eGuardian Strengthens Child Internet Safety with Industry-leading Privacy Policies

Ontario, Calif. (PRWEB) February 9, 2009

eGuardian, the only online protection service to effectively block predators and make search engines and social networking sites safer for children, today announced an enhancement measure to its age-verification process that will further shield children from inappropriate content, while providing parents with added peace-of-mind.

The service provides only the age of the protected child to its partner sites – no further personal information is delivered upon verification or any time thereafter.

eGuardian offers parents an age-verification service that makes it safe for their kids to take advantage of online learning, social networking and exploring opportunities. Unlike systems that restrict access, eGuardian actually enhances a child’s online experience by allowing them to safely explore the Internet without exposing them to adult content or abusive Internet marketers.

“Today’s announcement re-affirms our commitment of providing a safe Web environment for children while maintaining the highest level of security and privacy protection,” said Ron Zayas, chief executive officer of eGuardian.

According to the recent study by the Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF), the goal of protecting children online can be achieved only through a combination of improved technical safeguards and parental involvement. The eGuardian system makes it easier for parents to be a part of their child’s online experience, while allowing children the freedom to explore, learn and interact. Partner sites can use eGuardian to initiate automatic protections that are age-appropriate, and communicate back to the parents when necessary, all without ever collecting any personal information from the child.

These security issues were key components in the ISTTF findings, and have also been bolstered by America’s attorneys general, who have long advocated using technology for online protection. Some states have already introduced legislation that would require measures to protect children from Internet predators.

“In my experience, the predator is not just the stereotypical predator looking to engage a child, it can be the child’s online friends, a school bully or parent thereof or other children themselves,” said Nicole Friel, President and CEO of network security service provider Elite Development Group. “The real danger comes when a child is on a site where any type of predator can hide behind anonymity or once the plans have been made to initiate actual contact. eGuardian’s service reduces children’s vulnerability, while allowing parents to become a part of their children’s online experience and regain authority over their online activity.”

The eGuardian service’s stricter controls over the release of personal details ease parents’ concerns by eliminating the need to give up information in order to protect their children. eGuardian is leading the industry in protecting children while safeguarding their right to privacy.

About eGuardian

eGuardian is a child’s constant companion on the Internet. Based in Ontario, Calif., the company’s patented technology provides a revolutionary new solution that blocks contact with online predators and filters out adult content without hindering a child’s learning, social networking and exploring opportunities. For more information, call 877-EGUARD-1, or visit eGuardian at