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$7,500,000 in Free Background Check Services for Non-Profits and Youth Organizations Planned for IntegraScan.com 2010 Budget

Loxahatchee, FL (PRWEB) September 1, 2009

IntegraScan, one of the largest online background check companies has announced today that they will be giving away $ 7,500,000 in free background checks for non-profits and youth organizations in 2010.

Since the downturn of the economy numerous organizations have simply been unable to afford in-depth background checks. To counter this IntegraScan stepped up to the plate in July 2009 and kicked off the Kids Safe Program which offered $ 500,000 a month in free background checks to youth organizations within the United States. The success of this program went beyond what the company could have ever hoped for. Within two months IntegraScan has given away background checks to almost 1000 organizations. These background checks have been responsible for catching several sex offenders and child abusers, along with numerous drug, alcohol and violence related charges.

This background check program is available to any non-profit or youth organization within the US. There are no additional requirements or stipulations. Organizations are heavily urged to apply for the background check grants as soon as possible as dollars are limited. The background check sign up form is located at the company’s website http://www.integrascan.com/safe-kids.php or you may contact them at 561-715-1705.

Parents and volunteers are urged to speak with their organizations director to let them know about this innovative program.

About IntegraScan: IntegraScan is a leading provider of public records and background checks within the United States. IntegraScan is committed to protecting our nation’s youth and shares the concerns of parents about the safety of their children.


Terry Sweet

IntegraScan Inc


sales2 (at) integrascan (dot) com



Pandora Corp. Tells Parents: In 2010 You Must Know What Your Child Is Doing On The Internet

Bronx, NY (PRWEB) December 29, 2009

Experts all agree computers should be kept in high-traffic areas of the house, in rooms like the kitchen or family room; most have agreed that letting a teenager have his or her own computer in the bedroom is not a good idea.

But times have changed. Today, most families have more than one computer. And with the amount of school work requiring a computer – and in many cases an internet connection – and pressure mounting from peers to be socially active online, teens having their own Internet connection is an unavoidable reality.

As technology advances, however, parents can easily give their online youngsters privacy and freedom, while at the same time protect them from the dangers online. Pandora Corp., makers of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, is giving parents a reminder to be smart when giving teens their own PC.

“Parents giving their kids new computers need to adopt and enforce a new set of rules,” says Pandora Corp. co-founder Manuel Coats. “Simple things like leaving the door open, an Internet cut-off time at night and visiting your child’s room often when they are online are all simple steps you can take.”

But, Coats adds, that is not going to be enough to monitor the tech savvy youngsters of today.

“A new PC is a big gift for them and a big responsibility for you. It’s imperative that you make a New Year’s resolution to monitor and know how your child is using that computer,” says Coats. “Tools like our PC Pandora monitoring software make it easy to find that happy medium between teens being able to freely use the Internet socially, and parents not being left in the dark about their child’s online activity.”

PC Pandora is monitoring software that records all activity on a computer. The program’s first-rate monitoring capabilities take sequential snapshots of everything that happens on the screen, thus allowing parents to see first-hand everything their child does both on and offline. In effect, PC Pandora is like having a DVR on your child’s computer.

Further details of user activity are made available in text-based files, including instant messenger chats, emails sent and received, websites visited, peer-2-peer files shared, keystrokes logged, programs accessed, Internet search queries and more. The IRIS feature will even send those text-based files right to a parent’s email – invaluable for working moms and dads who can’t always be home when their kids are online.

Coats points out the ways that computer monitoring software can help parents are so numerous they often don’t consider all of them.

“If your child is talking to strangers on social networks, creating and maintaining multiple social network profiles, visiting websites you don’t approve of, downloading illegal music and movies, or falling victim to or – even worse – acting as a cyberbully, you will know about it if you are monitoring their Internet activity.”


A recent study revealed the top 100 search terms for internet users under the age of 18. Popular websites YouTube, Google and Facebook comprised the Top 3 (in that order); but following as number four and five: “Sex” and “Porn.”

“Most parents are going to be shocked by this, but it’s very understandable,” explains Coats. “Children are naturally inquisitive; they are going to eventually explore these topics. Though no parent may want to admit it, chances are their child is doing it.”

Typical filters and standard blocks are easy for savvy young users to circumnavigate. So the question becomes: how can you talk to your child if you don’t even know for sure where they are going online? Computer monitoring software like PC Pandora lets parents see what their child is doing, enabling them to act upon knowledge rather than assumption.

“The real scary statistic is that ‘porn’ shows up as number four for the ‘7 & under’ age group,” says Coats. “Kids are searching at a younger age now, and parents need to be aware. PC Pandora is the best tool you can use to keep them safe and be absolutely sure about their online activity.”

A 2-hour trial of the PC Pandora monitoring software is available at the PC Pandora website. Additional online safety tips can be found on the company’s 18 Tips for Safe Surfing page.

About PC Pandora: Pandora Corporation was formed with one goal – to help our customers monitor, control and protect their families and themselves online. First released in mid 2005, PC Pandora has been constantly upgraded to industry-leading specifications and has received accolades from users, reviewers and even school districts and law enforcement agencies, who use the program to help in the day-to-day supervision of the children and citizens they are charged with protecting. The company website devotes space to helping parents by providing them with 18 Tips to Safe Surfing and Pandora’s Blog, where current news in the world of online safety is discussed regularly. PC Pandora has vaulted into a leadership position for parental control software by boasting a combination of features that are unparalleled in the monitoring industry. In 2008, Version 5.0 was released, again widening the spectrum of coverage and protection offered by the program. In addition, the company has made the PD Pandora Internet Safety Symposium available to schools and law enforcement as a free resource for spreading internet safety awareness to parents. PC Pandora is also now available through the Pandora Corp. store at Amazon.com. Currently in version 5.3, the next release of PC Pandora will incorporate Pandora LIVE, a web-based service that will allow parents to check content from anywhere through a secure server.

Reporters and Producers: Looking to cover this topic? We are your technology solution component. Software is available to journalists for review and testing. Staff members are available for interviews. Let us help you show your audience how easy it can be to keep their kids safe.


Families Booking Popular Reunion Cruises during Wave Season Now Qualify for Travel Insureds Group Travel Insurance in 2010

East Hartford, CT (PRWEB) February 11, 2010

Travel Insureds recently updated group travel insurance plans allow coverage for family groups of 10 or more members booking their reunion cruises. The 2010 Wave Season marks the first time family groups can enjoy group travel insurance savings in the booking period when the industry offers some of its best cruise deals of the year.

The first quarter of the year, the traditional Wave Season period when cruise line members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) offer some of their most attractive sales, is an opportunity for family groups of 10 or more. They can tap into the growing popularity of family reunion cruises and get a great deal for cruising together in summer, fall or even next winter. Travel Insured International has recently revised and simplified its group travel insurance program into two choices of Travel Insured Lite or Deluxe Group Protection plans. The revision allows family groups of 10 or more members, who previously needed to purchase individual plans, to obtain the savings of Travel Insured group insurance. Remember that group members are required to be traveling to the same destination with the same departure and return dates to be covered on the same Travel Insured group protection plan.

Family travel insurance coverage allows for groups of relatives to take advantage of the popular reunion vacation experience that cruising provides. Dozens of daily onboard cruise activities usually include something for everyone, and supervised childrens programs on many vessels, organized for kids in multiple age groups, allow parents to enjoy adult vacations enhanced by hours of child-sitting services.

Members of a family can enjoy several Travel Insured Group Deluxe or Lite Protection plan options that mean flexibility for both the group and its individuals.

One set of attractive premium rates for the group: there is no difference whether the insurance is inclusive for all members or voluntary for individual members.
Cancel for Any Reason coverage is available as an included purchase for the entire group provided it is purchased within 14 days as an option with either the Lite or Deluxe Protection plan. The Cancel for Any Reason option allows group members to cancel their trip for any reason up to two days prior to scheduled departure and obtain up to a 75% reimbursement of prepaid, non-refundable trip costs.
If a group arranges its trip – and buys either the Group Lite or Group Deluxe Protection plan through a travel agent partner of Travel Insured International it enjoys the added option to purchase Cancel for Any Reason coverage either as an included purchase for the entire group or as an optional purchase by individuals within the group.
Group insurance members can qualify, if they purchase the group insurance plan prior to their final trip payment, for a Pre-Existing Medical Condition waiver. The waiver can provide Trip Cancellation coverage before the trip, or Trip Interruption and Emergency Medical Expense coverage during the trip, for a recurrence of a pre-existing condition that might otherwise be excluded from coverage under the plan.

The Best Group Cruise Insurance for Wave Season

In addition to the above pricing features and options, Travel Insured International group plans offer a range of coverage to deal with unforeseen risks that could potentially disrupt a family or other group cruise vacation.

Travel Insureds Group Deluxe Protection plan includes: Trip Cancellation / Interruption; Trip Delay of up to $ 150 per insured per day; Emergency Accident & Sickness Medical Expenses; Emergency Medical Evacuation; Baggage & Personal Effects plus Baggage Delay; 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance and up to $ 25,000 of Travel Accident coverage.
Travel Insured Group Lite Protection plan has lower premiums and benefit limits than the Deluxe plan. It includes: Trip Cancellation / Interruption; Trip Delay; Emergency Medical Expenses; Emergency Medical Evacuation; Baggage & Personal Effects plus Baggage Delay, and 24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance.

Pre-Booking Travel Insured Group Plans

There is a pre-booking requirement for Travel Insured Group Plans. Group leaders or agents should visit http://www.travelinsured.com or call 1-800-243-3174 and ask for the Group Administrator. A first step is to apply either for inclusive plan for the whole group or a voluntary plan for individual members. For inclusive, the plan must be included for all passengers and payment included as part of the initial trip deposit. For voluntary, the cost of the protection plan must be invoiced as a separate line item with an option to decline the protection plan by subtracting the plan cost from the total package price.

Insured participants must insure the full prepaid cost of the trip. Premiums, which are net price, must be paid along with the group manifest by the 15th of the month prior to trip departure, and both manifests and credit card payment by Visa or Master Card, can be made online. Travel agency checks are also accepted. Once premium payment has been received the travel agent or group leader will receive electronically a Description of Coverage to be distributed to group members.

Find your best family reunion Wave Season cruise deal, preferably with professional travel agent guidance. Remember to take along the best group cruise insurance for Wave Season, either Travel Insured Group Deluxe or Group Lite Protection with optional Cancel for Any Reason. Enjoy your reunion cruise!

About Travel Insured International:

Travel Insured delivers comprehensive travel protection benefits ranging from trip cancellation and trip interruption to emergency assistance and Medevac insurance, travel accident and sickness medical expense, accidental death and dismemberment, missed connection and baggage delay or loss.

The company’s travel insurance plans include its comprehensive Worldwide Trip Protector, the most popular travel protection plan and Worldwide Trip Protector Gold, an enhanced travel insurance plan designed to protect luxury vacations and business trips. Travel Insured also offers two travel insurance plans designed to provide basic yet flexible protection for families and budget conscious travelers, its Worldwide Trip Protector Lite insurance plan and Worldwide Trip Protector Lite Expanded insurance plan. Finally they offer an Airline Ticket Protector plan as well as a complete offering of Group Travel Insurance plans including Student Group insurance plans.

Visit Travel Insured’s travel insurance web site or speak to a friendly, knowledgeable Travel Insured customer care professional at 1-800-243-3174.

Travel Insured International, based in East Hartford, Connecticut, was founded in 1993 by the foresight of insurance industry executive Peter Gehris when he acquired the travel protection division of the Travelers Insurance Company. Coverage is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company (a Missouri corporation, NAIC #11150) with executive offices located in Jersey City, NJ. Not all insurance products or coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to actual policy language.


Spectrum K12s EXCEED is Selected 2010 SIIA CODiE Award Finalist in Three Categories

Towson, Md. (PRWEB) February 25, 2010

Spectrum K12 School Solutions announced today that their EXCEED Student Achievement Manager software has been selected as a finalist for a 2010 CODiE Award in three separate categories; Best Classroom Management Solution, Best Education Solution, and Best K-12 Enterprise Solution. Spectrum K12 is one of only 5 companies named as a finalist in three or more categories out of a total of 124 companies that submitted nominations.

EXCEED is an enterprise Student Achievement Management solution that manages, administers and prescribes the personalized learning process and data required for all students including, general, compensatory, gifted, and special education. EXCEED provides teachers an easy to use, automated system that drives day-to-day activities including interventions and progress monitoring. The EXCEED system helps all students achieve success while also giving administrators the ability to surface achievement gaps quickly and examine whats working, and whats not working, at the individual student, class, grade, group, and district level.

To have our software judged and selected as a finalist in three separate categories by such a cross-section of the education industry is recognition of the scope, power and ease of use that our EXCEED Student Achievement Management solution provides, stated Jim Marshall, president and CEO of Spectrum K12 School Solutions.

Celebrate Life, Love and Learning with a Micato Safari in 2010

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 4, 2010

The Pinto family, founders of award-winning Micato Safaris (http://www.micato.com) in Kenya, settled in Africa over a hundred years ago. Today, their four-generation safari tradition remains strong Africa is their home, their passion, and their pleasure to share with guests. When guests travel with Micato, they are not just traveling with a luxury safari company theyre traveling in the company of a real family. Which is why their 2010 brochure offers more exciting ways than ever for families and loved ones to spend meaningful time together among some of the most amazing wildlife and stunning natural landscapes on earth. And this year, for the first time, every safari taken will give back to the people of Africa in a very profound way. Simply put, for every safari sold, Micato will send an African child to school through its innovative One for One education commitment.

Additions to Micato Safaris 2010 brochure reflect both recent travel trends and requests from Micato Safaris well-traveled and sophisticated client base for more highly customized, multi-generational tours; exciting, off-the-beaten path adventures; and opportunities to have a positive impact on destinations visited. To this end, Micato Safaris has introduced:

Micato Safaris Bespoke Celebrations: Honor milestone occasions like never before with one of five custom-designed celebration safaris the perfect way to commemorate a landmark event. An African Anniversary Waltz, An Uncommonly Divine Wedding in the Wild, The Milestone Birthday in the Bush, Eternal Africa: An Everlasting Honeymoon, and A Graduation Event in the Birthplace of Humanity provide opportunities to reconnect with loved ones in a priceless setting with countless enriching experiences. From grand birthday or anniversary dinners in the bush to hot air balloon rides for the whole family high above the African savannah, special touches will make for truly magical moments. Micato Safaris Bespoke Celebrations set the stage for the creation of precious memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Micato Safaris Bespoke Adventures: Micato Safaris popular Bespoke Adventures were first introduced in 2009. Whether its the ultimate in comfort, physical challenges, or behind-the-scenes educational and cultural encounters, a Bespoke Adventure redefines the concept of a safari. This year, Micato has added The Leakey Excavations: A Northern Frontier Expedition to its portfolio. With accommodations ranging from an authentic base-camp to a luxurious tented camp, this expedition is like no other. Guests will visit Koobi Fora, the excavation site offering the largest repository of early hominids and Early Stone Age archeological material in East Africa and will spend time with Louis Leakeys granddaughter, Louise, who leads the project with her mother, Maeve Leakey (The Leakey family proved the African genesis for humankind.) This is a rare, intimate opportunity to spend time with true paleo-anthropology royalty.

Micato Safaris Newly-Enhanced Bespoke Collection: Hand-selected by the Pinto Family, this collection of exquisite bush homes, stunning eco-lodges, exclusive ranches and seamless transportation options provides an unparalleled experience for those who prefer to custom-design their adventure.

Joining the 21 companies that comprise Micatos East African Bespoke Collection in 2010 is Eurocopter Excursions, ultra-high-end helicopters that will whisk guests throughout East Africa and points beyond on their private dream safari. Two Tanzanian properties, Baraza on Michamvi Peninsula, Zanzibar, and Bilila Lodge Kempinski in the Serengeti, also join this elite collection. In South Africa, the Most Luxurious Train in the World, Rovos Rail, which transports guests in supreme luxury from Cape Town as far as Victoria Falls, joins 16 other spectacular Bespoke Collection properties.

New Travel + Leisure Worlds Best Safari: Micato Safaris enjoys a unique honor being the first and only tour company to win the coveted Travel + Leisure Worlds Best Tour Operator & Safari Outfitter for six straight years. Micatos Worlds Best Safari is a custom-crafted, drop-dead fabulous itinerary that starts with a stay at the #1 City Hotel in Africa/the Middle East The Twelve Apostles Hotel (its Sanctuary Spa was named #1 in Africa) in Cape Town. Then its off to the #1 ranked hotel in the world (not just Africa): Bushmans Kloof in the Cederberg Mountains, an ecological oasis richly deserving of its Worlds Best triumph. Also in the mix: two nights each at Sabi Sabi Game Reserve (#3 in the World) and Singita Game Reserve (last years #1), and an optional extension to Victoria Falls, surely an unofficial Worlds Best!

South African Sweeping Sojourn: This brilliantly-designed exploration of South Africa, completely new for 2010, offers it all, from the rugged southwestern Cape Coast to the gentle breezes of the vast bushveld to legendary safari game parks. The sojourn starts in Cape Town with five-star accommodations at Mandela Rhodes Palace Hotel and Spa. Guests will discover the colorful threads that make up Cape Towns rich cultural tapestry, first at Khayelitsha Township, where they will visit (and help out at) Rosies Kitchen, which feeds destitute children and elderly of the township. They will also visit the Malay Quarter and sample its world famous, multi-cultural cuisine. In addition to exploring the Cape Peninsula, guests will visit Grootbos Private Nature Reserve, home to some utterly unique and exotic flora and avian life, found nowhere else in the world. Horseback riding through the Mopane forest and an exciting drive through Blyde River Canyon are just a few of the adventures that await guests before they cap off their stay with game viewing at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

Tanzania Spectacular: Also new for 2010, this exhilarating safari combines stays at stylish new safari lodges astounding properties that bring five-star elan in harmony with nature, with the unparallel game viewing that can only be found in a country where nearly 25 percent of the land is protected. Beginning in Arusha at the Arusha Coffee Lodge, an idyllic escape tucked away in a verdant coffee plantation, guests then travel to Tarangire Treetops, a property that offers supreme luxury with private balcony views of Lake Manyara and the Rift Valley Wall. Then its off to Ngorongoro Crater Conservancy, a unique haven for over 20,000 species of wildlife, and Migration Camp in Serengeti National Park.

One For One Commitment: Last, but certainly not least, Micato has announced a new, completely ground-breaking initiative. Every guests safari enables Micato to do something wonderful: for every safari sold, Micato sends a child to schoola child who would otherwise stay home due to extreme poverty. An unimaginable number of African children do not attend school because their families are too poor to pay even the most nominal fees related to school attendance. Micatos way of helping? A One for One commitment- Micato will match every safari sold with a payment of all school fees for an African child in need.

What better reason could one have for going on safari in 2010? To book a safari or for more information call 1-800-MICATO-1 or visit http://www.micato.com.

About Micato Safaris

Jane and Felix Pinto founded Micato Safaris in Kenya in 1966, and the company has been providing the most luxurious and personalized African safaris to sophisticated travelers ever since. Winning the coveted Travel+Leisure Worlds Best Tour Operator & Safari Outfitter award for an unprecedented six years, Micato prides itself on providing exceptional service throughout every stage of the safari experience.

For more than twenty years, Micatos nonprofit arm, AmericaShare, has been actively working in Kenya to support the orphaned and vulnerable children and adults

Hop Up to Waterville Valley Resort this April 3-4, 2010, for a Fun-Filled Easter Weekend

Waterville Valley Resort, NH (PRWEB) March 18, 2010

There is a full basket of activities being offered this Easter weekend. Whether its a sunrise mountainside service or an Easter egg hunt, the focus at Waterville Valley Resort this Easter will be on reconnecting with the family.

It all starts on Saturday, April 3 with the annual Extreme Pond Skimming event at 10:30 a.m., where skiers and riders test their luck on a made-for-the-day pond at the base of the slopes. Registration is from 8-10 a.m. at the Ski Resort Event Yurt and is open to the first 70 people to sign in. The weekend will close on Sunday with church services and a brunch in the resorts Coyote Grille.

Lodging Package, April 2-4, 2010: Includes lodging, Sunday brunch with the Easter bunny at the Coyote Grill, Curious George Story Time, ice skating, and 4 admission tickets for your choice of off-slope activity. Prices from $ 41 per person per night (based on two adults and two youth).

This Easter Weekend at Waterville Valley Resort, theres a lot more going on than just riding the slopes. Heres a listing of the weekends events:

Easter Basket Decorating: From 10 a.m. to noon, get your basket ready for the Easter Bunny at the Recreation Department. Cost is $ 5 per person and families can bring their own baskets or purchase one from us to decorate. Theyll supply everything you need, including ribbon, decorative grass, pompoms, feathers, silk flowers and more. All ages are welcome. Call 603-236-4695 for more information.

Curious George Story Time and Craft: At 11 am and again at 3 pm at the Margret and H.A. Rey Center. $ 5 per child suggested donation. Pull up a bean-bag chair to hear your favorite Rey stories read out loud. Selections will include stories from the Curious series as well as other Rey favorites such as Pretzel, Elizabite, Cicely G and more. Following story time kids make seasonal crafts they can take home. 603-236-3308.

Egg Coloring & Decorating: From 13 p.m. at the town Recreation Department, each participant will get six eggs and all of the supplies needed to create their Easter egg masterpieces. Cost is $ 5 per child and all ages are welcome. Call 603-236-4695 for more information.

Egg Drop Challenge: Show off your engineering skills at the Egg Drop Challenge at 4 p.m. in the Town Square. Participants must create a structure no larger then a standard shoebox that will protect an egg from a drop off of the squares Clock Tower. After the eggs are dropped, judges below open the protective device to reveal whether the egg survived. This event is free and open to all.

NH Wildlife Signs of Spring: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Join a naturalist and live native New Hampshire wildlife from the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center to learn about how wild animals respond to the seasonal changes of spring. Takes place at the Margret and H.A. Rey Center. All ages welcome. No charge to attend, donations welcome.

Generously sponsored by Waterville Valley Realty. 603-236-3308

Kids Night Out: 7:00 9:00 pm Youth ages 7-13 enjoy dodgeball, capture the flag, and more. Pre-registration recommended as there is a minimum of 10 participants required. With the Waterville Valley Recreation Department. $ 8/person. 603-236.-695

Non-denominational Sunrise Church Service: Join the Waterville Valley Resort community at the summit of Mount Tecumseh for an Easter Sunrise Service on Sunday April 4 from 66:30 a.m. Skiers and those on foot can take the White Peaks Quad to the top starting at 5:30 a.m.

Ski for Free: From 6:308 a.m., skiers can enjoy a free ride on the White Peaks Quad.

Easter Egg Hunts: From 9:3010 a.m., children can join the annual Easter Egg Hunt Frenzy at the Waterville Valley Recreation Department. Cost is $ 5 per child and prizes will be given to kids who find a Golden Ticket in their eggs. Families can also expect a visit from the Easter Bunny. All participants should dress warmly to hunt. Please register at 603-236-4695. There is also an egg hunt at the ski area. Children 12 and under can join Smoky the Bear at the bottom of the J-Bar at 8 a.m. for the slope-side Easter Egg Hunt.

All-denominational Church Services: Held in the Town Square Meeting Place at 10 a.m. Sunday.

Easter Brunch: Whether its late breakfast or early lunch, brunch will be served at the Coyote Grill starting at 10:00 am, with the Easter Bunny hopping in from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

National Dog Bite Prevention Week, May 16-22, 2010

West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) May 11, 2010

During the third week in May, Doggone Safe Inc., Pet At Home Sitting Services, Inc., Pet At Home, and other organizations will be calling attention to one of the nations most commonly reported public health problems: dog bites. Half of all children will be bitten by a dog by age 12 and the majority of these bites are by the family dog or other dog known to the child.

Deedra Thompson of Pet At Home Sitting Services will be presenting the Doggone Safe Be a Tree childrens program on Tuesday, May 18 at 6:30 p.m. at

All Paws Animal Clinic, located at 1011 North State Rd 7, Royal Palm Beach in the Regal Cinema Plaza. Bring your child and learn to be a doggie detective. The class is catered to school age children and there is no charge for the class, but registration is required. Please call All Paws today at 561-790-9225 to reserve a space for your child. One parent is requested to accompany the child.

Doggone Safe, a non-profit organization dedicated to dog bite prevention through education offers free information at its website http://www.doggonesafe.com to help promote safety messages during dog bite prevention week. Doggone Safe also promotes the Doggone Safe Be a Tree childrens program. This program is a short presentation with large photos and lots of activities to teach children to understand the signs dogs send with their body language. The central message of this program is Be a Tree. That is, stand still if a strange dog approaches or any dog is threatening or overly frisky. Children learn to be doggie detectives, looking for the clues that dogs give with body language to show how they are feeling.

Doggone Safe and Pet At Home offer the following tips for parents and dog owners to help keep kids safe:

The 3 Most Important Things to Teach Your Kids


National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) Announces Winners of the 2010 Parenting Resources Competition

Boston (PRWEB) June 1, 2010

The National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA), a division of Dominion Enterprises, has announced the winners of its 2010 Parenting Resources Competition. The 12-year-old competition highlights the best products for parents of children of all ages. After evaluating hundreds of outstanding submissions, NAPPA selected 24 products to receive its esteemed NAPPA Gold Award and 37 products for NAPPA Honors. These parenting products were chosen for their innovation, safety, quality, usefulness and the degree to which they make parenting easier.

NAPPAs expert judges and parent testers noted that this years entries reflect trends that raise the bar on safety; promote academic skill-building through engaging activities; and target specific populations, such as families whose children need help with social skills or parents connecting more effectively with their tweens and teens.

This years NAPPA winners focus on helping us be the best parents we can, says Barbara Smith Decker, NAPPA manager. Our expert judges and family testers have filtered through hundreds of entries to give us solutions to parenting dilemmas, tools for maintaining a healthy life balance, and products that save us time and energy so theres more of us to share with our families and friends.

A few stand out products among the 2010 NAPPA winning products include:

“If Your Kid Eats this Book, Everything Will Still Be Okay: How to Know if Your Childs Injury or Illness is Really an Emergency,” by Lara Zibners, MD; Grand Central Publishing, 2009; $ 14.99 Written by an emergency room pediatrician, this user-friendly guide offers an informed and often humorous approach to helping parents assess the severity of their babys illnesses and injuries.

Baby Jogger Summit XC, $ 399.99 The ride in this all-terrain jogging stroller is smooth and secure with an all-wheel independent suspension, swivel/lock options for the front wheel, and hand-operated rear drum brakes.

“Kidpreneurs: Young Entrepreneurs with BIG ideas!” by Adam Toren and Matthew Toren; Business Plus Media Group LLC, 2009; $ 12.95 Just in time for summer, this book helps kids decide if starting a business is right for them, which business to start, and how to take it to the next level.

MD Moms BabySilk Delicate Skin Comfort Silky Liquid Powder, MD Moms; $ 22 This lotion turns into a powder as its applied to skin. Parents can protect their babys skin without their infant inhaling any talc or powder dust.

Internet Keep Safe Coalition Website (iKeepSafe.org), Free This site provides engaging scenarios showing kids where risky or irresponsible behavior can lead in the virtual world, giving parents a springboard for discussion on screen time, privacy and online abuse.

For a complete list of all 2010 NAPPA Parenting Resources winners and more information about NAPPAs competitions, visit the NAPPA Press Room.


When parents see the NAPPA seal, they know they can expect a high-quality, safe, useful and expert-approved product. NAPPA is administered by Parenthood.com and Dominion Media, a division of Dominion Enterprises.

NAPPA was created in 1990 and administers two annual competitions:

Childrens Products includes toys, games, music, software/video games and Web sites, books and magazines, DVDs, and storytelling/spoken-word recordings.

Parenting Resources includes books, CDs, DVDs, maternity and baby gear, safety products, Web sites and a wide range of innovative products that make parenting easier

For more information, visit NAPPA.Parenthood.com.


Dominion Media (DM) is a division of Dominion Enterprises Inc. DM publishes eight award-winning regional parenting magazines in markets ranging from Boston to Los Angeles. These free publications are distributed where parents live, work and play through local libraries, private schools, preschools, hospitals, doctors offices, museums and specialty retailers. DMs monthly print circulation is approximately 1 million, with an audited nationwide readership of about 2 million. DPM also owns and operates the award-winning Parenthood.com site.


Dominion Enterprises is a leading marketing services company serving the automotive, enthusiast and commercial vehicle, real estate, apartment rental, and employment industries. The companys businesses provide a comprehensive suite of technology-based marketing solutions including Internet advertising, lead generation, CRM, Web site design and hosting, and data management services. The company has more than 40 market-leading Web sites reaching more than 17.6 million unique visitors monthly, and more than 280 magazines with a weekly circulation of 2.4 million. Headquartered in Norfolk, Va., the company has 4,900 employees in more than 186 offices nationwide. For more information, visit dominionenterprises.com.