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MyRapidMD Announces National Launch: Free Lifetime Medical Alert ESP Memberships

Marina Del Rey, CA (PRWEB) March 10, 2008

MyRapidMD Corp (“the Company” or “MRMD”) a developer of Meaningful Personal Mobile Content and the developer of the award winning personal medical alert service – the Emergency Service Profile (ESP) cell phone application, today announced free lifetime ESP memberships to the first 1000 subscribers as part of its national launch campaign.

Once ESP is installed on a cell phone, the proprietary and potentially lifesaving ESP application provides users personal Emergency Service Profile, including photo identification, at the accident or medical emergency scene to first responders immediately, and without the need of a service connection.

ESP, based on a global emergency assessment protocol used by first responders at emergency scenes, contains information of only one individual, no financial, social security or address information so the ESP information only has value to the user, and the first responder seeking their ESP information. ESP allows first responders to treat users more efficiently, effectively, and accurately in an accident, medical emergency, in transit to the ER and at the ER because now they have immediate access to users Emergency Service Profile when information and time count most, that first hour.

“Time and quality information are your best hope for survival in an emergency. ESP just makes too much sense; a ring tone, movie or game on your cell phone is not going to help me save the life of your child, your senior parent or you in an emergency or accident,” said Chief Richard Cole, Chairman of the MyRapidMD Emergency Services Advisory Board, whose members have over 100 years of collective Emergency Response experience.

The Emergency Service Profile is exactly that said Mr. Mark White President and founder, “It provides the critical emergency information and photo ID about a person in an accident or medical emergency. It is not trying to provide an extensive personal health or medical history record of a person, that’s what online medical record services such as Microsoft’s Health vault, Google Health or WebMD’s PHR do, among others. Simply put, time and information saves lives and the trickle down effects directly benefit healthcare, emergency services and their relevant providers. Our goal is to deliver that information as quickly and effectively as possible when needed.”

A large majority of service providers and cell or smart phone handsets, including Blackberries, are ESP compatible. Verizon’s “Get it Now” browser and the Apple iPhone both currently block outside third party applications. Non- “Get it Now” Verizon customers can however install ESP. If in doubt, go to http://www.myrapidmd.com and select “test your phone”.

Both Verizon and Apple have however, indicated they will make Software Development Kits (SDK’s) available to content developers by the middle of 2008 and we will develop ESP applications for these devices as soon as they are available.

ESP is not about games, ring tones or movies, it’s about your life, your peace of mind and your safety.

Even if their phone is not ESP compatible right now, users still need to sign up. Why? Because they still get all the benefits of the ESP membership pack. And when they do change phones or service providers, login to their ESP account and send your ESP to their cell phone, it’s that simple.

With a free Lifetime ESP Membership users receive:

24/7 access to their password protected ESP via the website.
ESP wallet and key chain cards with member ID number.
ESP stickers for a phone and a car windshield decal.
ESP refrigerator magnet for the home with their Name, Sex, Member ID number and 24/7 toll-free call center phone number.
24/7 toll-free automated call center, in case their phone is lost, broken or unavailable. First responders can call to retrieve their full ESP details.
256 bit SSL security: twice the industry standard to protect their information in transit.
To see full ESP membership details go to http://www.myrapidmd.com/benefits.

“There are more than 230 million cells phones in the USA and more than 70% of children over the age of 8 have them or have used them. Cell phones are an inherent part of the American lifestyle and at MyRapidMD we believe your phone should to do more than text, talk & entertain we believe it should care!” said Mr. Damien Vallernaud, MyRapidMD COO.

ESP was selected from over 400 new products and services by EMS magazine, considered the leading global authority on the EMS industry, as one of the top product picks at the National EMS Expo in Orlando, FL in October of 2007. Additionally, MyRapidMD has received one of twelve invitations to present and demonstrate ESP at the Coalition for Disaster Management Solutions Conference (CDMS) sponsored by F.E.M.A. Region IX and The American Red Cross in San Francisco on March 312008.

To learn more about MyRapidMD’s personal medical alert service, ESP and its potentially lifesaving benefits, log onto http://www.myrapidmd.com or contact them directly at (877)9GET-MRMD.

Act fast to take advantage of MyRapidMD’s national launch promotion by signing up now to get a membership free for life. No sign up fee and no annual renewal fee. Go to http://www.myrapidmd.com and click “Sign Up”. At the payment page, enter Promo Code MRMD08CES to get a free lifetime membership.

In today’s world it pays to be prepared for life’s unexpected emergencies.

“Does your phone have ESP?”

Privately held MyRapidMD is the developer of the Emergency Service Profile (ESP) proprietary software application. Designed specifically for cell phones and smart phones, the ESP medical alert service provides a concise Emergency Service Profile based on an internationally recognized victim assessment protocol used by first responders. MyRapidMD has formatted this protocol into a medical alert mobile software application that also attaches a photo of the cell phone owner to confirm their identity in emergency or accident situations. ESP is easily retrieved and displayed by first responders on the victim’s cell phone at the emergency or accident scene. Developed in concert with Firefighters, Paramedics, Emergency Room Nurses and other first responders,

MyRapidMD’s ESP turns the cell phone into an efficient and effective emergency information tool at the emergency scene and while the patient/victim is in transit to the ER.


Mark White


MyRapidMD Corporation

1-877-9GET-MRMD (943 8676) ext 114

info @ myrapidmd.com


Police Approved Safety Tips for Halloween Developed by Amber Alert Registry Ensures Safe Trick-or-Treating

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) October 8, 2008

AmberAlertRegistry.org, a leader in helping protect children, has worked with several police departments to produce Halloween safety tips for parents and young children for trick-or-treating.

Halloween Safety Tips Include:

BrickHouse Security Launches Sales of Amber Alert GPS, A Revolutionary Way to Protect Children

New York, NY (Vocus) October 13, 2009

BrickHouse Security, a leading provider of safety and security products to major law enforcement agencies including the NYPD, FBI, and the LA County Sheriffs, is expanding its consumer product line with the addition of the Amber Alert GPS (AAGPS).

“We’ve managed to become one of the nation’s top sellers of GPS tracking products,” said Todd Morris, BrickHouse CEO, “but until today we haven’t offered such an easy-to-use yet powerful product to parents.” While the company has sold thousands of GPS tracking devices to more than 500 federal agencies and Fortune 500 clients, its consumer-focused GPS product line has been limited. “The Amber Alert GPS helps us give families a new and easy way to ensure their children are safe and accounted for when they’re away from home,” added Mr. Morris.

The AAGPS complements the company’s BrickHouse Child Locator product that was recently featured in Duracell ads. In contrast to the Locator, which uses GPS technology to alert parents when their child wanders beyond a set distance of up to 600 feet, the AAGPS device enables parents to remotely locate their children when they are away. To use it, parents simply place the device into their child’s personal items such as pockets and backpacks, or they can attach it to a wrist, ankle, or belt. To then locate their child they call or text the AAGPS device, and within seconds receive in return a detailed map and address of the child’s exact location via any text- or web-enabled phone. Alternatively, they can view location updates on their computer.

With more than 2,000 children reported missing on average every day, the Amber Alert GPS is not dependent upon the parent to keep a child safe. Measuring just over an inch across, the stylish device is intentionally designed to not look like a tracking tool should an abductor see it; more important, the AAGPS features an alert “SOS” button that the child can activate to send an emergency signal to his or her parent. For further protection the GPS device can send speed alerts when the child or teen’s vehicle exceeds a preset level, as well as breadcrumbing to leave a retrievable trail of the child’s travels.

The device was developed by Russell Thornton, who experienced the terror of losing a child in an amusement park. Fortunately, he found his child after an extended search–and the determination to help other parents and children. He chose the name “Amber Alert” in reference to Amber Hagerman, a nine-year-old Texas girl who was abducted and murdered. The search for Amber led to the eventual establishment of a notification service for missing children. The AAGPS is not part of the system, but is instead intended to safeguard against situations reaching an alert stage while providing parents with peace of mind in knowing where to find their children.

“We hear stories every day of parents being separated from their children, whether intentionally or accidentally. Said Mr. Morris, “BrickHouse Security is thrilled to be able to offer introduce this new and effective way of preventing abductions and protecting their children.”

The Amber Alert GPS retails for $ 379 and requires a monthly subscription plan. For the next 30 days BrickHouse Security will be offering Amber Alert GPS for a special introductory price of $ 279.95. For more information on the Amber Alert GPS, please visit http://www.brickhousesecurity.com/amber-alert-gps.html .

About BrickHouse Security

BrickHouse Security provides security and surveillance products to consumers, businesses of all sizes including roughly half of the Fortune 500, and more than 500 local and national government agencies such as the NYPD, LA County Sheriffs, and the FBI. To help its customers protect what they care most about, the company offers a range of leading-edge safety, protection, GPS tracking and counter-surveillance products. BrickHouse Security’s industry-leading experts seek to be the go-to source for all of its audiences’ needs by providing timely information through the company’s informative blogs and content, and by identifying, developing, and selling quality products that represent the best and the latest in safety and security. The company is headquartered in New York City and serves a diverse US and international client base.

Media Contact

Jason Lazarus

Director of Marketing

BrickHouse Security



ESCORT Inc. Announces New Automotive Safety Product: ESCORT Guardian Alert

West Chester, OH (PRWEB) January 27, 2010

ESCORT Inc., a leading manufacturer of premium automotive electronic accessories, announced today the continued expansion of its world class product line by entering into a new licensing agreement with Sense Technologies Inc. (Sense Technologies). Under the agreement, a new line of reverse obstacle detection systems will be added to the ESCORT product portfolio under the brand name ESCORT Guardian Alert

AmberWatch Alert System to Launch June 21, 2010, Uniting Communities in Aggressive Child Protection

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 7, 2010

On June 21, 2010, AmberWatch Foundation – the definitive name in preventing crimes against children – will launch AmberWatchAlert.org, a free service with simple online registration that arms parents with authenticated information and provides them with a powerful, proactive weapon for preemption and prevention against abduction. The AmberWatchAlert System will be launched with an extensive cross-media marketing campaign spanning web, radio, print, and television.

To connect communities in aggressive child protection, we created a system that spreads the word about predators before they can harm our children, said AmberWatch Foundation CEO Keith Jarrett, who begins a national media tour in late June to promote AmberWatch Alert. Subscriber-Parents receive email Alerts if a child predator is or has recently been preying on children in any of their selected zip codes of interest. Information on predators is received through multiple sources, then vetted and authenticated by the AmberWatch Foundation before an official AmberWatch Alert email is issued. Jarrett added that alerts are graded based on the level of concern, combining community proactivity and awareness with authentication and appropriate law enforcement involvement.

One need only refer to a handful of statistics to sense the immediate need for a service like AmberWatch Alert:

MobileLBS and Amber Alert GPS Canada to Market Safety Technology in the GTA Bringing Piece-of-mind to Parents and Care Givers

Markham, ON (PRWEB) June 30, 2010

With great success, The Amber Alert GPS Global Monitoring System has now been launched from coast to coast across Canada and is powered by the Rogers Wireless TM Network. The corporate objective is clearly focused and direct in providing Canadian families easy to use GPS monitoring and security for the safety of their children and other vulnerable family members. In brief, this new system provides a child safety blanket across Canada for families to access, tailor to their needs, and easily manage from both their computer and or their cell phone.

The Amber Alert GPS 2G device incorporates state-of-the-art next generation GPS and Cellular communications technology. Currently one of the worlds smallest GPS device one of the many features include an SOS button, which the user can press in the event of an emergency. Once activated the device sends a text message to the parent or care-giver along with up to 5 pre-determined family members with a map location for immediate response. The system will continue to send messages every five minutes with an updated location of the child until the parent or caregiver cancels it. The system is developed for parents of children between the ages of 2 and 12, families caring for children suffering from Autism, and also for the care of elderly suffering from Alzheimers.

The world has changed, no longer can we assume that our loved ones are safe at all times said MobileLBS President, Keith Pitts. The Amber Alert GPS System gives parents and caregivers the peace of mind and comfort that they are doing everything they can to insure their loved ones safety. The Amber Alert is easy to set up and use. It incorporated advanced features such as geo-fencing and destination alerts to maximize parental awareness.

MobileLBS will provide us with a much needed direct sales and support presence in the Greater Toronto Area said Amber Alert GPS Canada President Kenneth Corey. Keith and his team are knowledgeable industry experts with over ten years experience with GPS based solutions. We are pleased to have them represent Amber Alert GPS in Canada.

About MobileLBS

MobileLBS (http://www.mobilelbs.com) is a Markham, Ontario based company that supports best-of-breed technologies within Law Enforcement, Fleet, Personal Protection and Lone Worker Applications. We assist organizations in developing and implementing cost effective LBS initiatives to meet their specific requirements. With over 10 years of combined expertise and knowledge in GPS and LBS applications MobileLBS provides expert professional services and support required to implement a solution with the highest ROI possible.


Keith Pitts

President, MobileLBS

877.527-1020 Ext. 702

About AMBER ALERT GPS Canada Amber Alert GPS was founded by Russell Thornton in Salt Lake City, Utah after he lost his son at an amusement park for 45 minutes. Fortunately for Russell and his family, his son was recovered safely and the story had a happy ending. The experience inspired Thornton to develop a product that would not only prevent such incidents from happening, but provide a quick resolution in the event a child did go missing. Partnering with AAGPS, Amber Alert GPS Canada was founded in 2009 by Kenneth Corey in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mr. Corey, an experienced high tech entrepreneur, envisioned the creation of a Child Protection Monitoring System to provide Canadian families the latest state of the art technology tools to protect their children and vulnerable family members. Amber Alert GPS is also endorsed by the creator of the Amber Alert System, Mr. Peter Seybert and Mrs. Donna Woodson-Norris the mother of Amber Hagerman, the young girl for whom the Amber Alert system was named. For More Information visit: http://www.amberalertgps.ca

Or contact:

Kenneth M. Corey

President, Amber Alert GPS Canada Inc.


888.770.9939 Ext. 51


Report Confirms Liquitabs Poison Risk Alert

(PRWeb UK) November 18, 2010

The Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) and Macfarlan Smith, manufacturer of bittering agent Bitrex, welcome the publication of the National Poisons Information Services (NPIS) Annual Report, which this year highlights the dangers of fabric cleaning liquitabs.

Packaging for these products, also known as liquid laundry capsules, is rarely child-resistant and the plastic sachets can easily be punctured by curious children attracted by their bright colour and strange squishy texture. However liquid detergent poses a real danger if swallowed, with symptoms that can include severe vomiting and abdominal pain, drowsiness and in some reported cases the depression of the central nervous system.

The NPIS received over 600 calls from health professionals about concentrated laundry capsules in 2009-10, with most cases involving children under 5, and 80% relating to children swallowing some of the contents. In its Annual Report, published last week, the NPIS called for greater awareness of the dangers liquid laundry capsules can present.

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive, Child Accident Prevention Trust, said:

Accidents often happen when parents are taken by surprise. This report is helpful because it warns parents that a seemingly harmless household product can pose a risk to children. And its easy to see how attractive the colour and texture of a liquitab can be to a young child. Our advice is: it takes just a few seconds to move those squidgy detergent capsules lurking under your sink to a higher cupboard, away from curious little fingers and mouths.

The addition of a bittering agent, such as Bitrex, can make household products more difficult for children to swallow. Bitrex has been added to many household products, as well as to other potential poisons such as anti-freeze and garden chemicals. However, very few liquitabs contain bittering agents like Bitrex.

Cameron Smith of Macfarlan Smith, added:

We would urge parents to look out for products carrying the Bitrex logo, any product displaying the logo has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is almost impossible for children to swallow. We are working closely with the nations retailers to help protect as many children as possible from potentially dangerous household products.


Anti-freeze Alert

(PRWeb UK) November 27, 2010

In 2008/09 alone the National Poisons Information Service received over 500 calls about products containing highly toxic chemicals methanol and ethylene glycol, with over 100 of these involving children.

These products can intrigue children with their colourful appearance, unusual smell and sweet taste but they often contain highly toxic chemicals and only small amounts of these chemicals can cause blindness, kidney failure and even death if swallowed.

Katrina Phillips, Chief Executive of the Child Accident Prevention Trust says,

We are reminding parents that whilst child resistant packaging is effective, it is not completely foolproof and the safest way to protect your child is by storing potentially dangerous products out of their reach.

And where possible choose products containing a bittering agent such as Bitrex, which makes dangerous chemicals taste so horrible they are very difficult to swallow, should they get into the hands of small children.

Cameron Smith, Bitrex Business Manager at Macfarlan Smith, developers of bittering agent Bitrex added,

We like to think of our product as the third line of defence against accidental swallowing after child resistant packaging and careful storage. All products displaying the round Bitrex logo are carefully tested to ensure that they are very difficult to swallow.

We all need anti-freeze and de-icing products to get us through the winter, but it is reassuring for parents to know that there is an extra barrier between these potentially dangerous chemicals and their children.

Further Information on poisons and other harmful substances, along with useful safety tips for parents can be found at http://www.capt.org.uk , for a full list of products containing Bitrex, and retailers stocking Bitrex products visit http://www.bitrex.com.


United Parents Protects Children and Their Privacy Online, Launches Early Alert System for Caring Parents

Tel Aviv, Israel (PRWEB) May 03, 2011

United Parents Child Protection Service (http://www.unitedparents.com) launched today as the free early-warning solution to help caring parents safeguard children from predators and bullies online, without invading their privacy.

The free software installed on a childs computer and those shared with the rest of the family offers parents serenity through the knowledge their children are shielded from online offenders. Social networking and instant messaging are monitored in the background and analyzed by over fifty behavioral parameters to root out potential threats. Parents dont see their childs online conversations, but instead receive an alert when suspicious relationships or activities are detected. They can also view a big picture assessment of the childs online behavior via web dashboard. Both tools provide increased opportunities to initiate conversations offline, building trust among the family.

Our kids today have more social interactions online than anyplace else, and its a challenge for even the most involved parent to keep up, said United Parents CEO Hanan Lavy. Our comprehensive solution represents the next generation of online child-safety. Unlike previous tools which only filter content or monitor sites over the public web, United Parents extends the reach of parents to where their kids really live online their personal social network and I.M. connections. Yet, we do it in a way that respects them and keeps their privacy intact.

The service uses the power of the crowd to amplify its safety net and build a protective community among enrolled families. It maintains a comprehensive digital fingerprint for every potential predator who interacts with a registered child. Parents are alerted whenever their child encounters one of these previously identified threats. As the user base grows, United Parents leverages the communitys collective power to provide increasingly secure protection for all members. Other features include:

Education is a Must for Child Safety During the Upcoming ‘High Alert’ Halloween Holiday

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 24, 2011

Times have changed. The days of children riding bikes alone until dark may be over, but Bryant Security, a Miami security services company is taking steps toward child safety that are changing communities for the better. With Halloween around the corner, Bryant instills parental peace of mind while kids have fun while staying safe by offering seminars and increased security during the holiday.

Each year, before the new school year begins Bryant Security gives free seminars during the teacher planning days. A Bryant Security Specialist speaks to parents, teachers and administrators on how to take extra precautions, what suspicious activity to look for, and how to relay safety and security through the student body. Although there are many devices which can keep you safe, safety must still be an aware state of mind, and this must be taught at a very young age. comments Rene Zerquera, the Field Operations Manager for Bryant Security. Year after year, Bryant continues to come up with innovative ways to protect students through education and hands on activities. This Halloween season, Bryant Security will kick up their patrolling in malls, schools and at events-to give the community an added feeling of safety.