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Portage, MI (PRWEB) September 22, 2006

Progressive Ink manufactures printing inks for flexible packaging, such as snack packaging, milk cartons and bread bags. In the St. Louis, Missouri manufacturing facility, pressurized bag filters used in the fill area were generating a lot of waste. During a batch run, up to twenty filter bags were replaced and thrown away.

Progressive Ink was concerned about the large amounts of waste generated and its effect on the environment. There were other problems too. Occasionally, a bag would rupture and contaminate the ink being processed for shipping. Progressive Ink also experienced variations in the filtering performance of the bags.

Ronningen-Petter’s Solution:

With few solutions available on the market, Progressive Ink had trouble finding a filter that could filter tight enough to meet the industry requirements of at least 75 micron retention. Their extensive search ended with the Ronningen-Petter Mechanically-Cleaned DCF filter — which offered filtration capabilities well beyond the industry standard.

The company installed a DCF-800 filter that filters to 50 micron. It is equipped with pneumatic timers, Teflon