You have been harmed by dcfs, you should contact a State Bar Lawyer and Information Service for a free consultation with a lawyer, if you have a Los Angeles Department of Children and Family (dcfs) lawsuit a lawyer maybe able to help you sue Los Angeles Department of Children and Family.

dcfs Help can provide information about the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services (dcfs). dcfs Help has a community forum for parents dealing with Los Angeles Child Services. In far too many cases children are wrongfully taken away from their family, family members were not provided or notified about legal resources, due process or an ability to fight for their own children. Law firms paid by Los Angeles County dcfs committed malpractice when they did not help or support parents of children accused of abuse, fight to get their own children back.

In many cases, parents living in Los Angeles who are on government assistance had their children forced into foster care. In some cases, children of “poor” parents who we’re put into foster case were sexually assaulted, sexually molested, seriously beaten, raped and have severe mental and psychological problems as a result of being taken from a good home by dcfs and placed into the foster care system.

Our Goals:

  1. Do whatever we can to protect and help the families effected by negatively by Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services (dcfs)
  2. Provide support information for people who have been injured or harmed by the foster care system or dcfs. More information can be found in the dcfs/Foster Care Community please post a topic, discuss a topic or ask for help.
  3. Stop Child and Family Services from wrongfully hurting families by taking children from good homes and putting them in bad homes or into the foster care system.
  4. Hold the lawyers, dcfs, law firms and courts who are not properly informing parents of their rights to fight for there own children accountable for malpractice. Lawyers to fight dcfs can be found at the Los Angeles Lawyer Referral Service’s website. The lawyer referral service can refer cases of seriously injured children and parents on government assistance to a law firm that is currently suing associates of dcfs.


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