhood: Evidence-Based Guidelines for Health Professionals.

At any age, making good oral hygiene a priority can reduce the risk of spreading these bacteria. Parents should continue to help children brush and floss their teeth until they have mastered the skill usually around age 7.

Good oral hygiene habits, including a routine of brushing with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes at least twice a day, flossing regularly and scheduling periodic dental checkups, will give you and your sweetheart something to smile about for Valentines Day.

About the California Dental Association

The California Dental Association is the non-profit organization representing organized dentistry in California. Founded in 1870, CDA is committed to the success of our members in

service to their patients and the public. CDA also contributes to the oral health of Californians through various comprehensive programs and advocacy. CDAs membership consists of more than 25,000 dentists, making it the largest constituent of the American Dental Association. For more information, visit cda.org.

# # #

Take Legal Steps To Avoid Costly Summer Moves, New Orleans Attorney Informs Divorced Parents

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) May 15, 2012

As a divorced parent considering relocating, it can be difficult when a child custody agreement is keeping a parent tied to their spouse after a divorce. Due to busy schedules during the school year, divorced parents are sometimes stuck with summer moves, when the cost to do so is the highest. Local New Orleans divorce attorney, Will Beaumont, advises divorced parents to research rules applying to moving out of the state of Louisiana with children so they can save on relocation expenses.

The summer months are rapidly approaching. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, June, July, and August are the most costly months to move, due to high demand. With the advice of an experienced attorney, a divorced parent can plan ahead and secure lower rates, without breaking any legal agreements.

First, to relocate, a parent may be legally obligated to comply with the relocation statute. There are two steps to this process. As primary custodian of the child, a parent must give their former spouse formal notice of the proposed relocation. (It is possible that relocation will then be discussed in a court hearing to present the petition for legal authorization to move.) This notice must be sent by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested at least 60 days before the proposed relocation.

Although this seems like a reasonable legal process, many parents who are not the primary custodian or have joint custody will oppose the process in court, says Beaumont. This may change the current custody agreement indefinitely. It is helpful to understand the laws that guide this process, which a New Orleans divorce lawyer will likely be able to provide.

If a court grants relocation, the court may also order that further information will have to be provided. This may include the moving partys intended residence, and, if known, the specific address of residence, and then also the date of relocation. A New Orleans divorce lawyer will likely also be able to draft a statement explaining the reasons for relocation along with a newly proposed visitation schedule.

Legal processes are more efficient and effective with a New Orleans divorce attorney, says Beaumont. With help, you can ensure that youre complying with all the laws that protect parental rights.

The above is informational only, not legal advice.

Attorney William H. Beaumont is a family attorney in New Orleans, La. He provides clients with extensive knowledge of Louisianas family and divorce law. He works to educate his clients on their rights and work as a legal advocate on their behalf through proceedings.

To learn more about Will Beaumonts legal services as a New Orleans divorce lawyer, parents can visit http://www.beaumontdivorce.com or contact the offices at Beaumont Divorce: 3801 Canal St #207, New Orleans, LA 70119. For an appointment call (504) 483-8008.

Motorists advised to fill their boots with winter essentials to avoid being left out in the cold – Halfords Autocentre

(PRWEB UK) 21 December 2012

With temperatures expected to plummet later this week, Halfords is advising drivers not to be caught unprepared for the cold snap by encouraging them to carry essential winter items in their car boot at all times.

As Britain braces itself for Siberian temperatures courtesy of winds dubbed the ‘Beast from East’ and temperatures as low as -8C in some places, Halfords has compiled a top ten list of sub-zero heroes that can help motorists avoid being stranded at the roadside and left out in the cold.

Halfords Commercial Director, Paul McClenaghan, said: Carrying de-icer and an ice scraper simply isnt enough. Its time drivers checked the content of their car boots and ensure they are prepared for the worst that the British weather can throw at them.

Sub-zero Heroes:


Westminster Lawyers Releases New Infographic on Divorce Negotiations, Highlights Ways to Avoid Costly Litigation

Melbourne, VIC (PRWEB) January 08, 2013

Family law specialists, Westminster Lawyers, recognise the inherent difficulties that result from the breakdown of a marriage. The Melbourne-based family law firm works consistently to provide resolutions that are efficient and effective. In line with Westminster Lawyers tireless commitment to its clients, the family law firm recently unveiled a new infographic on divorce negotiations on its website. The illustrated information is aimed at guiding couples on the verge of or going through a divorce with a quick look at what their options will be when agreements are reached and when contentions arise.

Westminster Lawyers outline the stages of divorce negotiation with a few possible outcomes. Working on the scenario of agreements being reached between both parties, the Melbourne-based family law firm illustrates the benefits of drawing up a binding financial agreement. The legal document must explicitly state the division of properties between the two parties. The infographic declares that the court need not approve the binding financial agreement.

The premier law firm states at length, If no agreement can be reached on the division of property, an application can be made to have your matter heard at court. However, this process is both costly and time consuming. We will always try to resolve your matter by way of agreement and issue to court only as a last option. Mediation and collaborative family law procedures are often used to assist parties to reach financial settlements in a dignified and cost-effective manner. We regard court proceedings as a last option.

When both parties are unable to reach an agreement, the infographic reveals Westminster Lawyers will still work towards dispute resolution before heading to court. Once that stage of the negotiation fails to result in an outcome for the parties, the expert family law firm will then represent clients in proceedings, either in Family Court or Federal Magistrates Court.

Through the latest infographic, Westminster Lawyers hope to achieve a cost-effective way for divorcing Australian couples to reach settlements so that an expensive and potentially contentious litigation in court would be avoided. However, when both parties are unable to reach an agreement on certain issues such as child support or spousal support, Westminster Lawyers are more than capable and prepared to take on decisive action in court.

Westminster Lawyers provide a full range of services for couples who want to get married, who want to enter into a relationship, and those who are seeking resolutions to a relationship breakdown. The expert family law firm prepares agreements and brokers negotiations that are designed to protect the assets and interests of their clients. Apart from divorce, Westminster Lawyers can assist clients in applications to move children to live in another state or country and/or applications to have children returned to their original country of residence, superannuation issues, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, wills and estate planning, and other issues that may require mediation or litigation.

Julian McDonald, one of Westminster Lawyers directors and accredited family law specialist and mediator, remarks, We recognise the emotional upheaval experienced by many people following the breakdown of a relationship. We strive to promote the interests of our clients during this challenging period.

To view the latest divorce negotiations infographic, go to the Westminster Lawyers website or contact the Westminster Lawyers for legal consultation on divorce and other issues concerning family law in Australia.

Daniel S. Moffatt, Experienced Los Angeles DUI Defense Attorney for Wallin & Klarich, Helps Client Avoid Jail Time after Being Charged with Felony DUI (CVC 23152(a), (b))

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 05, 2013

A Wallin & Klarich client was recently relieved of felony charges and avoided jail time, after being charged with driving under the influence that caused injury to another person. The client was represented by experienced DUI violent crime attorney, Daniel S. Moffatt, of Wallin & Klarich.

I am grateful for Mr. Moffatts effort and dedication to my case. He is an excellent attorney and person, said the client.

According to court record from the Superior Court of Los Angeles – West Covina, the client was arrested for a DUI causing injury after being involved in a hit and run. The client faced a maximum sentence of six years imprisonment in the county jail. In addition to jail time, the client faced a minimum of a one year license suspension and loss of his driving privileges. Instead of posting bail, the client decided to contact Wallin & Klarich for assistance. Mr. Moffatt, who has years of experience successfully defending clients in DUI cases, quickly responded to the clients requests and set up a meeting with the client while he was in custody.

Mr. Moffatt contacted and negotiated with the District Attorney, who instead of charging the client with a felony for DUI causing injury, opted to charge the client with three misdemeanors according to court documents. The misdemeanor charges carried a much lesser sentence than a felony charge for a DUI causing injury. As a result, the client ended up having his sentence reduced to only 10 days of community service. The client did not have to pay any fine and avoided any order for jail time. In addition, the client was able to have a restricted license returned to him within one month, rather than having to suffer the loss of his driving privileges for an entire year. After the hearing at the Superior Court of Los Angeles, West Covina, the client was released from custody. The client has been able to return to work so he could support his family.


About Wallin & Klarich

As a premiere criminal defense and family law firm based in California, Wallin and Klarich ( http://www.WKLaw.com and http://www.WKFamilyLaw.com) has been assisting clients from across the country for over thirty years. The firm believes that every person is entitled to the highest quality legal assistance when it comes to facing difficult situations and has committed all of its resources to aggressively defending its clients. The firm has established itself as one of the most successful in the nation when it comes to defending against charges of DUI, criminal matters and sex crimes, and is acknowledged for successfully handling divorce and child custody cases. By making certain that our clients legal rights are always protected we take the fear out of the legal fight.