Pandora Corp. To Parents: The Fight Against Cyberbullying Starts In The Home

Bronx, NY (PRWEB) January 13, 2012

Two days after Christmas, 15-year-old Amanda Cummings from Staten Island New York threw herself in front of a bus while clutching a suicide note. According to the Staten Island Advance, family members say her suicide was her last resort after years of torment from her peers, which had evolved to bullying online. This was the second cyberbullying-related teen suicide in New York in just over three months. Pandora Corp., maker of PC Pandora computer monitoring software, is urging parents to fight cyberbullying through awareness of Internet activity in their own homes.

According to a new poll conducted by global research company Ipsos for Reuters News, 12-percent of parents around the world say their children have experienced cyberbullying. One in four (24-percent) state they are aware of a child in their community who has experienced bullying online. Furthermore, 77-percent of parents around the world say cyberbullying needs special attention from parents and schools.

Says Pandora Corp co-founder James Leasure: At some level, almost everyone agrees – this is a topic that no parent can afford to ignore. We cannot sit back and wait until our child is a victim; we must take steps to prevent the bullying from occurring.

Now, in reaction to the two recent tragedies in New York, some legislators are going after cyberbullies. According to the Huffington Post, Senator Jeffrey D. Klein (D- Bronx/Westchester) said in a statement: This legislation will give prosecutors the tools they need to treat cyberbullying as the crime it is and also send a message that this type of reckless and potentially deadly behavior will not be tolerated.

The website also reports that Klein’s bill would update existing stalking and harassment laws to include cyberbullying. It would also allow certain types of cyberbullying to be prosecuted as hate crimes.

Legislation is a start states Leasure, but it only gives law enforcement and schools the ability to help victims after a bully is caught. The real key to ending this problem is by parents knowing how their kids are using their Internet connected devices and how they are treating others on the Internet.

The reality is that most parents know when their child is being victimized, says Leasure. What parents never find out, until it is too late, is that their child was actually the bully. It is your job as a 21st century parent to know what happens on the Internet from within your home. That includes who your child is talking to, how they are representing themselves and how they are treating others.

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