TELS Attorneys Win Rare Motion for Summary Judgment on Lack of Proximate Cause in Playground Accident

Hawthorne, NY (PRWEB) September 7, 2006

Traub Eglin Lieberman Straus LLP (TELS) announced that it was granted a rare summary judgment on the issue of proximate cause, arising from a playground accident involving a five year old child.

The Plaintiff in this case was playing in the school yard during a recess break. While running, she tripped and fell, striking her face on the raw timber base of a temporary construction fence located on the playground. The Plaintiff and her parents subsequently brought suit against the adjoining property owner and the fence contractor. In their lawsuit, they alleged improper and inadequate care, installation and maintenance of the temporary fence. They also claimed that the fence constituted a dangerous and hazardous condition on the playground.

Rob Nobel and Lisa Black of TELS represented the fence contractor, which had originally been retained by the adjacent building owner. During their investigation, Nobel and Black determined that the Plaintiff’s trip and fall was not caused by any object on the playground. After developing a favorable factual record, they brought a motion for summary judgment before the court. In the motion, they argued that the fence was not a proximate cause of Plaintiff’s injuries. In fact, the Plaintiff fell because she was running and lost her balance, and gravity took care of the rest.

The Plaintiff and her parents countered that young children were expected to run and fall on playgrounds, and that because the fence was physically located on a playground, it was logical that children could be expected to make contact with the fence. The playground was already equipped with a rubber safety surface, designed to protect falling children. Plaintiffs produced an expert engineer who determined that protective, shock-absorbing covering should have also been applied to the timber base. The Plaintiff’s expert further claimed that, but for the Defendants’ installation of the fence with the timber base, the Plaintiff would have fallen on the rubber safety service.

The court disagreed with the Plaintiffs assertion, finding that the Defendants did not bear responsibility in this case. Although proximate cause is frequently considered to be an issue of fact, the court agreed with TELS’ position and granted summary judgment for the Defendants stating, “… the immediate effective cause of [Plaintiff’s] injuries was her fall, due to factors unrelated to the fence.”

The case involved was Levinger, et al. v. The City of New York, et al. (Supreme Court of the State of New York, County of New York, Index Number 102236/01).

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