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Catholic Diocese Creates Online Learning Community to Address Abuse

Winona, MN (PRWEB) April 9, 2007

The Diocese of Winona (http://www.dow.org) in partnership with Professional Learning Board (http://www.professionallearningboard.com) launched an interactive online learning community teaching members of the Catholic diocese about recognizing and reporting child abuse.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) in its Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People mandates that every U.S. Catholic diocese provide “A ‘safe environment’ program (that) requires training of parents, ministers, educators, church personnel, volunteers and others regularly involved with minors as to the issue of abuse of children, to include sexual abuse.”

PJ Thompson, Chancellor of the Diocese of Winona, led the effort to create the online safe environment education program. “We are committed through our faith and the USCCB Charter to protect all God’s children. An online learning community is the best way we have found to reach virtually all of the people in our diocese that work with children in a religious, education or volunteer capacity.”

The diocese tried reaching its rural audience of over 10,000 through traditional classroom seminars. Thompson added, “It was difficult to fulfill our mission to God and His children. Classroom seminars were inconvenient for our parishioners and comparatively (to online training) very expensive. We needed a better way.”

The online learning program created by the Diocese of Winona permits all people required to complete training the ability to do so at a time and in a place they select. The online courses accommodate learning needs of all members of the faith community while meeting the mandated training topics of USCCB.

The online safe environment learning community includes the first three courses in the Safe & SacredTM Series:


Mother of Cyberbullied Child Speaks Out, Advocates Plan to Address Bullying

Scottsdale, Ariz. (PRWEB) October 17, 2012

Marie Taylor, Arizona resident and mother to 11-year-old Jacob*, first detected her son was being bullied during winter school vacation. Taylor tracks her sons email account and noticed messages asking about his unkind comments about a classmate. She was perplexed, but it soon became apparent what was happening: he was being cyberbullied.

We discovered the perpetrator was using my sons name and photo and impersonating him on Facebook, said Taylor. From midnight to morning, the person would post on others pages, saying some pretty harsh things. We first thought his account had been hacked, but it wasnt long before we realized it was an acquaintance of his who had created a profile and acted on his behalf.

According to Aftab.com, a cyberbully and privacy website, 85 percent of middle school aged children have been cyberbullied, but only 5 percent would tell their parents if they were cyberbullied. Perhaps most shocking is that 70 percent of cyberbullying comes from friends or acquaintances.

As cyberbullying continues to grow, it becomes more difficult for children to avoid it, said Betsy Landers, president, National Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Our children cant leave the classroom or playground to shut out cyberbullying; with technology, it follows them everywhere.

This was the first of Taylors four children that used social networking sites, so the landscape was totally new. And, she didnt know what action to take to monitor her children, or how to react to any problems on the networks.

When I was in middle school, the bullying stopped once you left school, said Taylor. Back then we could rumor-monger, but the whole idea of someone copying a photo, creating a new profile, acting as somehow else its just totally new to me. In fact, it was very scary figuring out how to appropriately respond to my son being cyberbullied.

Parents are digital immigrants when it comes to sites like Facebook and Twitter, so its not obvious what risks social media networks can present, explained Matt Cullina, CEO of IDentity Theft 911. We strongly advocate that before parents permit their child to sign-up for a social networking site, they educate themselves on the dangers, and provide some ground rules before establishing an account like permission to monitor accounts and activities.

SocialScout, a parental intelligence tool for parents to monitor their childs social networking habits, is a key product offering by IDentity Theft 911, the nations premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management resolution and education services. Currently offered to PTA members through a partnership with the National PTA, SocialScout offers a quick and easy way to analyze a childs social networking and mobile phone activity while safeguarding their privacy and reputation on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.

“My kids say I’m not a helicopter mom. I’m more of a B-52 bomber mom. But even so, I didn’t notice there was a problem right away, said Taylor. A monitoring tool like SocialScout could have helped address my sons cyberbullying issue before it got out of hand.

As a leader in social networking monitoring, SocialScout has crafted a resource for parents to guide them through steps to take to address cyberbullying when their child is the victim or the perpetrator. The graphic is designed to provide a comprehensive look at why and how children are cyberbullied, and it details important statistics about common parent fears for social media. The SocialScout Cyberbully Response Plan is available for download at http://tinyurl.com/CBResponsePlan.

Monitoring your child on a social network is no different than ensuring they are getting to school safely or ensuring they have healthy meals its modern form of parental involvement, said Landers. Parents who are monitoring their childrens activities are not crossing the line into invasion of privacy; they are cyber-savvy and involved, not to mention potentially avoiding a tragedy down the road.

SocialScout gives parents an easy-to-read report about with whom the child is communicating, and what they and their contacts are posting and sharing either online or through their mobile phone. It tracks some of the most popular networks, including Facebook and Twitter, and is easily accessible through any smartphone. This birds-eye view into your childs digital world includes details about their contacts and the content of their text messages and online posts and messages. Activity Reports can be sent by email in real-time, or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Additionally, SocialScout uses GPS-tracking to conveniently locate your child, ensuring parents know their whereabouts with the push of a button.

SocialScout is available to national and local insurance carriers, financial institutions and employers, offering peace of mind to parents wisely concerned about the online threats targeting their children. For more information, visit mysocialscout.net.

About IDentity Theft 911

Founded in 2003, IDentity Theft 911 is the nations premier consultative provider of identity and data risk management, resolution and education services. The company serves 17.5 million households across the country and provides fraud solutions for a range of organizations, including Fortune 500 companies, the countrys largest insurance companies, corporate benefit providers, banks and credit unions and membership organizations. Since 2005, the company has helped more than 600,000 businesses manage data breaches. IDentity Theft 911 is the proud recipient of several awards, including the Stevie Award for Sales and Customer Service and the Parent Tested, Parent Approved award for social networking monitoring tool SocialScout.

*Name has been changed to protect the victim.

Family Voices Calls for the Maintenance of Childrens Programs after President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Albuquerque, New Mexico (PRWEB) February 19, 2013

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama focused on strategies for reducing the deficit while increasing the number of jobs, reducing health care costs overall to the nation, upgrading our infrastructure, encouraging innovation and manufacturing in America, and developing alternative energies. At the same time, he talked about the importance of investing in todays children and youth. He said, Every dollar we invest in highquality early education can save more than seven dollars later on, by boosting graduation rates, reducing teen pregnancy, even reducing violent crime.

Organizations that work with families, and provide support for children and youth, are responding to the President’s statements by calling for the Federal Government to continue support for children while new financial policies are implemented.

As Dr. Fraser, CEO of the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs (AMCHP) stated, One way to avoid the exploding health care costs that are driving our deficits is to make sure we promote the best health, development, and education for all children in our nation

Emily Spitzer, Executive Director of National Health Law Program, echoed these sentiments: Any solution that addresses the nations debt and budget must be balanced and protect the programs that vulnerable communities rely on most.

Family Voices Executive Director Lynn Pedraza commented:

We believe programs that effectively support our childrens health and well-being, from before theyre born through adulthood, provide an excellent return on investment for our country. When children are not given a healthy start in life – physically, emotionally, and socially – the human and economic costs to society later are very high, in terms of health care, social services, violence, and loss of productivity. This is just as true for CYSHCND as it is for all our children. As the President and Congress consider ways to cut costs, and make new opportunities for insurance coverage available under the Affordable Care Act, we ask that they ensure the maintenance of services for CYSHCND throughout this transition. It is our firm belief that the results will be healthier, happier children and adults, and a nation that is more harmonious and financially secure.

For more information about Family Voices please visit http://www.familyvoices.org,

or contact Family Voices Director of Communications and Strategic Initiatives,

Melanie Rubin, mrubin(at)familyvoices(dot)org or call 505-872-4774.

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Takes Action to Address Growing Problem of Food Allergy Bullying

McLEAN, VA (PRWEB) May 13, 2013

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), the nations leading food allergy organization, released today a national educational program targeted at curbing food allergy bullying among children in the United States. One in 13 children in the U.S. roughly two in every classroom has a food allergy. Nearly 40 percent of children with food allergies have experienced a severe or life-threatening reaction, such as anaphylaxis, and approximately one-third of children with food allergies report that they have been bullied because of their allergies. Nearly half the time, children with food allergies do not tell their parents that they have been bullied.

Bullying has a significant social and emotional impact on children with food allergies, said John L. Lehr, chief executive officer of FARE. Research released earlier this year demonstrates it is important to identify and address cases of bullying proactively. The public service announcements released today mark an important step in educating and raising awareness of the physical dangers and emotional toll imposed by a new form of bullying in this country.

A study published in Pediatrics (January 2013) demonstrated that bullying is common in children with food allergies. Researchers concluded that this bullying is associated with lower quality of life and distress in both children and their parents. According to the study, when parents are aware of the bullying, the childs quality of life is better.

It is our hope that greater awareness of the serious and potentially life-threatening nature of food allergies will help children and parents understand that what can be seen as a prank actually is very harmful and potentially very dangerous, Lehr said.

Teen actor and former Shake It Up star Kenton Duty volunteered his talents for the PSA voiceover, since Kenton has publicly shared his own story of living with food allergies. Child actors were used in the PSAs to bring to life the feelings and stories of children with food allergies who have been bullied in an effort to protect their privacy. The PSAs are available in 90 and 30 second versions on http://www.foodallergy.org.

Food Allergy Awareness Week is being observed May 12-18 this year. More information, resources and awareness tools are available at http://www.foodallergy.org.

About FARE

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) works on behalf of the 15 million Americans who have food allergy, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis. This potentially deadly disease affects 1 in every 13 children in the U.S. or roughly two in every classroom. Formed in 2012 as a result of a merger between the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and the Food Allergy Initiative, FAREs mission is to ensure the safety and inclusion of individuals with food allergies while relentlessly seeking a cure. We do this by funding world-class research that advances treatment and understanding of food allergies, providing evidence-based education and resources, undertaking advocacy at all levels of government and increasing awareness of food allergy as a potentially life-threatening and a growing public health issue. For more information, please visit http://www.foodallergy.org.

# # #


PEDIATRICS, Volume 131, Number 1, January 2013 Child and Parental Reports of Bullying in a Consecutive Sample of Children with Food Allergy. 10-17.

KidsEmail.org Offers Trial Period to Help Parents Increase the Safety of Their Childs First Email Address

Shelley, Idaho (PRWEB) July 03, 2013

Kids are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet and mobile technology. So parents must find better tools to manage their childs online safety. Thats why KidsEmail.org is offering parents a trial of their safe and easy-to-use email service for kids.

A childs first email address is an important milestone in their life. They are connecting to the world in ways that are both exciting and potentially dangerous. While parents are encouraging their kids to explore the internet, it is crucial that they teach their kids to be safe online just as they would teach their kids to be safe offline.

Not only is it important for parents to talk to their kids about online safety, parents must be proactive in protecting their kids from cyberbullying, unwanted images and advertising, and email from strangers.

KidsEmail.org is an award-winning email service for kids that is trusted by more than 30,000 parents. This kid-friendly email service is both safe and fun to use. The email system empowers parents to increase the safety of their childs first email address with a range of parental controls that include the ability to:

Keeping It Clean: Our Air, Our Health Forum to Address San Antonios Increasing Smog Levels as Growth Pushes Region Toward EPA Non-attainment Status

San Antonio, Texas (PRWEB) July 09, 2013

Mission Verde Alliance in conjunction with San Antonio Clean Technology Forum will host the Keeping It Clean: Our Air, Our Health forum at Rackspaces global headquarters, where the public will join government, business and health leaders in addressing the challenges of diminished air quality.

San Antonio has long prided itself on being the last major metropolitan area in the United States to meet federal air quality standards, but that status is in jeopardy as ground-level ozone levels increase with a growing population and booming economy. After falling short of federal air quality standard for ozone in August 2012 (and the SA2020 goal for Air Quality), its time for San Antonios leaders to gather and discuss opportunities to engage the pending air quality crisis and potential non-attainment designation while they promote sustainable strategies to grow business through clean technology.

WHO: County Judge Nelson Wolff, Bexar County (Kick-Off Speaker)

Doyle N. Beneby, President and Chief Executive Officer, CPS Energy (Panelist)

Melissa Gray, Director of Sustainability, Rackspace (Introductory Comments)

Elena Craft, Health Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund (Panelist)

Peter Bella, Natural Resources Director, AACOG (Panelist)

Robert Rivard, Director, The Rivard Report (Moderator)

WHEN: Thursday, July 11, 2013, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (CDT) for luncheon panel

(Indoor exhibits on local air quality programs and initiatives, and outdoor exhibits demonstrating various alternative fuel vehicles [CNG, electric, hybrid] will be available from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.)

WHERE: Rackspace, 5000 Walzem Road, San Antonio, TX 78218

VISUALS: There will be maps, graphs and other visuals to illustrate the impacts of increased smog levels. The paid event is open to the public, allowing open dialogue among attendees. An informative program booklet on ground-level ozone will be provided to all attendees and media.

DETAILS: The July 11 forum is intended to catalyze community education, informed discussions and aggressive action to counteract the ever-growing ozone problem. For more information, visit http://www.sacleantech.org/events?eventId=690916&EventViewMode=EventDetails.


About San Antonio Clean Technology Forum

The Forum conducts education and information sharing through alliances and partnerships with other entities seeking to support and accelerate initiatives to reduce energy consumption, create financial savings, promote clean technology and improve the environment while advancing economic development of the San Antonio region. In collaboration with partners and alliances, it seeks to contribute knowledge to key policy makers in government, education and industry to facilitate positive change in the South Texas region.

About Mission Verde Alliance

The Alliance serves as a catalyst for the development and use of clean technologies for a sustainable economy for the San Antonio region through advocacy, education and outreach.